Efficient Material Procurement for Office Building Contracts

  • An expansive selection of over 45,000 building products
  • Comprehensive, all-in-one subcontractor solutions for office building work
  • Same-day or next-day delivery
  • Benefit from competitive trade prices
  • Flexible credit solutions and straightforward cash account services
  • Procure any required building materials, even those not currently listed in our inventory

Simplified material sourcing for office building contracts

Eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers when you partner with Building Materials Nationwide. Our integrated approach connects you to an extensive array of over 45,000 products from premier builders' merchants. We’ll be able to organise, source, and deliver everything needed for office building projects.

Enjoy access to competitive trade prices and dependable, swift delivery services tailored to your project schedules. Our dedicated account managers work closely with you, ensuring all your needs are met - working with you to secure all the products and materials required for your projects.

Purchasing support for builders merchants across London
Purchasing support for builders merchants across London

Ensure compliance with our trusted office building products

When constructing or renovating office spaces in the UK, compliance with strict regulations is crucial for safety, accessibility, and sustainability. Building Materials supplies a range of products that meet these stringent standards, including those outlined in the Building Regulations 2010 for structural integrity and fire safety, and the Equality Act 2010 for accessibility.

We can also source products that adhere to environmental regulations and energy efficiency requirements under Part L of the Building Regulations, ensuring that your office projects not only meet legal standards but also promote sustainability and energy conservation.

Why use a purchasing partner?

Effective Material Procurement for Office Building Contracts

Our extensive network of suppliers ensures that we can quickly source the necessary products at competitive prices, helping keep your office building projects on track and within budget.

Prevent project delays

Material acquisition delays can critically impact your construction schedules. To address this, we offer reliable and fast delivery services, including options for same-day and next-day delivery to meet urgent demands. Our account managers are equipped to process expedited orders efficiently, ensuring your projects proceed without delays.

Quality control

It's crucial that the materials used in your construction projects meet high-quality standards to ensure project success. At Building Materials Nationwide, we collaborate with trusted suppliers who are recognized for their premium-quality products that meet strict industry standards. You can depend on us to provide materials that maintain the integrity and safety of your construction efforts.

Helping manage your budgets

Managing project expenses can be complex when dealing with various suppliers. We offer competitive pricing and flexible credit options to help you stay in charge of your financial resources. Our dedicated team is focused on providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Fast and reliable delivery

Building Materials Nationwide keeps your projects moving smoothly with our prompt delivery options, including same-day and next-day services for critical material needs.

Your personal account manager will coordinate deliveries to align perfectly with your project timelines, ensuring materials arrive on-site precisely when needed, thus avoiding any storage issues.

Optimise Your Material Procurement with a Building Materials Trade Account

Building Materials Nationwide offers flexible trade accounts designed to optimize your procurement process. These accounts provide a streamlined ordering experience and access to special benefits.

When you open a trade account, you’ll get access to the support of a dedicated account manager, who’ll work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, help navigate our broad selection of products, secure competitive prices, and coordinate timely deliveries to keep your office building projects on track.

You will also gain access to flexible credit options, which help you manage your cash flow more effectively. Our competitive pricing and trade discounts are aimed at helping you stay within budget, while our reliable and prompt delivery service ensures materials arrive exactly when you need them. Open a trade account today to simplify your material procurement.


Selected office building supplies

CAF600 Office Grade Panel 598mm x 598mm x 30mm - Pack of 10 (3.58m2)

The CAF600 Office Grade Panel is designed for versatility in commercial environments, including offices. Made from particle board, these panels are lightweight yet durable, fitting easily with most pedestal systems. Ideal for high-traffic areas, they ensure a smooth, flat surface for raised access flooring.

Crown Oak Solid Core FD30 Office Fire Door 44mm + Pyroshield Safety Vision Panel

The Crown Oak Solid Core FD30 is a fire-certified office door featuring a natural veneer finish and quality construction. It comes factory-glazed with a Pyroshield safety vision panel. Designed for commercial use, it offers at least 30 minutes of fire protection, enhancing safety and compliance in office settings.

Zentia/Armstrong Prelude 24 TLS Grid

Ideal for various office environments such as classrooms, meeting rooms, and individual offices, the Zentia Armstrong Prelude 24 TLS Grid features a galvanized steel construction with a baked polyester paint finish. Its patented Peakform design enhances strength and stability, making it easier to cut and install. The system is designed for superior fire efficiency and alignment with a superlock clip for easy assembly.

The evolving office building landscape

The UK office construction sector is rapidly evolving to meet new trends in sustainability, flexibility, and technology integration. Building Materials caters to these changing demands: our range includes sustainable materials that support green building certifications like BREEAM and LEED, promoting energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in office projects.

We also understand the shift towards flexible office designs influenced by the rise of hybrid work models. Building Materials offers versatile solutions that help developers create spaces adaptable to various working styles and functions, from collaborative areas to private workstations.