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Top 6 Uses for a Loft Conversion

Top 6 Uses for a Lost Conversion

Loft conversions have surged in popularity recently as a way to add valuable extra space without the need to extend the footprint of a property. You may well be thinking about converting the loft in your own home, but what are the advantages of spending money on a conversion?

Here are some of the top benefits of loft conversions along with six of the main uses that people find for them.

Why Get a Loft Conversion?

There are many good reasons to convert your loft into a usable space. First of all, it is often an excellent way to add significant value to your property. If you decide to sell at some point in the future, you may well find that the conversion pays for itself.

A conversion is also a great way to use space that you already have. Other options like building an extension can take away space in your garden or driveway, but with a loft conversion you won't be losing anything.

If you find that you need some more space in your home, a loft conversion can be an easy way to get it without having to move to a larger place. Moving home can be stressful and expensive, so a loft conversion can be a much easier way to get some extra space.

When you have your extra space, there are many things you can use it for. Here are five of the top uses for loft conversions that may be of interest to you.

1. Extra Bedroom

Extra Bedroom

One of the simplest and most common uses for a loft conversion is as an extra bedroom. If your family is growing, or you simply want to use the space as a guest room, a loft conversion can be an ideal option. Adding an extra bedroom, particularly with an en-suite, will usually have a positive effect on the value of your property.

2. Home Office

Home Office

Many people work from home, and if you are self-employed or you work remotely for your employer, having a good space in which you can work is very useful. A loft conversion can be turned into an excellent office without you having to work from the bedroom or spend money renting an office somewhere else.

3. Additional Bathroom

Additional Bathroom

An extra bathroom always comes in handy. If queues always seem to form to use the bathroom in the morning, consider using your loft conversion to add another bath and shower and avoid arguments every morning.

4. Home Gym

Home Gym

Having a gym in the home can save you money on a gym membership and give you more inspiration to keep fit every day. A loft conversion is the perfect place out of the way to install your gym.

5. Family or Leisure Room

Family or Leisure Room

With increases in property prices, many people use their loft to add gain living space as an alternative to moving home. A converted attic could be used as a playroom for younger children, a second living room for teenagers wanting more of their own space or somewhere for the family to hang out together and watch a movie.

6. Rent It Out

Rent It Out

Another option is to rent out the room to a lodger. This can be an ideal way to make back the money you spend on the conversion in the first place. Features such as an en-suite and kitchen area will increase the desirability and rental value of the space.

Use Your Loft Conversion How You Wish

Converting your loft can have many excellent benefits, but one of the best reasons to go for it is that you will have a whole new space in your home to use however you wish. Think about how you could use that extra space, perhaps by using one of the above or by using it for a gym, art studio a library or just some extra storage space.

If you are thinking about converting your loft, or installing a conversion for a customer, here at building materials we can offer advice as well as great prices on everything you might need, including insulation, plasterboard and timber. Give our friendly team a call on 01628 674910.

by Phillip Lidgerton

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