fire proof plasterboard

15mm Fireproof Plasterboard

Dimensions: 1800mm x 900mm, 2400mm x 1200m, 2700mm x 1200mm, 3000mm x 1200mm

Specialised plasterboard is designed to provide an extra layer of protection against the spread of fire within a structure.

  • Various sizes available
  • Up to 60 minutes of fire resistance
  • Designed for higher-risk areas
  • Score and snap to cleanly cut
  • EN520:2004+A12009

British Gypsum Gyproc 15mm Fireline Plasterboard for Walls

Product Description

Trust British Gypsum Gyproc Fireline Plasterboard to meet your stringent fire performance requirements in domestic separating walls, corridors, garages, and steel encasement. It is perfect for drylining, wall lining, and ceiling systems where fire protection is also essential. It is made with an aerated gypsum core, glass fibre, and other additives firmly bonded to pink paper liners.

Tapered or square edge options with a low thermal conductivity of 0.24W/mK.

fireline plasterboard

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British Gypsum Gyproc 15mm Fireline Plasterboard for Walls


British Gypsum Gyproc Fireline Plasterboard 15mm TE is a high-performance, fire-resistant plasterboard designed for use in walls and ceilings where enhanced fire protection is required. 

This tapered edge plasterboard features a non-combustible gypsum core reinforced with glass fibre and other additives, which improve its fire resistance and mechanical strength.

  • Offers up to 60 minutes of fire protection
  • Ideal for use in higher-risk areas
  • Ensures compliance with fire safety regulations
  • Score and snap technology allows for clean, precise cuts
  • Tapered edge option for a smooth, seamless finish
  • Provides a perfect surface for decoration after taping and jointing
  • Complies with EN520:2004+A12009 for moisture protection
  • Meets the requirements of EN 520 - Type F for partitions, ceilings, and steel encasement


This specialised plasterboard is designed to provide an extra layer of protection against the spread of fire within a structure. The dense, gypsum-based core of the plasterboard contains chemically bound water, which, when exposed to high temperatures, is released as steam, effectively slowing down the progression of the fire.

The 15mm thickness provides an optimal balance between fire resistance and ease of installation. Fireproof plasterboard is commonly used in the construction of walls and ceilings in both residential and commercial buildings, particularly in areas where fire safety is of utmost importance, such as escape routes, garages, and kitchens.

Gyproc Fireline offers excellent fire protection performance, achieving fire resistance for up to 120 minutes when used in certified systems. This plasterboard is suitable for direct decoration or plastering, making it a versatile choice for various construction projects requiring superior fire safety measures.

Installation Tips and Best Practices

To ensure the best results when installing 15mm fireproof plasterboard, follow these steps:


Plan your layout by measuring the room, considering obstacles, and optimising plasterboard positioning to minimise waste.


Prepare the surface, ensuring the framing is clean, dry, and even. Make adjustments as needed for a flat, stable base.


Cut the plasterboard using a sharp utility knife and straight edge. Snap along the scored line and cut openings with a drywall saw.


Secure the plasterboard to the framing using drywall screws, maintaining a 10-15mm gap from the floor. Stagger joints between rows for stability.


Apply joint tape to seams and corners, then fill with joint compound. Allow to dry before sanding smooth.


Sand uneven areas, apply a second coat of compound if needed, and sand again until the surface is smooth and ready for finishing.


Maintain proper ventilation during and after installation to help the joint compound dry and reduce dust inhalation.

Always follow manufacturer instructions and adhere to local building codes and fire safety regulations.