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We specialise in sourcing soundproof or acoustic plasterboards for professionals. For bulk orders and speedy delivery, speak to one of our trade managers today.

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We ensure rapid delivery of the soundproof plasterboard you need to your construction site, no matter how last minute your order is. No more endless, frustrating searches for the right board - our Trade Accounts give you instant access to exclusive stock and hassle-free UK delivery. We work with professionals across the UK, with an expert all-in-one procurement service.

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Speciality Plasterboard Can Be Hard to Find

Standard suppliers don’t always stock acoustic boards that meet the precise noise reduction ratings or sustainability certifications your client needs. This forces last-minute searches, urgent delivery needs and endless calls to confirm availability, consuming valuable time as project dates loom. Even loyal suppliers struggle at times to give quick access to specialist boards. This uncertainty hinders planning and efficient workflows. More importantly, it risks hard-earned reputations with clients should noise standards go unmet, or proposed start and finish dates slip by.

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Rapid Supply of Specialty Boards

Planning is key when projects require speciality soundproof plasterboards. Rushing last-minute for niche materials risks delays, frustrated clients, and audio standards going unmet. You need speciality acoustic plasterboards for various noise-sensitive spaces like:

  • Recording Studios: Specialty high-density and acoustic plasterboards are critical for sound isolation in recording rooms and vocal booths. They prevent sound bleeding between rooms and dampen any external noise.
  • Home Cinemas: To replicate a true theatre experience at home, speciality boards help block sound transmission to/from the media room for immersive audio.
  • Theatres: Specialty perforated and acoustic plasterboards assist in tuning the reverb and echo levels in performance venues. They absorb unwanted noise without deadening the room.
  • Music Practice Spaces: Teachers, instructors, and musicians require effective auditory isolation between practice rooms. Speciality boards reduce disruptive background noise and crossover sounds.
  • Schools & Restaurants: Noisy dining facilities, shop classes, gyms, kitchens and cafeterias often mandate speciality soundproofing plasterboards to contain distracting noise.
  • Hospitals: Sensory rooms, MRI machines, ICU rooms and patient wards leverage speciality boards to facilitate healing through calmer acoustics and enhanced privacy.

We make locating and delivering niche soundproof plasterboards easy. With access to a nationwide supply network, we can avoid the long lead times that can come from other suppliers.

Our mission is to ensure trade professionals get the specialised building materials they need, when and where they need them – whether it's the next or the same day. From our years working with professionals across the UK, we know proper acoustic board installations demand that the precise needs of the client are met, which can often be highly specific in terms of brand or performance.

When you partner with us through our Trade Accounts, you gain instant access to:

  • Extensive Soundproofing Inventory – We stock the UK’s top manufacturers for maximum choice, including environmentally sustainable options.
  • Committed Availability – Place orders with confidence knowing that required boards ship on time. We’re reliable and upfront, so if we say we can get it, we can.

Speciality Boards for Effective Sound-Proofing

GTEC Pregybel C10

This perforated board limits reverberation and echoes in open spaces like theatres and galleries. It eliminates 80% of formaldehyde while offering an aesthetic white-stucco facing.

British Gypsum Gyproc Plank

This moisture-resistant 19mm board reduces noise transmission along walls and ceilings. Its tapered edge facilitates seamless installations on timber and metal frames. Certified to EN 520 standards.

Knauf Soundshield Plus

With high-density and damping polymers, Soundshield Plus delivers enhanced acoustic insulation. The tapered edge 12.5mm board carries Type A and D certifications, readily fixing to standard partitions.

We Deliver Specialty Boards in Record Time

Finding speciality soundproof plasterboards shouldn’t slow down your project. At Building Materials Nationwide, we operate with urgency to fulfil your acoustic board orders rapidly across the UK. Once sourced by your dedicated account manager, your priority shipments deploy via our vetted logistics partners. Our team understands that getting boards to sites without delays can make or break installation schedules and client commitments, working with you to keep projects on track.

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Exclusive Procurement Benefits With a Trade Account

Our trade accounts, grant you exclusive access to our inventory of specialist acoustic plasterboards. You’ll gain fast nationwide delivery, trade pricing, and more perks to simplify your speciality supply needs. There are no contracts or commitments involved either, just a great reliable service when you need it.

Best of all, your dedicated account manager acts to source any soundproofing boards you need for upcoming projects. If we don't stock it, we’ll use extensive manufacturer relationships across the UK to hunt it down for you fast.

Streamline Your Specialty Soundproofing Procurement

Struggling to find acoustic plasterboards for complex noise projects? Building Materials breaks the frustration of sourcing and delivering speciality soundproofing reliably across the UK. Through our Trade Accounts, you gain next-day delivery, trade pricing, and a dedicated manager to handle all board requests fast. 

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