Quiet and Airtight: Our Soundproof Plasterboards

Struggling with noise complaints and air leaks on projects? We deliver a full range of high-performance soundproof plasterboards to help you eliminate sound transmission. Our acoustic boards combine advanced noise blocking and thermal insulation to achieve air tightness, preventing costly sound flanking. Our boards are rigorously tested to deliver up to 42dB of sound insulation.

The Importance of Air Tightness

Air tightness is crucial for meeting UK sound insulation standards, and stopping sound flanking transmission and leaks is the key to reaching this. A core challenge is sealing the perimeter gaps, penetrations and paths where airborne noise can travel between rooms and adjacent properties. Small leaks can render walls ineffective even when using quality plasterboards.

Achieving Air Tightness

Containing sound comes down to comprehensive air sealing. Small cracks and gaps can undermine the effectiveness of walls and lead to sound flanking. Best practice calls for sealing the perimeter voids, penetrations, electrical outlets, vents and any other openings with high-grade acoustic sealants. This air-tight layer contains sound within a building.

Our Soundproof Plasterboard Range

With over a decade of supplying specialised building materials, we understand the soundproofing products professionals need to tackle any project.

Our range of high-density plasterboards is rigorously tested by accredited labs to prove noise blocking up to 42dB. We stock an extensive variety of board sizes and thicknesses to handle different noise challenges - from busy roads to noisy neighbours. Many combine fire resistance for up to 30 minutes for added protection.

Featured Products

  • GTEC E Board - Single layer 12.5mm board providing up to 42dB sound insulation with 30-minute fire resistance. Ideal for separating walls.
  • Knauf Plank Acoustic Plasterboard- 19mm thick ivory plasterboard offering a heavier mass layer to significantly reduce noise transfer, especially in floors/ceilings.

While we stock popular sizes, we can source any specialist plasterboard needed for your custom project, even if it's not listed online. Just ask your dedicated account manager.

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Proper Installation for Noise Control

Correct handling and fitting techniques ensure tradesmen get the full acoustic performance they need from our certified soundproof plasterboards. Adhering to best practices also improves longevity and avoids physical damage.

  • Cutting: Use fine-toothed saws and cut boards face-side out for cleaner edges. Outdoor cutting is ideal to prevent indoor dust.
  • Joining: Avoid lining board joints as this causes sound bridging. Stagger seams randomly and seal gaps with acoustic sealant.
  • Sealing: Comprehensively seal perimeters and penetrations with long-lasting, flexible, painter-grade acoustic sealant. Apply a continuous bead to gap edges before smoothing.
  • Finishing: Apply finishing compound over all board joints and screw/fastener indentations to maintain isolation performance. Two coats are recommended.

Our boards feature a heavyweight construction for noise blocking so take care when manually handling. Use mechanical assists like drywall lifts where possible.

Source The Soundproofing You Need With a Trade Account

We understand that you need building supplies delivered quickly and easily so jobs stay on track. That's why signing up for a Building Materials trade account pays dividends through exclusive benefits.

Account perks include:

  • Dedicated account manager available 24/7 for advice and support
  • Volume-based trade discounts applied automatically
  • Net monthly billing so you only pay once after completing jobs
  • Simple re-ordering from previous invoices via phone/email
  • Free next-day delivery on standard orders over £100
  • Up to 30 days of interest-free trade credit

Opening an account is quick, with credit decisions made rapidly. This enables you to seamlessly purchase the materials they need for noise-compliant projects.

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Get Noise-Compliant Quickly with Building Materials

Whether facing stricter council regulations or frustrated neighbours, achieving sound insulation standards first-time speeds up your projects. Don't waste money and effort remediating failed acoustic specs. Our lab-tested soundproof plasterboards and comprehensive trade accounts give you the edge.

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