Quality Soundproofing Plasterboard

Explore our range of superior soundproof plasterboard available in various thicknesses. Designed for robust sound insulation, our boards offer aesthetic integration and enhanced privacy

Soundproof plasterboard, more accurately referred to as acoustic plasterboard, is an enhanced variant of standard plasterboard designed around robust sound insulation through their heightened density.

Quality acoustic plasterboard works to diminish noise levels either into or across a building. This impact can be amplified by fortifying the plasterboard with materials like fibreglass, effectively enhancing its sound-absorption properties through synergistic material interaction.

We offer a range of fantastic choices between 12.5mm and 15mm in thickness, working with professionals across the UK to get them the products they need, delivered fast at a competitive trade price.

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    What Projects Need Soundproof Plasterboards?

    Soundproofing plasterboards can be a vital addition to a range of projects, simply installed and plastered or tiled. Here are just some of the areas where they could be used:

    • Bedrooms: Eliminate disturbances from loud music, voices, or traffic so your clients can sleep peacefully. This is particularly useful in busy urban areas or blocks of flats.
    • Music studios: Whether for a home studio or a professional unit, it’s crucial to keep out any noise that can disrupt recording and to limit noise pollution to areas around a recording space.
    • Shared walls: Acoustic plasterboards can be used to reduce sound transfer between flats, units, or rooms for more privacy.
    • Bathrooms: Prevent showers, baths, and toilet flushes from disrupting others within a shared building. In these cases, a moisture-resistant option is crucial.
    • Living rooms: Allow clients to enjoy movies games, and music without bothering others in a building or close neighbours.

    Streamline Your Construction with Quality Plasterboard


    Experience unmatched quality and performance with our standard plasterboard.


    Acoustic plasterboard helps to limit noise travelling into or through a building.


    Moisture-resistant plasterboard, specifically engineered to withstand humid conditions.


    Fire-rated plasterboard is essential within a variety of containment systems.


    Insulated plasterboard helps to avoid heat loss and boost energy efficiency in a building.


    Dense plasterboard for acoustic and impact resistance, ideal for high-traffic environments.

    Our Full Range of Soundproof Plasterboards

    Our durable soundproof plasterboards are predominantly used within walls and ceilings, ideal for reducing inter-room or inter-floor noise, or blocking neighbour disturbances and vibrations from exteriors. Acoustic plasterboards are a popular choice for stud walls, offering quick-assembly internal barriers that work to limit noise.

    Our boards are compliant with BS EN520, categorised as Types A or D, ensuring optimal soundproofing performance.
    If your client requires both reliable soundproofing and dependable moisture resistance, we offer sound and moisture plasterboards that are specifically tailored around these needs, perfect for properties with damp issues or areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

    Secure Optimal Air Tightness

    Use our soundproof plasterboard to establish superior airtight solutions and boost your project’s acoustic performance. 

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    Mitigate Flanking Noise Effectively

    Shield your spaces against intrusive flanking noise with our advanced soundproof plasterboard, creating tranquil environments. 

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    Address Resilient Channel Issues

    Overcome resilient channel challenges with our soundproof plasterboard, optimising alignment and preventing sound bridging. 

    Source Specialty Products Seamlessly

    Explore our diverse range of plasterboard products and find speciality solutions tailored to meet your unique acoustic needs and project specifications.

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    Why Choose Soundproof Plasterboards?

    There are several reasons high-quality soundproof plasterboards might be the best choice for your project:

    • Acoustic Control - Acoustic plasterboards are designed to mitigate sound transmission. When installed correctly, they can reduce noise intrusion into a building significantly, which can be crucial in busy areas, ensuring that occupants aren’t disturbed by noises outside their building.
    • Seamless Integration - Incorporating soundproofing measures doesn't mean sacrificing aesthetics. Our plasterboards are designed to fit snugly within a range of projects with easy installation.
    • Enhanced Privacy and Comfort - Whether it's an office, residence, or commercial space, soundproof plasterboard enhances privacy and comfort. This can be a necessity for many types of space, with our high-end options ensuring fantastic levels of noise insulation. We’ve worked with recording studios supplying a range of acoustic products.

    Find Your Working Acoustic Solution - Our soundproof plasterboards are optimised for fantastic levels of acoustic insulation within a building project.

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