Sourcing Quality Office Partition Walls Supplies For Subcontractors

  • A full range of attractive, high-strength office partition supplies
  • We work with subcontractors across the UK on comprehensive product sourcing
  • Lightning-fast nationwide delivery
  • Competitive trade pricing on all orders
  • Flexible credit solutions and straightforward cash account services
  • Our team can source anything you need, thanks to our network of suppliers

Our Extensive Office Partitioning Range

We work with professionals across the UK sourcing and delivering the office partition products they need. Whether your clients need a contemporary office space built from scratch or a stylish refit, our comprehensive range caters to every requirement.

From sleek glass partitioning to traditional stud wall systems, we can deliver everything your clients need, when they need it. Our range of glass partitions, available in both framed and frameless systems, allows natural light to permeate spaces, creating functional modern workspaces for your clients. 

Building Materials Nationwide offers a professional service that is perfectly suited to subcontractors working in the UK, across office development and beyond. We're here to supply not just materials, but also support and expertise to ensure your projects, whether small or large, are completed efficiently and at the highest standards. With swift delivery, trade pricing, interest-free credit, and product sourcing, we aim to be the only partner you need.

Purchasing support for builders merchants across London
Purchasing support for builders merchants across London

An All-In-One Solution For Subcontractors

Our trade accounts are designed to be a comprehensive solution for subcontractors managing multiple office projects. With a dedicated trade account manager assigned to your account, you gain a single point of contact who understands the specifics of your projects and supply needs. Whether you require a range of office partitioning supplies delivered promptly or need to schedule multiple deliveries across various sites, your trade account manager can arrange it all.

Communicate effortlessly via email or WhatsApp to configure orders, manage delivery schedules, and ensure you get the best prices, saving you both time and money. This personalised service allows you to focus more on your projects and less on the logistics of material supplies. Our team works across the construction sector, helping subcontractors and other professionals take their work to the next level.

Why use a purchasing partner?

Why Our Trade Accounts Are Perfect For Subcontractors

We work with subcontractors across the UK, sourcing them everything from office partitioning supplies to bricks, plasterboard, and insulation. When you sign up for a trade account with Building Materials Nationwide, you’ll unlock a simple, efficient service tailored to professionals, with a range of amazing benefits.

All-In-One Service

Our trade accounts offer an all-in-one service that simplifies your procurement process. Your trade account manager organises everything for your commercial projects in one place - whether it’s glass partitions for office projects, ceiling grids, or fire doors. This comprehensive service allows you to consolidate all your building material needs, streamlining orders and deliveries through a single, reliable point of contact.

Fast, Customisable UK Delivery

Timely deliveries are critical for construction projects to operate effectively. Our team is equipped to arrange same-day, next-day or scheduled deliveries. Whether it's partial deliveries, sending supplies to multiple sites, or ensuring materials arrive within a specific time window, our team will work hard to meet your deadlines.

Cost-Effective Trade Pricing

We offer competitive trade pricing on our entire range, from glass partitions to fire doors. Leveraging our extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers across the UK means we can secure fantastic prices for our clients. Additionally, we provide interest-free trade credit options, giving you the flexibility to manage your finances while keeping your projects moving smoothly.

Advanced Product Sourcing

Whether you require specific sizes or shapes of partition glass, particular types of doors, or any other bespoke building materials, our trade account managers are your resourceful allies. If a product exists, they will find it. Leveraging an extensive supply network and deep industry knowledge, they ensure that no request is too challenging.

Open Your Trade Account Today

Open a trade account with Building Materials Nationwide today and streamline your projects as a subcontractor. Gain immediate access to a vast range of partition walls and more, all managed efficiently through your dedicated account manager. We’ll save you time, money, and effort, with all your material needs a Whatsapp away.


Our Range of Office Wall Partition Supplies

While our team of dedicated account managers can source whatever you need for your projects, we also offer a standard range of quality partition walls for offices.

Framed Glass Partitions

Our framed glass partitions are available in a variety of glass options including bevel and laminated, each graded for dependable performance and sleek aesthetics. We also deliver G2G door seals, ensuring a minimal finish ideal for both single and double doorsets.

Frameless Glass Partitions

Our frameless glass partitions offer a seamless look for any building project, which can be specifically tailored to meet the dimensions and strength needs of your clients. We can deliver options like double-glazed partitions, bespoke laminated glass in various thicknesses, or toughened safety glass. This is the ideal choice for creating a contemporary and light-enhanced environment.

Partition Systems

Our versatile partition systems cover everything from a basic 50mm office partition for quick division, a 75mm system for a balance of cost and performance, or our robust 100mm option for superior sound insulation and privacy. We also offer Frameless Single and Double Glazing, Natural Hardwood, and the innovative Rapide 89mm Clip-Fit System, ensuring high-quality results and seamless installation.