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Block Sound Transmission for Good With Our Soundproof Plasterboard

If flanking noise from room to room is the bane of your projects, our soundproof plasterboard can help to solve the problem for good. No more unsatisfied clients or expensive rework caused by inadequate noise insulation - our acoustic plasterboard blocks disruptive sounds, leaving peaceful quiet between rooms.

As a supplier of plasterboard and plastering accessories across the UK, we've helped eliminate noise issues time and again. View our range of soundproof plasterboard and get trade discounts today. You'll receive the materials you need to prevent noise issues once and for all.

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What is flanking Noise?

Flanking noise refers to the unwanted transfer of sound between adjoining rooms. Even when walls appear well-insulated, noise often finds its way through. Vibration passes through walls, floors, ceilings and penetrations, enabling sound to travel from room to room in annoying and disruptive ways.

Common Causes

In buildings, flanking noise most often arises due to inadequate acoustic treatment during construction. Standard plasterboard has a low-density paper core that simply can't block sound properly. Gaps around electrical boxes, vents, pipes and framing also degrade isolation. The result is noticeable noise leakage frustrating to homeowners.

Costly Consequences

Flanking noise results in major costs and complications, with finished rooms sometimes needing to be torn out and rebuilt from scratch, a huge waste of time and money. Rework also damages professional reputation, with clients annoyed over noise issues. The problem can otherwise require extensive troubleshooting, diagnostic tests and new building work to mitigate.

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Why Standard Plasterboard Falls Short

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Benefits of Our Soundproof Plasterboard

  • Inadequate Noise Blocking: Standard plasterboard is designed for fire resistance and basic wall finishes, not sound insulation. With a low-density paper gypsum core, it allows too much acoustic energy to transmit through. Even multi-layer configurations fail to limit noise.
  • Testing Methodology: Acoustic testing uses detailed methodologies measuring transmission loss like ASTM E90 and ISO 140. Most standard boards rate poorly. For reference, acoustic plasterboard scored 36 STC points higher in independent testing - blocking over 4X more sound energy.
  • Design Flaws: Standard boards also have tapered vulnerable edges, and gaps at wall joints, and contain no specialised acoustic damping layers. The paper facer is moisture permeable as well, degrading quickly. Fire and moisture resistance comes at the cost of proper noise insulation.
  • Specialised Acoustic Design: Our soundproof plasterboard is engineered specifically to block noise, not just meet fire ratings. The high-density core prevents noise transmission, while viscoelastic polymer layers damp vibration.
  • Superior Technical Performance: Acoustic plasterboard outperforms standard boards by a wide margin. Real-world testing data proves its noise-blocking ability, with leading architects routinely specifying it for improved sound isolation.
  • Noise Reduction: You can expect a minimum of 8-10 decibel decrease in airborne noise transfer. For perspective, 10 dBA is a 50% volume drop to the human ear - similar to the difference between a vacuum cleaner and normal conversation.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Despite advanced construction, our plasterboard cuts, hangs and finishes just like standard products. No need to change trusted trade techniques. Specialised tapered edges even eliminate flanking paths.

Top Products for Flanking Noise Insulation

GTEC E Board - 42db Sound Blocking

With 42db sound insulation from a single 12.5mm layer, the GTEC E board effectively blocks airborne and impact noise. It meets fire ratings too, making it an easy choice for acoustic separation walls.

British Gypsum SoundBloc - Specialty Damping Additive

British Gypsum adds a specialised silicone formula to their SoundBloc boards. This damping additive inhibits vibration transmission for superior flanking noise reduction between rooms.

Knauf Plank - Heavy Acoustic Layer

At 19mm thick, these Knauf planks create a heavyweight mass layer to impede noise transfer. The higher density helps block up to 53db while achieving 2-hour fire resistance. This makes it perfect for ceiling/floor isolation.

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Rushing to hit project deadlines? We ensure prompt delivery across the UK. Need materials tomorrow first thing? Select our next-day express service by 2 PM and your soundproofing boards arrive on site bright and early. We also offer standard 2-day delivery nationwide as well as same-day shipping.
Whether you're in a jobsite bind or simply want supplies faster, our trade accounts come with expedited delivery options. Finish interiors on schedule to maintain momentum and profitability every step of the way.

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As a leading supplier to UK tradespeople, we offer custom trade accounts with exclusive discounts and perks. Opening an account takes 5 minutes online, with optional trade credit available on request, often within 24 hours.

With our trade pricing deals, you’ll save more across your jobs. Special bulk order deals can save even more on large projects. We also provide personalised account managers to streamline ordering and ensure you get ideal products when needed.

Whether you're a seasoned contractor or just starting, our trade program gives the flexibility and affordability needed to grow your business. Place orders online or by phone through your dedicated account manager. With discounted soundproof plasterboard on hand, you can stop flanking noise issues faster while securing your bottom line.

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Block Flanking Noise for Good

Whether it's an awkward retrofit or new build, soundproof plasterboard tackles sound issues for good - without tearing down your hard work afterwards. Our proven noise-blocking boards are a permanent, regulation-compliant solution.

Getting the right materials at the right cost means no more client frustration over flanking noise. Stock up on sound insulation boards for your next project and safeguard your reputation. With our UK-wide delivery, resolving transmission problems is convenient, quick and economical. Take control of noise issues today.

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