Sourcing Office Ceiling Grids For Subcontractors

  • We offer a fantastic range of office ceiling grid products through our site
  • All-in-one supply solution for subcontractors
  • Same and next-day delivery options if needed
  • Fantastic trade prices across all ceiling grids
  • Secure interest-free credit through our trade accounts
  • Our skilled team can source you any product you need when you need it

Fully Supply Your Office Projects

At Building Materials Nationwide, we offer an extensive range of ceiling grid solutions tailored for every office building project. From MF Ceilings that combine the structural robustness of metal with adaptable plasterboard, to suspended ceiling grids and tiles that enhance both functionality and aesthetics, we’re the only partner you need. 

These systems are perfect for integrating essential services like HVAC, lighting, and fire safety systems, and we can also supply you with the tools and accessories needed to accommodate these.

By creating a trade account with us to purchase ceiling grid components, you gain access to our all-in-one service for subcontractors, allowing you to meet the diverse needs of your commercial clients across the UK. Read on to find out how your business could benefit.

Purchasing support for builders merchants across London

Why use a purchasing partner?

How Our Trade Professionals Help Subcontractors Across the UK

We work with subcontractors across the UK, offering trade accounts that deliver a streamlined, responsive, and cost-effective service. When you sign up, you’ll be paired with a dedicated account manager, your single point of call who’ll be there to handle your orders, organise delivery and find the exact products you need. Here are the key benefits to subcontractors, whether looking for ceiling grids, other office products like partitions, or any further building materials.

A Single Streamlined Service

With a trade account at Building Materials Nationwide, subcontractors gain a streamlined service that simplifies sourcing materials across office projects and more. Your dedicated account manager handles all your needs, from selection to delivery, saving you valuable time and effort. Simply tell them what you need and when you need it, and they’ll do the rest of the work.

Tailored, Efficient Delivery

Our team offers flexible and timely delivery services, helping subcontractors plan long-term projects and adapt to emergency material needs. We can organise same-day and next-day deliveries, while for more complex projects requiring multiple components, we can provide batch deliveries and schedule arrival at specific times to accommodate busy site operations.

Competitive Trade Pricing

We offer competitive trade prices across our entire range, ensuring you get the best value on every order. Additionally, our trade accounts benefit from interest-free credit options, which can be started in as little as 24 hours of opening an account. Our trade accounts empower subcontractors to save money across their projects and spread out payments.

Dedicated Product Sourcing

We go beyond the typical supplier role by offering dedicated product sourcing to ensure you find exactly what you need for your projects. While we already boast a comprehensive range of ceiling grids and tiles on our website, our capabilities extend much further. Through our extensive supply connections, we can procure a wide variety of additional materials, including specific dimensions of grids or specialist tiles. We aim to be the only supplier you'll need, with our team going above and beyond every time.

Get Started With a Trade Account Today

Building Materials Nationwide is your one-stop solution for all building material needs, ready to supply all office ceiling grid products required for your projects. By signing up for a trade account, you gain immediate access to our full range of benefits. You'll be partnered with a dedicated account manager who simplifies your procurement process - from sourcing the precise materials your clients need, to arranging timely deliveries tailored to their site's schedule. Our competitive trade pricing and interest-free credit options ensure that you manage your budget efficiently while getting the best value on every order. Sign up for your trade account today to start benefiting.


Our Range of Ceiling Grids For Offices

While our team will be able to source whatever you need for your commercial office projects, we also have a fantastic range of ceiling grids, tiles, and accessories available through our website.

MF Plasterboard Ceilings

Our MF plasterboard ceilings offer a versatile and robust solution, easily adaptable for fire, moisture, and acoustic resistance, and suitable for varying heights. We also provide a range of acoustic hangers, sturdy brackets, and specialised fixings, alongside a robust metal section to ensure every project meets your client's high standards of quality and safety.

Suspended Ceiling Grids

Our suspended ceiling grids offer a functional and aesthetic enhancement to any commercial space such as schools, offices, hospitals, and retail stores. They feature a variety of durable, high-quality gridwork options including corrosion-resistant and specialised systems in different styles and colours, designed for ease of installation and long-term performance.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

We also sell suspended ceiling tiles, ideal for offices, retail locations, and other professional environments. Offering a variety of materials and designs, our tiles can come with fire resistance, moisture control, and acoustic properties to meet diverse needs. Whether integrating HVAC systems, lighting, or fire safety features, our tiles provide both functional benefits and aesthetic appeal. They pair perfectly with our grid systems for a comprehensive ceiling solution that is both cost-effective and high in quality.

Suspended Ceiling Accessories

We also supply a selection of suspended ceiling accessories, ensuring your client's projects are efficient and seamless. Our inventory includes essential items such as brackets, ceiling fixings, galvanised box sections, insulation pads, cavity barriers, and specialised tools for tile removal. Whether upgrading lighting with fluorescent tube lights or enhancing safety and functionality with cavity barriers, we provide all the necessary components.