Manage Proper Installation in Your Insulated Plasterboard Projects

At Building Materials Nationwide, we equip tradespeople with the best products and know-how to achieve impeccable insulation results every time.

Premium Products and Expert Guidance

For dedicated tradesmen who prioritise precision and quality in their work, using the correct products is a necessity. When installed correctly, insulation boards can provide unparalleled energy saving; however, missteps can result in a whole host of challenges and potential maintenance issues. That's why having the right products and expertise is so important.

Our combination of top-tier products and expertise enables you to consistently deliver the highest quality results, avoid potential issues, and exceed customer expectations.

Potential Challenges of Installation

Without proper knowledge and training, the installation of an insulated plasterboard can be a tricky endeavour, leading to multiple complications.

  • Efficiency Concerns: Gaps or misalignments can lead to heat leakage, impacting the board's effectiveness.
  • Elevated Energy Consumption: An improperly installed board could result in HVAC systems working overtime, causing a spike in energy bills.
  • Repeat Work: Avoiding the hassle of revisits and additional fixes begins with a meticulous installation.

The Importance of Precision Installation

Precision in installation is important as accurate insulation directly leads to superior energy conservation, offering your clients tangible benefits in terms of reduced energy costs. When plasterboard is installed correctly, it ensures its longevity, diminishing the need for follow-up repairs. 

A tradesman's commitment to consistent quality in their work significantly enhances their professional reputation. This consistency not only instils trust but also ensures repeat business and positive referrals from satisfied clients.

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Our Products to Achieve Proper Installation

In our commitment to providing top-tier insulation products, we are proud to feature the Gyproc EasiFill series. This specialised plasterboard filler is designed to ensure your projects all meet their insulation requirements, leaving no room for gaps or imperfections.

Key features include

  • Purpose-Built: Precisely formulated for filling and finishing joints in plasterboard systems. This ensures a seamless and smooth finish every time, enhancing insulation efficacy.
  • Renowned Manufacturer: Produced by British Gypsum, a leading name in the UK's building materials industry, you are assured of the product's quality and performance.
  • Standards & Compliance: Adheres to the standard EN 13963: 2005, ensuring it meets the stringent requirements set for insulation products.

With Building Materials Nationwide, you can rely on products that amplify your craft and ensure client satisfaction.

Installation Advice for Tradesmen

Securing the precise installation of insulation boards is essential for enhanced energy efficiency and longevity of a build. For a flawless fit, accurately measure the space, test the fit before permanently fixing the board, and use appropriate adhesive and supplementary insulation products like foam or sealant to eliminate air leaks. 

It’s essential to place insulation boards carefully on walls, ceilings, or floors based on your project's specific needs. Even the smallest gap can impact the effectiveness, necessitating meticulous installation and regular inspections post-installation. At Building Materials Nationwide, we offer an array of quality plasterboard products, ensuring you can achieve exceptional installation and sustainability in every project.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

At Building Materials Nationwide, we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to quality. Every product we offer goes through stringent quality checks, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the best. 

Beyond the products, our experienced team remains at the ready, offering invaluable insights, guidance, and product recommendations that are carefully tailored to the unique needs of your project.

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