Plasterboard Screws for Reliable Installations

We provide a tailored selection of premium screws and fasteners to meet the specialised needs of every project. Enjoy volume discounts, rapid delivery, and dedicated service with our trade accounts.

Installing plasterboard can be frustrating when you don't have the right fixings. But at Building Materials Nationwide, we like to make things as simple as possible.

Our wide selection of high-quality screws and fasteners is tailored to meet the exacting needs of specialists on the job. With us as your one-stop supplier, you can get the right fittings and fasteners easily so projects go smoothly from start to finish.

Whether you need self-drilling screws, collated screws, or masonry nails, we've got you covered. No more wasting time searching multiple vendors or paying retail markups. With a tailored trade account, you'll get volume discounts, rapid delivery, and dedicated service. Discover the convenience of having the trade-specific products you need, when you need them.

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Our account managers work with procurement teams to secure large volumes of materials for a wide range of construction projects. Drop us a line with your details and we will be in touch to help in any way we can.

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    Simple, Seamless Plasterboard Screw Procurement

    With decades of procurement experience under our tool belts, we've streamlined our processes to keep your projects on track. Our screws are commercial grade for durability, we order in bulk to keep costs steady, and we have close relationships with manufacturers to ensure stock when you need it. Let us handle the plasterboard screw challenges so you can focus on smooth and hassle-free installations.

    Streamline Your Construction with Quality Plasterboard


    Experience unmatched quality and performance with our standard plasterboard.


    "Soundproof" plasterboard for acoustic and impact resistance, ideal for high-traffic environments.


    Moisture-resistant plasterboard, specifically engineered to withstand humid conditions.


    An essential product within many fire solutions, fire-rated boards will help limit the spread of flames.


    Insulated boards help to limit heat loss in a property, increasing energy efficiency.


    Dense plasterboard is ideal for high-use environments, offering protection from impact damage.

    Our Range of Plasterboard Screws For Sale

    We have a wide range of Plasterboard Screws available online, but if you have a large order or need something specific, give us a call!

    Achieve Flawless Installations in Your Projects

    Complete flawless plasterboard installations with our quality plasterboard screws at Building Materials Nationwide, ensuring every setup is strong, enduring, and reliable.

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    Manage Inventory with Precision

    Simplify your inventory management with our streamlined supply solutions, helping you maintain an optimal stock level to meet your construction demands promptly.

    Efficiently Estimate Quantities

    Avoid disruptions and optimise your budget with our expert support at Building Materials Nationwide, helping you determine and acquire the exact quantity of screws needed.

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    Specify the Ideal Fastener

    Navigate through the complexities of choosing screw types with our guidance, clarifying the distinctions and applications of various screws, enhancing project precision and efficiency.

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    Our Extensive Range of Plasterboard Screws and Fixings

    Our selection of high-quality plasterboard screws and fixings caters to the needs of any plasterboard installation project, including masonry nails, plugs, and hammerfix screws.

    We stock these fixings from leading manufacturers like British Gypsum and Siniat, offering a wide range of high-performance plasterboard screws. Our selection, including self-drilling drywall screws, collated screws, heavy-duty masonry nails, and innovative plugs, ensures you have the exact solution for any plasterboard installation project. Available in various sizes and quantities, these products promise durability and performance. Browse our Plasterboard Screws & Fixings range to find the best solutions for your projects.


    The Unbeatable Convenience of Our Trade Accounts

    Knowledgeable and Friendly Advice

    Leverage the expertise of our dedicated team, boasting decades of experience in the building industry, to effectively manage your projects. Feel free to get in touch via phone or email and share how we can assist you.

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    Instant Access to Over 45,000 Products

    Gain instant access to our extensive online range. If you can’t find what you need, our Trade Account Manager will connect with trusted suppliers to secure your specific item at a competitive trade price.

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    Flexible Trade Credit

    Our credit trade accounts allow you to buy materials and tools without the hassle of paying cash and dealing with admin work. Get an interest-free credit line in as little as 24 hours.

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