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We specialise in precise plasterboard procurement, preventing delays and extra costs, and ensuring smooth installations for every project. Reach out to make your next project a success!

Stop Inaccurate Plasterboard Estimates From Derailing Your Projects

For professionals undertaking plastering or drywall projects, even small underestimates can lead to mid-project shortages, causing headaches, delays, and increased costs. This makes accurately estimating and procuring sufficient plasterboard essential.

Our team at Building Materials Nationwide understands your frustrations with plasterboard procurement and we make it our mission to prevent installation slow-downs. With decades of experience supplying trade professionals, we provide guidance and services to help you determine precise material needs.

Whether you need support estimating room-by-room requirements or ensuring supply chain availability, our team has you covered. Choose us for your next project to gain total peace of mind that you’ll have every sheet necessary to maintain momentum from start to finish. 

Estimating Errors, Delays and Setbacks 

Inaccurate estimates and poor planning for plasterboard needs on a job site can lead to severe productivity issues and needless hassles down the line. Here's why precision from the start is so crucial:

  • Underestimating leads to emergency material shortages. Scrambling to source more boards causes workshops to grind to a halt
  • Rush deliveries of small quantities add shipping fees and delays as you wait for boards
  • Imprecise measurements result in excess waste once rooms are boarded out
  • Failure to order extras requires delicate materials handling to avoid breakage
  • Supply shortages mean partial boarding in rooms until the next delivery. This disjointed approach is inefficient
  • Incomplete installations mean other trades can't start and finish work on schedule

Careful estimating and procurement may take more upfront effort but pay off hugely in smooth installations free of slowdowns. Our experts have guided thousands of projects and know the costly pains inaccurate numbers cause and will help you steer clear of those risks.

We specialise in trade procurement services to set your next project up for success. Our decades of plasterboard supply experience provide invaluable insight into calculating precise material requirements as we help develop strategic procurement plans tailored to your timelines. 

Contact us today to find out how we can simplify your plasterboard procurement. 

Our Full Range of Plasterboards

We have a wide range of Plasterboards available through our website, and if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

  1. Call 01628 674910 To Discuss Availability

    • High impact resistance
    • Moisture resistant
    £29.31 £35.17

    • Engineered for areas prone to moisture
    • Tapered edges along its length
    Price from: £16.39 £19.67
  3. Price from: £23.33 £28.00

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Our Extensive Plasterboard Ranges

Our selection includes diverse plasterboard options to suit any plasterboard project need. With a vast range of sizes readily available, you can find the ideal fit and functionality for your specific application.

  • Soundproof Plasterboard - Our soundproof plasterboard options are designed to meet BS EN520 standards and are versatile for use on both walls and ceilings.
  • Dense Plasterboard - For a sturdier alternative to conventional plasterboard, our high-density boards incorporate extra glass fibre particles and thicker paper coverings.
  • External Plasterboard - Explore our selection of exterior plasterboard, enhanced with a water-repellent feature to provide top-tier protection against moisture and mould.
  • Fire Resistant Plasterboard - Choose from our fire-rated plasterboard sheets, available in 12.5mm or 15mm thicknesses and in tapered or square edge styles. They are the perfect choice for constructing walls and partitions that require robust fire protection.
  • Moisture Resistant Plasterboard- Our moisture-resistant plasterboards are fortified with additives embedded within the core, effectively repelling water vapour and minimising the risk of damage in damp environments.
  • Vapour Resistant Plasterboard- Ensure your property stays dry with our impermeable vapour-resistant drywall options. Suitable for both wall and ceiling applications, these drywalls offer exceptional moisture control.
  • Insulated Plasterboard - Explore our extensive collection of premium insulated and thermal plasterboards from renowned manufacturers like Kingspan, Celotex, and Knauf British Gypsum.
  • Plasterboard Fermacell - As exclusive Fermacell powerpanel stockists in the UK, we offer a wide range of dimensions and sizes to suit your needs. Additionally, we provide a variety of Fermacell accessories, including screws and joint filler, to assist you in your project.

Easing Your Procurement Challenges with Our Trade Accounts

By opening a trade account for Building Materials Nationwide, you'll gain valuable advantages for your plasterboard supply requirements. 

Personalised Trade Account Manager

Obtain your own dedicated Trade Account Manager who will assist you in all aspects of your construction projects, from sourcing tools and materials to coordinating deliveries. Our experienced managers are well-versed in the field, offering valuable guidance.

Experienced and Approachable Guidance

Effectively manage your projects with the support of our dedicated and highly experienced team, boasting decades of expertise in the construction industry. We're always on hand to provide assistance with your ongoing projects, so don't hesitate to reach out via phone or email to let us know how we can be of service.

Flexible Trade Credit Options

Establish flexible, interest-free trade credit in as little as 24 hours through our streamlined application process. Your Trade Account Manager will guide you through the process of setting up your credit line, ensuring your convenience.

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Our decades of plasterboard supply experience provide invaluable insight into calculating precise material requirements, as well as procurement plans tailored to your timelines. Whether you need estimating checklists, access to quality manufacturers, or help organising staged deliveries - our team has you covered.

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