Quality Moisture-Resistant Plasterboard

Explore quality moisture-resistant plasterboard products to streamline your procurement process and guarantee your project's success

Finding the right moisture-resistant plasterboard solutions that align with your project's needs can be a time-consuming and budget-draining challenge. Whether you're working on existing structures or embarking on new developments, the expertise of a reliable plasterboard provider can make all the difference.

At Building Materials Nationwide, we take pride in being the preferred choice for trade professionals. With a tailored trade account, you unlock access to an unparalleled range of high-performance moisture-resistant plasterboard products. Our extensive selection ensures you can discover the ideal solutions to meet your specific project requirements.

Explore our wide range of moisture-resistant plasterboards or open a trade account today to simplify your procurement process. Count on our team to deliver quality products and exceptional service, equipping you with the materials to carry out your job effortlessly.

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    How We Tackle the Complexities of Plasterboard Procurement

    We understand the challenges you face when it comes to sourcing plasterboard for your projects. Your work demands efficient solutions, but time constraints and limited access to suppliers can make finding the right materials a struggle. 

    You need plasterboard that not only meets safety and compliance standards but also ensures durability, giving you the confidence to deliver a premium service.

    Our expert team is ready to provide you with the tools and guidance that will streamline your efficiency, whether it's selecting the perfect plasterboard for a specific application or helping with bulk ordering for your larger projects.

    With our tailored trade account, you can benefit from efficient procurement, cost-effective pricing, and access to top-quality materials that meet all industry standards.

    Streamline Your Construction with Quality Plasterboard


    Experience unmatched quality and performance with our standard plasterboard.


    Dense plasterboard for acoustic and impact resistance, ideal for high-traffic environments.


    Moisture-resistant plasterboard, specifically engineered to withstand humid conditions.


    Experience unmatched quality and performance with our standard plasterboard.


    Dense plasterboard for acoustic and impact resistance, ideal for high-traffic environments.


    Moisture-resistant plasterboard, specifically engineered to withstand humid conditions.

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    Achieve Installation Excellence

    Create flawless installations with our guidance and premium products, ensuring longevity and optimum performance in your projects. Navigate installation complexities and deliver quality with confidence.

    Mitigate Water Vulnerabilities

    Addressing vulnerable corners and seams is crucial. We offer solutions to ensure complete watertightness during installation, protecting structures from potential water damage.

    Achieve Cutting Precision

    Our specialised tools and expert advice empower you to create precise cuts in moisture-resistant plasterboards, overcoming challenges posed by their dense composition in high-moisture areas.

    Lessen Handling Strain

    Navigate the challenges of handling heavier moisture-resistant boards with our insights, reducing fatigue and injury strain while ensuring safe and effective installation.

    Combat Mould Risks

    Mitigate mould risks effectively with our moisture-resistant plasterboards and tailored materials, safeguarding both structural integrity and health in areas prone to moisture penetration.

    Achieve Correct Board Positioning

    Eliminate confusion with clear guidance on the correct orientation and placement of moisture-resistant boards, especially in showers, to maintain integrity and performance.

    Specify Accessories with Precision

    Optimise your projects by selecting the most suitable accessories tailored to your moisture-resistant plasterboard installations, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality.

    Quality products and service every time.

    Navigate Plumbing Challenges

    Work effortlessly around plumbing with our products, tools, and expert advice, creating robust seals and preventing moisture intrusion at vulnerable points around pipes and fittings.

    Our Range of Moisture-Resistant Plasterboard

    Our moisture-resistant plasterboard range is perfect for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms. Its water-repellent additives in the core and liner provide exceptional protection, making it ideal for tile backing installation. Highlights from our range: 

    • British Gypsum Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard - This product delivers outstanding performance in intermittent moisture applications like kitchen and bathroom walls and ceilings. A popular choice with professional fixers, this plasterboard provides the perfect surface for decorating, adding style to bathrooms, kitchen walls and ceilings. Available in convenient bulk pallets of 60.
    • GTEC Aqua Board - A water-resistant gypsum-based board for use in high humidity or wet applications. Only available in tapered edges, this product is ideal as a tile backing board for bathrooms and can also be used as a sheathing board.
    • GTEC Moisture Boardand Knauf Moisture Panel- These moisture-resistant plasterboards offer water-resistant additives to provide protection in humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, and if tiling in wet areas.

    Trade Account Benefits When Sourcing Plasterboard

    Expert & Personalised Service

    We know that procuring plasterboard for your projects can present its fair share of challenges. You need solutions that save you time and ensure a hassle-free experience. That's why we've tailored our trade account benefits to address problems unique to you

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    Access to an Extensive Range of Products

    At Building Materials Nationwide, we offer an extensive range of products, from plasterboard adhesives to concrete, catering to diverse construction needs, all under one roof.

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    Trade Pricing for Cost-Effectiveness

    Budget consciousness is crucial, and our trade account offers competitive pricing that maximises your project's value. Benefit from trade-exclusive pricing, allowing you to maintain cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.

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