Effectively Mitigate Mould Risks with Moisture-Resistant Plasterboards

At Building Materials Nationwide, we provide all the necessary materials to effectively combat mould risks no matter the project complexities.

Mould Prevention for Vulnerable Areas in Construction and Renovation Projects

In construction and renovations, seams, corners, and edges of installations are often susceptible to moisture penetration, leaving these areas vulnerable to mould growth. This problem is not just a matter of structural integrity but also of health, as mould can produce allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances for your clients.

The High Costs of Mould Issues

A lack of proper installation and inadequate ventilation are primary contributors to pervasive mould problems, leading to:

  • Unhappy customers and damage to your reputation
  • Expensive and tedious remediation work
  • Potential health issues from mould exposure
  • Premature failing of walls and finishes

Taking the time to get moisture control right is crucial to avoid these problems.

Adopt Proactive Installation Methods

Addressing mould risks requires meticulous installation practices, especially at vulnerable points.

  • Prioritise sealing seams, corners, and edges: Use quality joint tape and sealant to create an impenetrable moisture barrier.
  • Stagger seams properly: Staggering seams in each row reduces continuous vulnerable points.
  • Take time with corner beads: Carefully embed and seal corner bead strips to prevent moisture from sneaking in.

With proactive installation methods, you can effectively seal up vulnerabilities before they become an issue.

Leverage Moisture-Resistant Plasterboards

Quality materials designed for high-humidity areas provide an added line of defence against moisture issues.

Many of the moisture-resistant plasterboard products we stock feature:

  • Water-repellent additives to block moisture
  • Mould/mildew-resistant coatings
  • Specially treated cores to prevent wicking
  • Reinforced facers that won't degrade

When installed correctly, these boards create a formidable moisture barrier that resists mould growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common trouble spots for mould?

Corners, seams, edges, window frames, and bottom plates are often vulnerable points for moisture intrusion and potential mould growth. Pay special attention to sealing these areas thoroughly during installation.

What accessories do you recommend for installation?

We recommend using fibreglass mesh tape, silicone or acrylic-based joint compounds, and mould-resistant silicone for optimal moisture protection during installation.

How can I prevent wicking through cut edges?

Sealing cut edges with a few coats of silicone sealant ensures that exposed cores don't compromise the board's moisture resistance. Allow each coat to fully cure before adding the next.

What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

At Building Materials Nationwide, we hold ourselves to high standards of quality and are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. If our products do not meet your expectations, please reach out to our customer service, and we'll promptly address your concerns.

Do you offer flexible payment solutions?

We can offer quick and easy financing options through our trade credit accounts, enabling you to secure the materials you need without hassle. These accounts offer the advantage of an interest-free credit line for your convenience.

Superior Mould Mitigation with GTEC Aqua Boards

The GTEC Aqua Board excels in offering mould resistance, especially in highly humid areas, ensuring the longevity and health of the built environment. Its advanced composition features aerated calcium sulphate di-hydrate with non-woven tissue liners and incorporates a biocide, effectively inhibiting mould growth.

The board is specifically designed for areas requiring high performance in moisture resistance, such as bathrooms and shower rooms, making it an ideal choice as a tile backer. Even in extreme conditions, GTEC Aqua Board maintains its integrity, exhibiting less than 3% moisture resistance after a 2-hour immersion.

Using GTEC Aqua Board is a step towards ensuring robust, durable installations, reducing the chances of mould development, and safeguarding the health of the occupants.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind in Your Projects

Don't let mould issues tarnish your finished products down the road. With our selection of moisture-resistant plasterboards installed correctly, you can rest easy knowing you’ve effectively sealed up moisture vulnerabilities.

Contact us today to get product recommendations and technical guidance tailored to your next project’s unique needs and conditions. We’re here to provide the important insights that help minimise mould risks in your projects.

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