Roofing Tiles

We offer a diverse selection of roofing tiles, including durable clay roof tiles, low-maintenance cement roof tiles, attractive man-made slates and strong concrete roof tiles. From traditional tile options to synthetic slate alternatives, we supply high-quality products to meet your needs.

A selection of terracotta clay roof tiles fitted next to one another on a roofing structure.

Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles offer exceptional durability, natural insulation properties and a classic look to boost the appearance of your property. 

A selection of grey concrete roof tiles fitted next to one another on a roofing structure.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Discover superb concrete roof tiles that provide excellent fire protection and long-lasting resistance in tough weather conditions.

A selection of terracotta cement roof tiles fitted on top of a roofing structure against a clear blue sky.

Cement Roof Tiles

Cement roof tiles at Building Materials Nationwide are an excellent option with great durability and low maintenance requirements.

A selection of grey man made slates fitted next to one another on top of a roofing structure.

Man Made Slates

Explore man made slates for roofing that offer an authentic appearance with increased durability and resistance to cracking.

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Clay roof tiles stand out for their unmatched durability and longevity. They can withstand severe weather conditions and freeze-thaw cycles for 75-100 years. Clay is completely non-combustible, providing superior fire resistance with a Class A rating. 

Its natural porosity and waterproof properties also prevent moisture intrusion. Beyond their toughness, clay tiles offer excellent thermal insulation. Their fired clay composition helps keep interiors cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Perhaps most appealing are the classic red and terracotta tones and distinctive barrel-vault profiles. The desirable appearance, superb durability and minimal maintenance make clay roofing tiles an excellent material choice.

Concrete roof tiles offer exceptional durability and weathering resistance. They can withstand impacts from hail, strong winds and resist cracking or degradation. Concrete tiles provide superior fire protection with a Class A fire rating for peace of mind.

Also, concrete roofing tiles leverage thermal mass to enhance energy efficiency. The dense concrete material absorbs heat during the day and then releases it at night. This helps insulate interiors and concrete's natural water resistance prevents moisture ingress.

Concrete tiles for roofing are available in various profiles and finishes to complement different styles. This includes replicating the look of more expensive slate or clay roof tiles. With proper installation, concrete tiles have a lifespan of 50+ years.

Cement roof tiles offer an affordable yet durable solution. Made from a combination of cement, sand and other additives, cement tiles have excellent weather-resistant properties. They can easily withstand heavy impacts and resist moisture intrusion.

A major benefit of cement roof tiles is their versatility in replicating the look of more expensive roofing materials like clay or slate. They can be moulded and coloured to mimic the natural textures of premium options while providing high-impact resistance.

Plus, the surface of cement roof tiles eliminates the worry of cracking or fading over time. Cement tiles are also an eco-friendly choice, which reduces frequent replacement and landfill waste issues. Overall, cement tiles can offer over 50 years of protection.

Man made slates offer an attractive alternative to natural slate, replicating its distinctive appearance and texture. These factory-manufactured tiles are composed of recycled materials like rubber, plastic and polymer-concrete blends.

A key benefit of man-made slates is their increased strength and durability compared to natural slates. While maintaining an authentic slate look, the engineered materials provide superior resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and thermal shock that can cause cracking.

In addition to their durability, synthetic slates offer easier, lighter-weight installation. Many also offer interlocking designs for an efficient installation process. High-quality man-made slate tiles are designed to withstand the elements for 50-100 years.

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