Achieving Secure Attachment

Our years of experience supplying fixings to trade professionals have taught us how to engineer screws, plugs and fittings for superior strength, precision and reliability on site.

Get Tight Bonds Every Time With Our Plasterboard Fixings

Stop sagging boards and achieve secure attachment on every project with our heavy-duty plasterboard fixings designed specifically for professional use. Our fixings are rigorously tested to handle the toughest commercial applications. Contact your dedicated Building Materials Nationwide Trade Account Manager today to get expert advice and order the ideal fixings to achieve secure attachment on your upcoming projects.

Insecure attachment is often caused by inadequate fixing placement, using the wrong type of fixings, or installing them incorrectly. When plasterboards are not firmly bonded to the framework, they become prone to sagging, cracking, and even complete detachment over time. 

This can lead to a range of problems such as compromised fire resistance, reduced load-bearing capacity, insulation gaps, draughts, and an unprofessional finish. Insecure attachment also requires expensive remedial work that slows down construction schedules. It is crucial trade professionals use the optimal heavy-duty fixings and attach them precisely as per manufacturer guidelines.

Optimal Screw Placement for Maximum Holding Power

Proper screw placement along studs is crucial for keeping plasterboards securely fastened. The general rule of thumb is to install a screw every 30-45 centimetres along each stud. This optimal spacing prevents sagging or detachment even with heavy use or movement over time.

The type of screw thread also matters - fine threads offer extra grip compared to coarse threads. Finer threads dig deeper into materials creating stronger traction. For metal studs under 0.7mm thick, fine thread screws are recommended for best attachment.

With studs evenly spaced at 40cm intervals and screws fixed at 30-45cm, the plasterboard remains fully supported. This spread of screws reinforces the entire board, not just the edges. Get the placement right, and your boards will achieve superior rigidity.

We’ll Help You Select the Right Fixings

Using the incorrect type of plasterboard fixings is a common cause of insecure attachments that ultimately fail. For example, standard drywall screws may not grip firmly enough in moist environments. Plastic plugs can strip when used to support heavy boards. Metal construction requires self-drilling, not self-tapping screws. Our Trade Account Managers can help identify suitable screws, plugs or fittings according to the materials and installation method.

Proper Installation for Fail-Safe Attachment

Even premium-grade fixings will underperform if installed incorrectly. For example, overdriving screws can strip their threads, reducing grip. Underdriving leaves them loose and prone to detachment. Positioning fixings too close to board edges provides insufficient support. 

Such improper installation often results in plasterboard failure. At Building Materials Nationwide, we don't just supply the right fixings - we provide professional support to install them correctly. We also supply accessories like depth-stop screws to prevent overdriving.

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Robust Fixings for Every Attachment Challenge

Wet Area Security

Our GTEC Wet Area Screws use corrosion-resistant carbon steel and ceramic coating to maintain a firm grip even in damp conditions. The fine thread and self-drilling design penetrate firmly into the framework.

Lightweight Support

Easy-to-install Wall Plastic Plugs in a range of colours provide secure lightweight attachment in general areas, with anti-rotation fins for precision fitting.

Timber Framework Fixing

Drywall Screwsare designed specifically for attaching to timber studs. Multiple sizes are available to suit board thickness and a free Pozi bit is included.

Metal Connection Integrity

GTEC Wafer Head Self-Drilling Screws are 4.2mm x 12mm with 1000 screws per box. The low profile head discretely connects the framework underneath the boards.

Get Superior Fixings and Expert Support With a Trade Account

Securing plasterboards firmly requires using commercial-grade fixings designed specifically for the trade. Opening an account with Building Materials Nationwide gives you access to our full range of heavy-duty screws, plugs and fittings engineered for strength and durability. Whatever your project demands, we'll specify the right fixings to create robust, rigid attachments that stand the test of time.

A trade account also connects you with a dedicated Trade Account Manager, who acts as your personal fixing expert. They can offer invaluable advice on selecting optimal products and proper installation methods. You'll never have to waste time figuring out which fixings are suitable or how to apply them correctly.

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Avoid callbacks, delays, and damage with our commercial fixings engineered for robust attachment. Gain a competitive edge and deliver impeccable results by partnering with the fixing experts at Building Materials Nationwide. Access unrivalled products, savings, support and service through your dedicated Trade Account Manager. 

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