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We work with construction professionals across the UK, sourcing them the windows and doors they need, with bulk orders and fast UK delivery.

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At Building Materials Nationwide, we simplify the process by providing everything you need for door procurement in one place. Our extensive selection includes aluminium, vinyl, wood, and glass options in styles from Bi-Fold to French to ensure you can get the exact product you require for your project. Whatever you need, our team of dedicated account managers will be able to source it for you, with swift UK delivery and competitive trade prices.

Quality Doors and Windows, Delivered Fast

Whether your project calls for maximum security, energy efficiency, or noise reduction, we can bring your vision to life.

Discover great doors and windows for your project, minus the procurement frustration. With rapid delivery, volume discounts, and dedicated support, we make enhancing your builds smooth and affordable.

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    The Windows and Doors You Need

    We have a wide range of Windows and Doors for sale, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

    Front Doors and Back Doors

    Whether you require traditional, glazed, or uPVC, we supply various front and back doors to match your requirements. If you are looking to enhance the amount of natural light in your space, our external glass doors are an ideal option to enjoy the benefits of sunlight while creating a welcoming feature.

    French Doors

    Our French Doors feature a contemporary 2 light design that has been manufactured with a high-quality, engineered hemlock frame for added support and durability.

    Panel Doors

    We provide a wide range of panel door styles to suit your needs, whether you are after a 4-panel internal door or a 6-panel internal door. Clear or frosted glass panels help to make a home or workspace feel bigger and brighter.

    Flush Doors

    Flush doors are a practical and straightforward choice that doesn't compromise on style. They offer a clean and plain design that complements any decor and adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

    Trouble Finding the Ideal Doors For Your Projects?

    Procuring the ideal windows and doors for a project can be challenging for several reasons:

    • Finding the Right Styles and Sizes - With so many design options, it can be difficult to select windows and doors that perfectly suit the aesthetics and functional needs of a space. From materials to opening styles and dimensions, nailing down all the details is tricky.
    • Coordinating Production and Delivery - Once selections are made, windows and doors often require custom production and timely delivery to the job site. Misaligned timelines can severely delay projects.
    • Managing Fluctuating Costs - Pricing fluctuations in materials like wood, glass, and aluminium can make budgeting difficult, and these unexpected price hikes can blow budgets.

    Between identifying the perfect styles, coordinating production, and budgeting effectively, sourcing windows and doors demands care and expertise. The good news is that our trade accounts eliminate these procurement issues.

    We have the extensive selection you need to find the perfect styles and sizes. Frequent restocking ensures availability when you need it, and our logistics expertise enables perfectly timed delivery to your site. 

    Contemporary modern unfurnished room within brand new home with large bifold patio doors leading to lawned garden

    Window Procurement with Building Materials Nationwide

    In addition to our extensive selection of elegant doors, a key benefit of having a tailored trade account with us is that your dedicated account manager can source any windows needed for your projects as well. Whether you need speciality sizes, energy-efficient glass, or a particular frame style, your personal trade manager will handle procuring windows seamlessly along with your door needs. 

    With one point of contact for all your window and door requirements, the procurement process is vastly simplified. You can get all the architectural elements your builds require without juggling multiple vendors or losing time tracking down speciality products. The combination of an extensive inventory and custom sourcing makes enhancing your projects with the ideal doors and windows a breeze.

    Get in Contact Today for Quality Doors and Windows

    Procuring the perfect windows and doors for your builds doesn't have to mean headaches. By partnering with Building Materials Nationwide through a tailored trade account, you gain a procurement dream team.

    With an extensive selection, discounted bulk pricing, custom production, and swift coordinated delivery, we bring ease to the process. Plus, dedicated support ensures your projects stay on time and on budget every step of the way.

    Contact us today to open your tailored trade account. Discover windows and doors that powerfully enhance your projects along with the cost and time savings you deserve. We can't wait to simplify your procurement process.

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    Why Choose Us For Your Construction Requirements

    Personalised Expertise

    With your own experienced Trade Account Manager, receive customised guidance on achieving your project visions with the right timber products. We handle the legwork of identifying, sourcing, and delivering the ideal materials for you.

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    Access to Premium Timber

    Browse our extensive catalogue of over 45,000 products featuring premium cladding from leading global suppliers. Can't find a speciality product? Your Trade Account Manager utilises their connections to procure it for you.

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    Flexible Credit and Delivery

    Forget cash payments and logistics headaches. Our trade credit accounts offer flexible financing so you can efficiently procure the timber you need. We also provide rapid delivery options to keep your schedule on track.

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