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Building Materials Nationwide prioritises making plasterboard handling easier, mitigating physical strains and enhancing productivity. Take a look at our handy trade account benefits today!

How We Make Handling Heavy Plasterboards Easier

When working on a construction project, handling and moving heavy plasterboard sheets can be challenging. Trying to lift, carry and install cumbersome plasterboards risks injury, fatigue, and potential damage. Working with a supplier that helps minimise the strain of moving plasterboards helps your productivity, health, and results.

At Building Materials Nationwide, we understand the physical demands of working with plasterboards and aim to provide logistics solutions to make deliveries and material handling easier for you. Whether you need standard, moisture-resistant, fire-resistant or acoustic plasterboards, we work to get them to you in the most convenient, least stressful way.

How Moving Heavy Plasterboards Strains Time and Health

Manually lifting and carrying plasterboard sheets to get them where they need to go takes a physical toll over time. Repetitive heavy lifting leads to back, shoulder and joint injuries. Having to cautiously move each sheet severely slows down installation time.

Carrying heavy plasterboards causes exhaustion, sapping the energy you need to get through long workdays. If a sheet gets dropped or damaged during handling, it interrupts the job and your schedule. You need a plasterboard supplier that recognises these challenges and helps minimise the strain.

Supporting Your Project and Your Health

We take pride in being a plasterboard supplier you can rely on to minimise the physical strain of your projects. Our consultative approach considers your unique site logistics and health factors. We offer the convenience of delivery options, mechanical lifting equipment, experienced advice and more at no additional cost to you.

Choosing Building Materials Nationwide means you get a partner who cares about supporting trade professionals like yourself. We make it easier for you to get quality plasterboards so you can accomplish more with less pain and fatigue. Our plasterboard logistics solutions help safeguard your health and reputation while giving you the freedom to take on more projects.

Lifting Plasterboards the Correct Way

Handling cumbersome plasterboard sheets day after day can put a lot of strain on your back, shoulders, and joints. But there are techniques you can use to lift boards more safely and reduce injury risk:

  1. Keep your back straight and lift with your legs to avoid back injuries.
  2. Hold the board vertically and close to your body to prevent excessive bending.
  3. Avoid twisting your back - pivot your whole body instead.
  4. Use handles or get a coworker to help carry boards if they are very heavy or unwieldy.
  5. Take breaks between lifts to give your body rest.
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Mechanical Lifting Options

Using mechanical equipment to move heavy plasterboard sheets can greatly reduce physical strain compared to manual handling.

Pallet Jacks

A hydraulic hand pallet jack can lift and slide pallets short distances.

  • Quick and easy for unloading trucks
  • Maneuverable
  • Inexpensive
  • Limited mobility around a site
  • Requires smooth surfaces

Lift Gates

Mounted on delivery trucks, these lower pallets are to the ground mechanically via a platform.

  • No manual lifting to unload
  • Gets pallets off the truck at optimal height.
  • Usually requires flat terrain
  • Can't move boards far from the truck

Panel Carts

Let you wheel individual boards around the site with no carrying. 

  • Easy mobility
  • Fast installation
  • No strain moving boards
  • Requires clear paths
  • Difficult on rough terrain

Plasterboard Grabs

Allow two people to carry a board without bending or back strain.

  • Reduces injury risks
  • Handles awkward-sized boards well
  • Needs two operators
  • Can obstruct the view when carrying

Our Trade Accounts

Are you interested in ordering your plasterboards in bulk to save on heavy repeated lifting? Bulk orders mean fewer overall deliveries, so you avoid the physical strain of unloading pallet after pallet. Our trade accounts give you the flexibility to buy what you need while minimising repetitive heavy plasterboard handling.

Trade accounts play a vital role in a trade professional's toolkit, providing comprehensive access to:

  • Delivery Planning: Your account manager will schedule strategic bulk deliveries so you get all the boards you need in as few shipments as possible.
  • Mechanical Lifting: We can provide pallet jacks, lift gates, and other equipment to offload bulk orders, reducing manual handling.
  • Order Advice: Your account manager will recommend optimal bulk order sizes based on your project needs and site logistics.
  • On-Site Storage: We can deliver and stage bulk orders in batches based on storage space available to avoid overwhelming lifting.
  • Priority Treatment: Tradespeople get first access to bulk plasterboard orders, so you aren't left waiting and lifting.
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At Building Materials Nationwide, we make plasterboard delivery and handling easier through flexible logistics solutions. Our priority is reducing heavy lifting to protect your health and productivity. We provide tailored options like site access planning, mechanical lifting equipment, experience-based recommendations and more.

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