Efficient Fire Product Sourcing for Your Construction Needs

  • Access a wide range of over 45,000 building materials, including specialised fire products.
  • A one-stop-shop for subcontractors sourcing fire-rated building materials
  • Rapid same-day or next-day delivery options
  • Competitive trade prices on all fire safety materials
  • Flexible credit options and easy cash account services to streamline your purchases
  • Ability to source any fire products needed, even if they are not currently listed in our inventory

Streamlined fire product acquisition for construction projects

Experience seamless acquisition of fire products through our comprehensive trade accounts, connecting you to an expansive catalogue of over 45,000 building materials, including specialised fire safety items like plasterboards, insulation, and signage. You’ll be able to leverage our competitive trade prices and get reliable, swift delivery tailored to meet the strict timelines of your construction projects.

With the assistance of dedicated account managers, we ensure that even the most hard-to-find fire products are sourced efficiently. Our team focuses on meticulous order management and delivery coordination, so you can focus on building safely and on schedule.

Purchasing support for builders merchants across London
Purchasing support for builders merchants across London

Ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations

Building Materials Nationwide is dedicated to upholding the stringent compliance and regulatory standards for fire safety in UK construction. Our products meet and often exceed the required standards, ensuring safety and quality across all projects:

  • Building Regulations and Standards: We supply fire safety products that align with Building Regulations Part B, British Standards (BS), and European Norms (EN), such as BS 476 and EN 13501, ensuring performance under fire conditions.
  • CE Marking: All our fire products bear the CE marking, confirming compliance with EU and UK safety requirements.
  • Legislative Compliance: We ensure our products comply with the Fire Safety Act 2021 and the Fire Safety Order 2005, aiding building managers in effective risk management.
  • Certification: We’ll supply products certified by authoritative bodies like the British Board of Agrément (BBA) and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), ensuring they meet the highest safety standards.

Why use a purchasing partner?

Reliable Fire Product Sourcing for Construction Projects

Building Materials Nationwide leverages an extensive network of suppliers to swiftly provide essential fire products at competitive rates, ensuring your construction projects remain on schedule and within budget.

Prevent project delays

Delays in acquiring fire safety materials can severely disrupt your construction timelines. To counteract this, we offer dependable and swift delivery options, including same-day and next-day services for urgent needs. Our account managers are adept at handling expedited orders, helping your projects to continue smoothly without interruption.

Quality control

The success of your construction project hinges on the quality of materials used, especially when it comes to fire safety. At Building Materials Nationwide, we partner with reputable suppliers known for their high-quality fire products that adhere to stringent industry standards. Subcontractors can rely on us to supply materials that uphold the safety and integrity of your construction projects, ensuring compliance and durability.

Helping manage your budgets

Navigating project finances becomes more streamlined with Building Materials Nationwide. We provide competitive pricing and flexible credit terms, helping you effectively manage your budget while accessing the fire safety materials you need. Our team is committed to offering affordable solutions that maintain your high quality standards and professional relationships.

Fast and reliable delivery

Ensure your construction projects progress without delays with our efficient delivery services. Building Materials Nationwide offers rapid delivery options, including same-day and next-day dispatch for urgent fire product requirements.

Your dedicated account manager will oversee the scheduling and coordination of deliveries, ensuring that fire safety materials arrive exactly when needed. This precise timing prevents any logistical issues, such as unnecessary storage or project downtime.

Enhance Your Fire Product Sourcing with a Building Materials Trade Account

Building Materials Nationwide provides flexible trade accounts tailored to enhance your fire product procurement process. These accounts are designed to simplify ordering and grant access to exclusive benefits.

When you open a trade account, you'll partner with a dedicated account manager who is committed to understanding your unique needs. They will assist you in navigating our extensive range of fire safety materials, finding the precise items you need for your client’s projects, securing competitive pricing, and ensuring deliveries are scheduled to align perfectly with your project timelines.

Additionally, you'll benefit from flexible credit options that allow for better cash flow management. Our competitive prices and trade discounts aim to keep your project financially on track. Our swift and dependable delivery services ensure that fire safety materials are on-site right when you need them.


Selected fire building supplies

British Gypsum Gyproc FireLine Plasterboard 12.5mm

Achieve up to 60 minutes of fire resistance with British Gypsum Gyproc FireLine Plasterboard. Ideal for areas needing extra fire protection, it features an aerated gypsum core enhanced with glass fibre, bonded to pink paper liners. This product offers thermal insulation with a conductivity of 0.24W/mK, available in various sizes, and is perfect for walls, linings, and ceilings in new builds or refurbishments. Complies with EN520:2004+A12009 for fire and moisture protection, ensuring a smooth surface for decoration.

Fire-Rated Acoustic Mastic (900ml)

Our Fire Rated Acoustic Mastic is a high-performance acrylic sealant providing up to five hours of fire resistance. This gun-applied mastic seals and bonds plasterboard, offering an acoustic barrier and remaining flexible after application. It's fast drying, ready to use, and can be painted over, making it an ideal choice for effective fire and soundproofing.

FlipFix 1hr Fire Rated Access Panel - Beaded Frame Metal Hatch

Install the FlipFix Metal Access Panel easily with no need for a wooden frame, using the provided cutting template. This 1-hour fire-rated panel features a beaded frame, flush lock, and tee key, complying with B.S.476: Part22:1987. It's designed for inspection purposes, offering a practical and cost-effective solution for accessing fire-rated areas.