Moisture-Resistant Plasterboard

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Complement Your Moisture-Resistant Plasterboard With the Right Accessories

Specifying the right accessories like joint compounds and tapes for moisture-resistant plasterboard can be frustrating, leading to improperly installed walls and ceilings. If you’re struggling with unreliable joint filling or improperly bonded seams, we have all the plasterboard accessories you need. With years of experience supplying tradespeople across the UK, our experts take the guesswork out of moisture-resistant plasterboarding jobs.

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Cement Particle Board

Quality sealants are essential for sealing joints and gaps around moisture-resistant boards to prevent water penetration, and they provide flexible, watertight bonds in wet areas like showers. We recommend:

Hi-Clad Silicone Sealant Tub Satin White

  • High-quality sealant for baths and showers
  • Cost-effective tub for sanitary moisture-resistant projects
  • Easy application to reduce mould on frequently wet silicone

Altro Silicone Sealant White

  • Sealant fills and seals joints watertight
  • Prevents overspill mess with masking tape method
  • Protects wet area surfaces from water damage

Dowsil Silicone Sealant Clear

  • Neutral cure with fungicide for anti-mould protection
  • Excellent adhesion to metal, tile, granite, marble
  • Permanently flexible for lasting watertight seals

Cement particle boards provide waterproof, rot-resistant backing for wet area moisture-resistant plasterboard installations. We stock a range of cement boards:

Cement Particle Board 2400mm x 1200mm

  • Water, rot and insect-resistant
  • Good fire protection and sound resistance
  • Durable long-term performance

Cement Particle Board 1200mm x 600mm x 18mm

  • High-density tongue and groove overlay board
  • Excellent acoustic control and fire rating
  • Works to reduce sound transfer between floors and ceilings

Acoustic Cement Particle Overlay Board

  • Premium acoustic and thermal performance
  • Floating single-layer deck for timber floors
  • Sold in cost-effective batches of 50
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Choosing the right speciality tape is crucial for bonding and reinforcing seams in moisture-resistant plasterboard. The wrong choice can lead to failed joints, water degradation, and mould growth. We recommend:

Knauf Aquapanel Exterior Joint Tape

  • Alkaline-resistant coating
  • Reinforces exterior plasterboard joints
  • Works with Aquapanel waterproof systems

Self Adhesive FibaTape

  • Mould resistant 
  • Reduces blisters and bubbles
  • Easily supports bonding

GTEC Aquastrip

  • Water-resistant perimeter tape
  • Mesh design allows for reliable bonding
  • Prevents water penetration in backing

Joint Compounds

Moisture-resistant plasterboards require specialised joint compounds designed for water exposure areas. Using regular drywall compounds in bathrooms, kitchens and other damp environments can lead to cracked seams, water damage, and mould growth.

Our tradesmen-preferred joint compounds for moisture-resistant boards include:

Knauf Aquapanel Joint Adhesive

  • Seals cracks and joints
  • Easy Wall Application
  • No Tape Required

GTEC Aquamix

  • Used with Aqua Board systems
  • No mixing needed
  • Designed for severe wet areas

ROCOL Hylomar Jointing Compound

  • Creates high-pressure seals
  • Withstands high temperatures and vibration
  • Allows for easy disassembly

Tile Backing Board

Providing a durable, waterproof substrate for tile installation in wet areas requires specialised cement and plasterboards. We stock tile backing options including:

Knauf Aquapanel Interior Cement Board

  • 12.5mm thick board for wet areas
  • BBA certified to not deteriorate in water
  • Curves easily without cracking tiles

GTEC Aqua Board TE

  • Water-resistant gypsum plasterboard
  • Suitable for high humidity and wet applications
  • Used for bathroom tile backing or external sheathing


The appropriate moisture-resistant trims and profiles complete your plasterboard installation by creating clean corners, edges, and transitions, but they must meet demanding moisture performance requirements. We stock:

GYPROC Styletrim Edge Reveal

  • Pre-holed aluminium reveal trim
  • Creates 25mm x 10mm reveal around wall perimeters
  • Easy installation for stylish accents

Shadow Gap Plasterboard Trim

  • White aluminium gap profile
  • Lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Designed to fit all wall systems

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