Specialised Plasterboard Cuts for Your Projects

With essential tips and techniques focusing on supportive board handling, precise cutting, and measurement accuracy, Building Materials Nationwide is your greatest resource to ensure flawless installation results.

Create Precise Insulated Plasterboard Cuts in Your Projects

Insulated plasterboard offers superior insulation capabilities, making it an ideal choice for energy-efficient builds. However, working with this material poses unique challenges that require specialised tools and techniques to achieve flawless results.

At Building Materials Nationwide, we provide everything you need to accurately cut your insulated plasterboard ready for professional installation. Whether you need assistance choosing the right cutting tools, perfecting your cutting technique, or any other installation guidance, we're here to simplify insulated plasterboard projects and set you up for flawless results.

Invest in Specialised Tools

The dense insulation within insulated plasterboards makes cutting and shaping them tricky. Basic tools like utility knives often create ragged, uneven edges that undermine aesthetic appeal and insulation performance.

Building Materials Nationwide supplies specialised plasterboard saws that are designed with different types of plasterboard in mind. Engineered with precision, these saws can effortlessly slice through dense insulation, ensuring clean and smooth edges every time. 

Get Precision in Your Cuts

Achieving flawless cuts in insulated plasterboards is crucial for optimal insulation and structural integrity. It’s vital to be precise to prevent gaps and imperfections that can compromise insulation efficiency and aesthetic appeal. 

From straight cuts to resized boards to curved cuts for fitting around pipes, at Building Materials Nationwide, we stress the importance of precise cuts and provide tools designed for diverse cutting needs. This ensures clean, accurate results, even with dense insulation materials. 

The importance of precise cuts is not just to maintain a professional look and strong structure of your boards, but also to showcase high-quality workmanship in every installation. Our commitment is to equip you with products that enable consistent excellence in every project.

Useful Installation Tips 

What Accessories Do I Need for Installation?

Quality tapes, fillers, mixing paddles, jointing knives, sanding blocks and other accessories specially designed for insulated plasterboard are recommended. We offer a full range of trusted accessories to complement the boards you use.

How Do I Create Curved or Arched Cuts?

Use an insulated plasterboard rasp or surform to carefully shape and smooth the edges after making curved or arched cuts. Take it slowly and gently to achieve a precise finish. We supply various rasps suited for intricate cuts.

How Can I Prevent Irritation From Insulated Plasterboard Dust?

The insulation materials can produce fine airborne dust when cut. To prevent irritation, always wear a snug-fitting respirator mask and protective eyewear. Work in a well-ventilated space and thoroughly clean up dust and debris after cutting.

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Perfect Your Technique

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Prioritise Safety in Your Installations

Beyond having the right tools, proper technique is also crucial. To ensure your plasterboard cuts are perfect every time remember to: 

  • Support the Board – Reduce crumbling by firmly supporting the area being cut.
  • Cut Slowly – Rushed cuts can fray edges. Take it slow and steady.
  • Smooth Rough Edges – Use a rasp or sandpaper to prevent snagging and dust.
  • Double-check Accuracy – Confirm measurements twice before making any cuts.

Equipped with the right insights and specialised tools, you'll be primed for flawless insulated plasterboard installation every time.

The insulation materials in these boards can produce fine airborne dust when cut. To stay safe:

  • Wear a snug-fitting respirator mask to filter out harmful particles.
  • Use protective eyewear to prevent irritation.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area and clean up thoroughly after.
  • With the right safety gear and careful technique, you can install insulated plasterboards while protecting your health.

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