Offering Subcontractors Watertight EPDM for Flat Roofs on Schools

  • A wide range of high-quality supplies, including EPDM for flat roofs and installation accessories
  • Our team works closely with subcontractors on product sourcing for construction
  • Fast and efficient UK delivery 
  • Competitive trade pricing available on all orders
  • Flexible credit solutions and straightforward cash account services
  • Our network of suppliers ensures our team can source anything you need

EPDM for Flat Roofs and Accompanying Products

We’re here to offer professionals across the country the EPDM membrane that they need to complete flat roofs for schools. We’ll also supply and deliver a versatile range of other EPDM products, as well as products to be used in conjunction with these. 

Whether your school contract requires replacement EPDM for a flat roof or is undergoing construction work that means a new roof, we’ll be there to help.

We source our EPDM membranes and other products from trusted manufacturers known for their reliability and durability. Every product undergoes thorough testing to ensure it meets our strict standards for performance and longevity. 

Building Materials Nationwide delivers a professional service tailored to subcontractors operating within the UK's educational sector, including schools and educational facilities. Our mission is to offer comprehensive support and expertise to guarantee the timely completion of your projects with the utmost quality standards. Benefit from our prompt delivery, competitive trade pricing, flexible interest-free credit options, and comprehensive product sourcing solutions. Trust us as your reliable partner, ensuring seamless project execution and exceptional results for school construction and renovation projects.

Purchasing support for builders merchants across London
Purchasing support for builders merchants across London

Streamlined Support for Subcontractors on School Construction Projects

Navigating the complexities of school construction projects is made simpler with our tailored trade accounts. Assigned to a dedicated trade account manager, you'll have a single point of contact who comprehensively understands the unique requirements of school projects and your supply needs. Whether it's coordinating deliveries of EPDM roofing materials or managing multiple site requirements, your trade account manager handles it all efficiently.

Effortlessly communicate via email or WhatsApp to customise orders, coordinate delivery schedules, and secure competitive prices, freeing up valuable time and resources. This personalised service ensures you can devote more attention to your school construction projects, confident that material logistics are expertly managed. Join subcontractors and professionals across the education sector who rely on our support to elevate their construction endeavours.

Why use a purchasing partner?

Why Subcontractors Benefit From Our Trade Accounts

Building Materials Nationwide collaborates with subcontractors nationwide, offering a comprehensive range of materials tailored for school construction projects. By enrolling in a trade account with us, you’ll be accessing a streamlined service designed for professionals, packed with exclusive benefits.

Integrated Solutions

Our trade accounts provide an integrated approach, simplifying procurement processes for school projects. Your dedicated trade account manager coordinates all aspects, from EPDM roofing materials to insulation and fire doors. Consolidate your material needs efficiently, managing orders and deliveries through a single, dependable point of contact.

Swift, Customised Delivery Across the UK

Timely deliveries are essential in school construction. Our team facilitates same-day or next-day deliveries, or can even schedule them in advance to meet project timelines. Whether it's partial deliveries or coordinating supplies across multiple sites, we ensure materials arrive promptly, keeping your school projects on track.

Cost-Effective Trade Pricing

Benefit from competitive trade pricing on our entire EPDM product range, as well as other required items such as roofing materials and specialised doors. Leveraging our extensive supplier network guarantees excellent prices. Additionally, we offer interest-free trade credit options, providing financial flexibility while ensuring smooth project progression.

Expert Product Sourcing

Our trade account managers are adept at sourcing specific products tailored to the requirements of trade professionals. Utilising our vast network and industry expertise, they excel at fulfilling even the most unique requests. Trust us to locate the exact materials needed for your school projects, no matter how specialised.

Open Your Account for EPDM Products in School Construction

Improve your subcontracting experience by opening a trade account with Building Materials Nationwide today. Access a wide array of EPDM roofing materials and other essentials for school construction projects, seamlessly managed by your dedicated account manager. Save valuable resources, time, and effort, with all your material requirements just a message away.


Why EPDM is Ideal for Flat Roofs in Schools

EPDM is a highly versatile and reliable material renowned for its exceptional durability, flexibility, and longevity. It is an ideal choice for flat roofs in construction projects. Unlike traditional roofing materials, EPDM offers unmatched resistance to weathering, UV radiation, and extreme temperatures, ensuring long-term performance and protection against the elements.

One of the key benefits of EPDM is its remarkable durability, capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions without deteriorating or losing its structural integrity over time. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to the contours of flat roof surfaces, ensuring a tight and seamless seal that effectively prevents leaks and water infiltration.

Moreover, EPDM is a sustainable roofing solution, contributing to the goals of efficiency and sustainability in construction projects. Its energy-efficient properties help reduce heating and cooling costs, while its recyclability and long lifespan make it an environmentally friendly choice.

For a trade professional, EPDM offers a winning combination of quality, efficiency, and sustainability. By choosing EPDM for flat roofs, you can be confident in delivering high-quality, long-lasting results that meet the stringent standards of your projects, while also contributing to a more sustainable future for the construction industry.

Our EPDM Products 

Our committed team of account managers will do everything they can to source exactly what you need for your school construction projects. Many of the things you need can also be found in our standard range of EPDM products and accessories.

Fix-R EPDM Membrane

With swift 2-3 working day delivery, the Fix-R EPDM Membrane offers unparalleled weathering and elasticity, ensuring watertight performance even in challenging conditions. Its UV-resistant properties guarantee long-lasting durability, requiring minimal maintenance over time. Moss and algae buildup will also no longer be an issue for your client, as its watertight capabilities and weather-resistant nature prevent their growth. Strong and lightweight, the membrane is also easily installed and comes in a range of roll sizes.

Fix-R EPDM Pressure Sensitive Reinforced Universal Secure Strip 1000mm x 152mm

The Fix-R EPDM Pressure Sensitive Reinforced Universal Secure Strip is an ideal solution for school construction projects on flat roofs. With its ease of installation and perimeter securement capabilities, this strip ensures fast and efficient installation, saving valuable time and resources. Built to last, its durable and high-quality construction guarantees reliable performance in demanding environments. The 152 mm wide roll offers flexibility and versatility, while the option to purchase per metre allows for tailored usage based on project needs. The strip has tape pre-applied along one edge and can be installed horizontally or vertically in conjunction with Seam Fastening Plates below the Membrane.

Fix-R EPDM Pressure Sensitive Secure Tape 1000mm x 76mm

The Fix-R EPDM Pressure Sensitive Secure Tape is an optimal choice for school construction projects on flat roofs. With 30% greater peel and 32% greater shear strength, this tape offers exceptional durability and resilience, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding environments. Its clear poly backing provides additional strength and visibility, enhancing installation efficiency and reliability. Reinforced with an EPDM membrane, this tape provides superior adhesion and security, guaranteeing a watertight seal for school buildings.