Insulated Plasterboard for Trade Projects

Access high-quality, cost-effective insulated plasterboards, enhancing thermal efficiency for your projects with Building Materials Nationwide.

At Building Materials Nationwide, we understand your need for high-quality insulated plasterboard that delivers both thermal efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

As you delve into our vast array of insulated plasterboard options, you'll discover products specifically tailored to meet the distinct needs of professionals like you. From thermal boards to foil-backed plasterboard, our selection ensures your projects achieve the required energy ratings without breaking your budget. 

Discover how our insulated plasterboard solutions can elevate your work, and unlock additional benefits by opening a trade account with us today.

Sourcing reliable, quality plasterboard while keeping costs down across multiple large-scale projects presents immense challenges. That's why we offer complete plasterboard procurement solutions tailored to the needs of major UK construction firms. 

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    Handling Challenges in Securing Insulated Plasterboard

    Skilled tradesmen face various challenges when it comes to sourcing insulated plasterboard for projects. At Building Materials Nationwide, we understand these common obstacles that you might have already encountered, from stringent energy regulations to dealing with delivery delays.

    • Timely Deliveries - Insulation materials often face production backlogs and supply fluctuations, causing project setbacks and delays.
    • Meeting Energy Efficiency Standards - With ever-evolving building codes and rising energy costs, achieving the required insulation ratings for your clients can be complex and demanding.
    • Cost-Effectiveness - Procuring insulation that strikes the perfect balance between performance and affordability while managing fluctuating material costs can be a daunting task.

    With decades of experience in supplying insulation materials to professionals, we've refined our processes to help you overcome these common challenges with ease.

    Streamline Your Construction with Quality Plasterboard


    Experience unmatched quality and performance with our standard plasterboard.


    Dense plasterboard for acoustic and impact resistance, ideal for high-traffic environments.


    Moisture-resistant plasterboard, specifically engineered to withstand humid conditions.


    Experience unmatched quality and performance with our standard plasterboard.


    Dense plasterboard for acoustic and impact resistance, ideal for high-traffic environments.


    Moisture-resistant plasterboard, specifically engineered to withstand humid conditions.

    Our Full Range of Insulated Plasterboards

    We have a wide range of Insulated Plasterboards available on our website. If you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

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    Craft Quality Installations

    Properly installed insulation boards deliver unparalleled energy savings. Our combination of superior products and knowledge empowers consistent, high-quality results, avoiding complications and fulfilling customer expectations.

    Invest in Superior Insulation

    Insulated plasterboard, with its advanced features, is a pivotal component for any energy-efficient project. Explore our premium brands to enhance your projects at prices that respect your budget.

    Ensure Product Integrity

    Our dedicated delivery methods and superior products help maintain your high standards on-site. Learn more about how our handling and quality commitment ensure the integrity of the insulated plasterboards we supply. 

    Precision in Every Cut

    Precise cutting and handling are essential for the flawless installation of an insulated plasterboard. We offer the resources, tools, and guidance needed to ensure accurate cuts and professional installations, simplifying your projects and ensuring impeccable results with every project.

    Optimise Material Pairings

    Choosing the correct complementary products is vital for maximising the benefits of insulated plasterboard. Our experts provide useful recommendations, aligning with your project’s specific needs to optimise thermal performance and energy efficiency.

    What Are Our Options for Insulated Plasterboard?

    With various thicknesses available, from 22mm to 102mm, we offer a great selection of high-quality insulated and thermal plasterboard. Within our range, we have several standout products from various manufacturers:

    Cost-effective thermal laminates for new and existing buildings, available in Basic, Plus, Super, and PIR series for different insulation needs. 

    Designed to enhance thermal efficiency in both walls and roof applications, Warmline offers a range of thicknesses and sizes to meet your needs. Choose from Warmline EPS for modest thermal insulation or the PHE series for top-of-the-range performance. Available in series: PIR, EPS, PHE, XPS

    This is a durable PIR-insulated plasterboard for internal wall insulation and pitched roof application. Easy to cut and install, it is consistently sized with extremely tight tolerances, so it ensures thermal bridging is minimised. Available in tapered edge only.

    See our full range, with multiple products from top manufacturers including Celotex, Ecotherm, JCW, Kingspan, Knauf, and Siniat. Discover the perfect fit for your construction needs among our wide range of insulated plasterboard products.

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    The Benefits of Our Trade Accounts for Tradesmen

    Knowledgeable and Friendly Advice

    Leverage the expertise of our dedicated and knowledgeable team, boasting decades of experience in the building industry, to effectively manage your projects. Feel free to get in touch via phone or email and share how we can assist you.

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    Access to a Vast Range of Products

    Our website offers a comprehensive range of products that are sure to meet your needs. Our Trade Account Managers will also go the extra mile to secure any products you can’t find at a competitive trade price for you.

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    Flexible Trade Credit

    Our credit trade accounts allow you to buy materials and tools without the hassle of paying cash and dealing with admin work. Get an interest-free credit line in as little as 24 hours.

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