Efficient Sourcing of Hygienic Cladding for NHS and General Health Buildings

  • Selection of over 45,000 building materials, including a full range of hygienic cladding
  • Same-day or next-day delivery to meet urgent demands
  • Competitive trade prices on all hygienic cladding materials
  • Simple credit and cash account setups
  • Working with subcontractors across the UK
  • Ability to source any specific hygienic cladding required, even if it’s not currently listed in our inventory.

Need a reliable supplier of hygienic cladding?

The healthcare industry demands high standards for hygienic cladding to ensure safe and clean environments, which is crucial for preventing infection and maintaining health standards. Modern hygienic cladding materials are not only designed to be easy to clean but also feature antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi directly on their surfaces.

Building Materials Nationwide plays a vital role in this sector by supplying a wide range of hygienic cladding products that meet rigorous safety and hygiene criteria. We work with subcontractors and other professionals to offer a comprehensive supply solution, covering hygienic cladding and much more.

Leveraging an extensive supplier network, we offer various cladding options that are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to the harsh chemicals often used in healthcare settings. Our commitment to providing quality materials at competitive prices helps your clients maintain the highest cleanliness and safety standards across hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Purchasing support for builders merchants across London

Meet health building regulations with ease

In the UK, hygienic cladding used in NHS and healthcare facilities must comply with regulations such as the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH). These laws mandate that materials used must be capable of being cleaned thoroughly to prevent infection risks.

Cladding materials should also meet the fire safety requirements outlined in the Building Regulations 2010, specifically Approved Document B. Building Materials Nationwide ensures compliance by offering cladding that meets these standards. We continuously monitor regulatory changes to ensure our hygienic cladding solutions uphold the highest safety and health standards in the healthcare sector. Our team can supply products to meet whatever standards your clients have specified, whether that’s asking for specific products, or for products that meet certain standards of insulation or fire protection.

Why use a purchasing partner?

Our Selected Hygienic Cladding for NHS/Health

Our comprehensive network of suppliers delivers essential hygienic cladding efficiently and at competitive prices. We can organise everything you need for your projects, delivering around your schedule at competitive trade prices. While we can source whatever hygienic cladding you need, we also have a range of Hi-Clad options listed in our catalogue, which offer high levels of quality and come with a 20-year guarantee.

Hi-Clad PVC Hygienic Cladding Sheet

This lightweight, easy-to-handle cladding sheet is ideal for sanitary environments, offering a smooth satin finish in various colours. Resistant to common chemicals in medical and food industries, it ensures a safe and clean space.

Hi-Clad PVC Hygienic Cladding Sheet Vivid Steel

Featuring a high gloss finish, this lightweight and durable cladding fits perfectly in any sanitary environment. Available in several colours, it’s chemical-resistant, ensuring longevity and safety in healthcare and food production areas.

Hi-Clad PVC Hygienic Cladding Sheet Pastel Cream

With its gentle pastel finish, this cladding sheet is a stylish yet practical choice for sanitary areas. Waterproof and chemical-resistant, it's easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for medical and food-related locations.

Hi-Clad PVC Hygienic Cladding Sheet Vivid Yellow

Brighten any room with this vivid yellow, high gloss cladding sheet. Lightweight and easy to maintain, it's suitable for demanding sanitary environments. Resistant to chemicals and available in various colours, this is a great option for healthcare projects.

Optimise your hygienic cladding procurement with a Building Materials trade account

Building Materials Nationwide offers specialised trade accounts designed to offer a simple and professional service for all NHS and healthcare projects. These accounts simplify the procurement process and provide numerous advantages to subcontractors.

When you establish a trade account, you receive the support of a dedicated account manager who understands your specific requirements. They guide you through our extensive selection of hygienic cladding, help locate specific products not readily available, secure competitive pricing, and ensure that delivery schedules are synchronised with your project timelines.

You’ll also benefit from interest-free credit for up to 30 days to aid your budgeting. With our competitive prices and trade discounts, we make sure your budget remains a top priority. Our reliable and swift delivery services ensure that your hygienic cladding arrives when needed, facilitating on-time project completion for your clients.