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Plasterboard Safety Tips, Equipment and Support

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The Risks to Avoid When Handling Plasterboard

You already know that construction materials can pose safety issues, but many underestimate the hidden dangers of routine plasterboard handling. Without proper precautions, you risk both short-term injuries and long-term health consequences:

  • Razor-sharp fibreglass backing that causes cuts and scrapes
  • Heavy, awkward sheets that strain backs and shoulders, causing long-term back issues
  • Plasterboard dust containing silica that leads to chronic respiratory issues when inhaled day after day

These incremental hazards add up over time when you install plasterboards professionally. Small headaches and sore muscles turn into chronic health conditions. What initially seems a harmless part of the job can sacrifice long-term comfort to get projects done.

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The Safe Way to Supply Plasterboard

At Building Materials Nationwide, we provide more than just plasterboard. We offer complete solutions to handle hazardous materials safely. Your dedicated account manager can advise on best practices for your unique job site and order requirements.

Protective Gear

Before handling any plasterboard, it is essential to suit up properly with protective equipment to shield yourself from injury. Proper safety gear makes a world of difference:

  • Indirect Ventilation Safety Goggles offer durable polycarbonate lenses to protect eyes from particle debris. Their clear anti-UV lenses won't impair vision while the flexible gasket ensures a comfortable seal
  • Vitrex Builder's Grip Gloves shield hands from blisters and cuts with abrasion-resistant latex coating. The durable palm and finger grip prevents slippage while handling plasterboard.

Whether you need respiratory protection from silica dust, eye shielding from fibreglass shards, or gloves to protect against sheet metal cuts, quality safety gear is the essential first line of defence. Don't take chances with damaged, ill-fitting, or missing equipment on plasterboard jobs.

Manageable Batch Sizes

Hefting heavy stacks of plasterboard day in and day out strains muscles, causing long-term damage to your body. Yet most suppliers focus on convenience for deliveries rather than installers offloading endless piles onsite. We take a different approach - based on your project specifics, our experienced staff recommend ideal batch sizes that balance project needs with safety. We break up orders, delivering strategic quantities to avoid overloading:

  • Just enough sheets to finish a room or floor without leftovers
  • Shipments timed for different phases
  • Alternating plasterboard types/sizes as needed

With batch sizes tailored to your schedule and capacity, you reduce unnecessary exertion. Simply request our staggered plasterboard delivery when ordering and we’ll handle the rest.

Alternative Drywall Solutions

Standard plasterboard becomes heavy when stacking sheet upon sheet, yet quality finish work depends on proper handling and installation. We offer smart lightweight alternatives to alleviate the workload without sacrificing results:

Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard sets the bar with an innovative gypsum and cellulose composite core, reducing weight by 20% while boosting sound dampening and fire resistance. The reinforced design also adds tremendous durability inside and out.
Wedi Building Boards utilise rigid extruded polystyrene foam to pare over 80% of the weight. The polymer-cement coating provides moisture protection, tile backing, and adhesive versatility perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Protect Yourself With a Trade Account

Our Trade Accounts unite all your project necessities in one place - from paperwork to protective gear to niche plasterboard products. Open your dedicated account for streamlined handling of safety hazards.

Your personal Trade Manager simplifies obtaining data sheets, securing hard-to-find alternative materials, or implementing unique protection requests. Avoid supplier runarounds and enjoy transparent, centralised solutions.

On any job involving irritating fibreglass, heavy lifting, or respiratory dangers, leverage bespoke support like:

  • Custom plasterboard solutions for delicate projects
  • Specialised PPE for at-risk teams
  • Modified order sizes to prevent strains
  • Expedited access to certified safety documentation
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Plasterboard Jobs Shouldn’t Cost You Your Health

As a supplier we prioritise your safety, believing that your long-term health and our quality products go hand in hand. We supply all the plasterboard you require and the protection you deserve. From lightweight sheets to respirators, our safety equipment shields against incremental dangers.

Contact your dedicated account manager and discover why thousands of UK tradesmen rely on us year after year. We set the bar for service and your safety.
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