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From hardened steel frame fixings to handy collated screws, Building Materials Nationwide offers everything you need to complete residential or commercial builds and renovations.

Robust Plasterboard Fixings for Reliable Installations

Explore our extensive selection of robust plasterboard fixings designed to minimise the chances of splitting boards through overdriven fasteners in your plastering work. Your projects will benefit from the reliability and durability of our top-notch fasteners, allowing for smooth and hassle-free installations.

You’ll gain further benefits by opening a tailored trade account with us today, from discounted bulk pricing to rapid delivery, saving you time and money on your next project. Our experienced team provides tailored guidance so you get the right materials to get your jobs done properly.

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Stop Dealing with Inferior Fixing Products

Dealing with subpar plasterboard fixings that split boards, crack under pressure, or get overdriven can ruin an otherwise smooth installation. These issues force you to halt progress to rework boards or replace defective fixings. The resulting material waste and lost time seriously cut into your bottom line. Subpar products can be the difference between a satisfied client and an unsatisfied one, crucial in an industry where reputation and word of mouth play such a big role.

Our team supplies only premium fasteners from trusted brands like Gripit, Siniat and more, offering superior strength and precision, with reinforced designs that prevent the problems associated with inferior alternatives.

Our Range of Quality Plasterboard Fixings

We have a wide range of Plasterboard fixings on our site, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

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    • Conforms to BS EN14573
    • Zinc Coating finish

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Our Robust Plasterboard Fixing Range

  • Self-Drilling Drywall Screws - Featuring durable self-drilling tips and bugle heads, these screws firmly fasten boards without cracking or stripping. Our inventory includes self-drill screws in several different lengths.
  • Hardened Steel Frame Fixings - Specifically designed for attaching boards to metal framing without breaking, bending, or snapping off. Our Metal Nail-in Anchors are available in various lengths.
  • Masonry Board Fixings - Boasting reinforced zinc alloy construction, these fixings keep boards securely mounted on masonry surfaces. Available in boxes of 200, our Masonry Nails come in lengths of 25mm and 35mm.
  • Collated Screws - Available in handy boxes of 1,000, Self Drilling Screws feature an optimised strip design that enables quick, easy loading into tools. The collated format drastically cuts down on installer fatigue compared to handling individual screws.
  • Gripit Plasterboard Fixings - Specially engineered for all drywall applications, these innovative fixings have unique expanding wings that create an extremely secure hold in tight cavities. We offer an extensive range of user-friendly Gripit products like the Gripit GRPTWIST10 TwistIT Self-Drive Fixings, available in convenient 10 or 25 packs. Their vice-like grip makes Gripit the go-to choice for reliable cavity fastening.

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  • Volume Discounts: Construction often involves bulk purchases, and our volume discounts mean the more you buy, the more you save, making your projects more cost-effective.
  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced team is here to provide valuable advice and recommendations, whether you need assistance with quantities or technical guidance.
  • Priority Delivery: Time is crucial in construction, and our trade accounts offer priority delivery services to ensure your orders reach your project sites promptly, avoiding delays.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Say goodbye to navigating multiple contacts. Your dedicated account manager is your single point of contact, handling everything from quotes to orders and addressing any concerns.
  • Specialist Sourcing: For projects requiring unique materials or products, our extensive supplier network allows us to source whatever specialised items you need, eliminating the need for additional searches.

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