Easy Procurement of Fire-Rated Plasterboard

  • A comprehensive range of over 45,000 building materials, featuring top-quality fire-rated plasterboard
  • Fast and reliable delivery options, including same-day or next-day service
  • Working with subcontractors across the UK
  • Access to competitive trade prices across all fire-rated plasterboard 
  • Straightforward credit and cash account options
  • We can source any specific fire-rated plasterboard you need, even if it’s not listed in our catalogue

Simplified Fire-Rated Plasterboard Solutions For Subcontractors

Fire-rated plasterboard plays a crucial role in enhancing fire safety in buildings, governed by stringent regulations such as BS 476 and EN 520. Building Materials Nationwide can aid in all construction projects by supplying a wide range of fire-rated plasterboard options that meet diverse fire-resistance needs. 

With products offering 30, 60, and 120 minutes of fire protection, we ensure that all construction projects can achieve the highest safety standards for your clients. Our strong relationships with suppliers enable us to provide these critical materials efficiently and cost-effectively, making us a trusted partner in the construction industry for achieving compliance and enhancing safety. For subcontractors, we can act as an all-in-one supply solution across a full range of projects.

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Comply With UK Fire Safety Regulations Using Our Plasterboard

Fire-rated plasterboard must adhere to specific regulations to ensure safety and compliance in building constructions. These materials need to conform to the British Standards (BS) that pertain to fire resistance and reaction to fire, including:

  • BS 476: This series of standards governs fire tests on building materials and structures, specifying how materials should perform to contain fires and prevent fire spread.
  • EN 520: This standard defines the requirements for gypsum plasterboards including classifications for types, sizes, and performance, including fire resistance.
  • Part B of the Building Regulations 2010 (Fire Safety): This regulation requires fire safety provisions in the design and construction of buildings to ensure the safety of occupants. It specifies the minimum periods of fire resistance for different elements of the building, which fire-rated plasterboard can help achieve.

Building Materials Nationwide offer a range of fire-rated plasterboard products that meet these standards. With our expert sourcing and rapid delivery services, we ensure that compliance is straightforward and hassle-free.

Why use a purchasing partner?

Just Some Of Our Fire-Rated Plasterboard Range

Building Materials Nationwide leverages an extensive network of suppliers to efficiently provide crucial fire-rated plasterboard at competitive rates. This ensures that your clients’ construction projects proceed smoothly and stay financially on target.

Knauf Plasterboard Fire Panel

The Knauf Fire Panel offers 1 hour of fire resistance and is ideal for commercial spaces and housing projects, designed for easy installation in Performer partitions, Shaftwall systems, and MF ceilings. It is easily cut to size and fully recyclable, enhancing fire safety with minimal environmental impact.

GTEC Fire V Board

This Gypsum fireboard features up to 60 minutes of fire resistance and incorporates a laminated vapour control layer, simplifying installation. It’s an excellent choice for projects requiring enhanced fire protection and moisture control.

Siniat GTEC Fire Board

Siniat GTEC Fire Board offers superior fire resistance suitable for stud partitions, with tapered and square edges to facilitate professional finishes. It combines strength, hardness, and weight for optimal performance in GTEC Drywall Systems, promoting environmental sustainability with its recycled components.

British Gypsum Gyproc Fireline Plasterboard

Offering up to 60 minutes of fire resistance, the British Gypsum Gyproc Fireline is crafted for areas needing rigorous fire protection. Suitable for partitions, ceilings, and encasements, this plasterboard is versatile for new builds and refurbishments, and is ready for decoration after proper finishing.

Fire-Rated Plasterboard Solutions For Subcontractors

Building Materials Nationwide provides specialised trade accounts tailored to optimise your acquisition of fire-rated plasterboard. These accounts are designed to streamline the ordering process and unlock a range of benefits for subcontractors across the UK.

By setting up a trade account, you gain the assistance of a dedicated account manager focused on your unique needs. Our team will work with you on an all-in-one supply solution, sourcing you the exact products you need from our catalogue or supply connections, arranging swift delivery that aligns with your client's projects, and quoting you a cost-effective trade price.

Additionally, you'll benefit from flexible credit solutions that help manage your cash flow more effectively. With our competitive pricing and trade discounts, your project budget is prioritised. Our prompt and dependable delivery services ensure that your fire-rated plasterboard is delivered on schedule, supporting timely project completion for your clients.