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Building Materials Nationwide is your one-stop solution for exceptional, resilient plasterboard. Whether it’s for noise reduction, fire resistance, or moisture protection, we offer diverse types tailored to every need.

At Building Materials Nationwide, we provide professionals with the reliable, high-quality plasterboard types they need to complete their projects. Whether your client needs noise reduction, fire resistance, or moisture resistance, we’ll have it here.

We offer a range of sizes and thicknesses to ensure the perfect fit in any location, ready to be tiled or plastered. Browse through our selection below to find the set which best aligns with your needs and your project’s budget. Our trade accounts are designed to help professionals, with our team sourcing them the exact plasterboards they need for a fantastic trade price.

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Our account managers work with procurement teams to secure large volumes of materials for a wide range of construction projects. Drop us a line with your details and we will be in touch to help in any way we can.

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    Why Choose Building Materials For Plasterboard?

    For over 20 years, Building Materials Nationwide has been the trusted plasterboard source for trade professionals across the UK. Our extensive selection of boards from top brands ensures plasterers and contractors can find the right product for every job specification. 

    Our nationwide distribution network means orders arrive on time without fail, so projects stay on schedule. Our competitive trade pricing allows contractors to achieve higher margins and win more bids. Our knowledgeable staff provides guidance on specialised board applications when needed.

    Streamline Your Construction with Quality Plasterboard


    Experience unmatched quality and performance with our standard plasterboard.


    Dense plasterboard for acoustic and impact resistance, ideal for high-traffic environments.


    Moisture-resistant plasterboard, specifically engineered to withstand humid conditions.


    Experience unmatched quality and performance with our standard plasterboard.


    Dense plasterboard for acoustic and impact resistance, ideal for high-traffic environments.


    Moisture-resistant plasterboard, specifically engineered to withstand humid conditions.

    Wide Range of Plasterboard Products Available

    We have a wide range of Plasterboards for sale through our site, but if you have a large or specific order just give us a call!

    1. Call 01628 674910 To Discuss Availability

      • 42db sound insulation
      • 12.5mm single layer system
      £17.47 £20.96
    2. Call 01628 674910 To Discuss Availability

      • High impact resistance
      • Moisture resistant
      £29.31 £35.17
    3. Call 01628 674910 To Discuss Availability

      • Texture Finish
      • Strong Stable Base
      £98.03 £117.64

    Uphold Professional Standards

    Building Materials Nationwide is committed to delivering quality, undamaged plasterboards, avoiding project delays and ensuring professional reputations remain intact. Swift rectifications are assured with our clear, trade-friendly refund policy.

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    Flawless Finishes

    We’re committed to supplying plasterboards and finishing products that ensure seamless, flawless finishes, crucial for upholding professional standards. Benefit from personalised sourcing and competitive pricing through our trade accounts. 

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    Simplified Delivery & Handling

    Our innovative logistics solutions are designed to simplify plasterboard deliveries and handling, reducing physical strain and boosting productivity. We prioritise solutions that address the challenges of handling and installing plasterboards efficiently.

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    Maintain Product Availability

    We ensure consistent product availability to avoid any project disruptions. Our thorough stock management provides you with the required materials precisely when you need them. 

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    Enhance Safety Protocols

    We are committed to enhancing workplace safety by providing premium materials and resources, minimising the risks and hazards of plasterboard installations, and fostering secure operational environments.

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    Execute Precise Specialised Cuts

    Attain clean, accurate plasterboard cuts with our specialised tools and seasoned advice. We empower you with the necessary resources and knowledge for achieving professional, structurally sound results in every project. 

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    Achieve Precise Estimates

    Escape the pitfalls of inaccurate plasterboard estimates. Our dedicated team offers essential guidance and services to fulfil precise material needs, maintaining your project's momentum and ensuring peace of mind. 

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    Quality products and service every time.

    Navigate Technical Specifications

    Secure success in specialised board applications with our expert guidance and access to detailed manufacturer datasheets. Our valuable insights and expertise illuminate the path to fulfilling diverse project requirements effectively. 

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    The Building Materials Nationwide Advantage

    Your Own Trade Account Manager

    We help you meet their every need through our Trade Account Managers. These team members are available to provide customised project advice and the freedom and flexibility to buy what you need

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    Seamless Ordering and Delivery

    Large projects usually mean large demands. With our streamlined ordering process and rapid UK delivery, we’ll help you get the plasterboards you need for a project when you need them.

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    Financial Flexibility with Trade Credit

    Get an interest-free credit line with Building Materials Nationwide. Whether managing small tasks or extensive projects, our trade credit enhances your purchasing efficiency and budget management.

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