Bioguard Ceilings for NHS and Healthcare Environments

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Equip your healthcare facilities

At Building Materials Nationwide, we provide a comprehensive selection of Bioguard ceiling solutions, designed specifically for healthcare environments. We work with subcontractors across the UK offering a comprehensive supply solution. Our offerings include Bioguard acoustic ceiling tiles, which not only meet the rigorous health standards required in medical settings but also support essential services integration like HVAC, lighting, and fire safety systems.

These are ideal for creating clean, safe, and functional spaces essential in your clients’ healthcare facilities. Additionally, we provide all necessary tools and accessories to ensure seamless installation and maintenance.

By setting up a trade account with us, you can access our specialised service, designed to cater to the unique requirements of subcontractors across the UK. Discover the advantages your healthcare projects can gain through our dedicated support.

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Meet healthcare compliance standards easily

The construction of healthcare facilities demands adherence to strict regulations to ensure safety, hygiene, and functionality. Bioguard ceilings are engineered to meet these critical standards, offering antimicrobial properties, water repellency, and compatibility with stringent cleaning protocols essential for infection-prone areas.

UK healthcare construction must comply with building codes that demand materials to contribute to a sterile environment. Bioguard ceilings fulfil these criteria, improving acoustic performance and air quality in healthcare settings.

We ensure our Bioguard ceiling products comply with NHS and health building regulations, including ISO classifications required for different healthcare areas. Our team can work with you across healthcare projects to ensure all standards are met when sourcing Bioguard Ceilings and much more.

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Building Materials Nationwide is your dedicated partner for all healthcare facility building materials, including Bioguard ceilings. By creating a trade account, you unlock a suite of tailored benefits to meet the specific demands of your clients’ healthcare projects. You'll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will streamline your procurement process - from finding the exact Bioguard tiles suitable for healthcare environments to ensuring deliveries are organised around your project timelines. Take advantage of our competitive pricing and interest-free credit to maintain your project budget effectively while securing the best value for each purchase. Join our network and benefit from a partnership designed to support every stage of your healthcare projects.


Our Selection of Ceiling Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Our team is equipped to meet the specific needs of your healthcare facility projects with a comprehensive selection of Bioguard ceilings, tiles, and related accessories.

Zentia Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

These tiles feature a smooth, white surface suitable for a variety of edge types. Specifically designed for healthcare settings, Zentia Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic ceiling tiles are water-repellent and antimicrobial, ensuring safe use with disinfectants. They meet the ISO 5 classification for clean rooms, making them perfect for areas with moderate to severe infection risks. Ideal for use in healthcare facilities, laboratories, and kitchens.

Knauf Armstrong Metal Ceiling Tiles

Sold in packs of 18, these white, smooth-surfaced metal ceiling tiles are designed for high-performance environments. The Lay-In BioGuard Board Edge tiles achieve ISO 1 clean room performance, the highest standard for minimising particle emissions. They also provide excellent sound attenuation at 44dB, making them suitable for healthcare settings where confidentiality and infection control are paramount.

Zentia Armstrong Bioguard Plain Ceiling Tiles

Zentia Armstrong Bioguard Plain ceiling tiles are designed with a smooth surface and various size and edge options. Their antimicrobial properties make them ideal for healthcare environments, repelling water and supporting safe cleaning with disinfectants. With an 87% light reflectance, these tiles enhance well-being in corridors and high footfall areas within healthcare facilities.

Zentia Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Board Edge

These tiles maintain the same high standards as their counterparts, featuring a smooth surface and board edge options. The Zentia Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic tiles offer antimicrobial performance, and water repellency, and are safe for use with disinfectants. With an 85% light reflectance and 95% humidity resistance, they are perfect for healthcare settings, ensuring cleanliness and durability in environments requiring frequent sanitation.