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When it comes to quality, we won't cave, by using our wide range of high quality ceiling products you can rest assured your ceiling won't either. From suspended ceiling tiles to fluorescent lighting tubes, we supply everything you need for a secure, easily maintained ceiling.

Our products are available in a variety of materials, from mineral fibre and metal to wood fibre and gypsum to suit your preferences as well as your budget. We supply products from one of the world's largest and best manufacturers of suspended ceiling products, Armstrong World Industries, whose quality of products reflects the quality of service we provide. Contact us today to discuss which of our ceiling products would be best suited to your project, we are happy to help you find the most cost-effective solution to your ceiling needs.


  • MF Plasterboard Ceilings

    Metal Frame plasterboard ceilings (MF Ceilings) combine the structural strength of metal with the versatility of plasterboard for a quick and easy to install, adaptable MF ceiling for both new build and refurbishment projects. The adaptability of metal frame plasterboard ceilings manifests in the plasterboard that is fixed to the frame. Depending on which board is used, metal frame plasterboard ceilings can be made fire, moisture and acoustic resistant. This incredible adaptability extends to the height of the ceiling, which is easily varied to accommodate services within the void and meet specific room dimension requirements.

    Metal frame ceilings are so easy to work with, and can be fitted with insulation and access panels to allow ease of access to services with minimal fuss, but maximum performance. We supply all of the components you need to construct your metal frame plasterboard ceiling. Our products are manufactured by the best brands on the market, such as British Gypsum, Knauf and Lafarge, so you can rest assured that when you source your materials from you are getting the highest quality products.

    Contact us today to discuss how we can supply you with these great MF plasterboard ceiling products at great prices. Our expert team is on hand to assist you with whatever you need, and we will deliver everything directly to wherever you need it to be.

  • Suspended Ceiling Tiles

    We supply a wide range of suspended ceiling tiles with various fire ratings, acoustic properties, moisture resistance and hygienic solutions to suit your needs as well as your budget. From basic mineral fibre tiles to metal tiles that have the effect of hiding the grid work, giving a sleek look to your ceiling. Whether it's for an office, retail unit, restaurant, school or hospital, we've got the suspended ceiling tiles for all purposes and preferences.

    Suspended ceiling tiles offer a cheap way of upgrading both the performance as well as the aesthetics of your ceiling. Contact us today to discuss how we can deliver the suspended ceiling tiles you need direct to your work site quickly and efficiently, we're always available to provide you with the best service and the best value, so you can get on with your project with no problems and little cost.

  • Suspended Ceiling Grid

    Our wide range of suspended ceiling grid work products offers a strong and sturdy frame to accommodate your choice of tiles. We can supply you with a variety of high-quality products which differ in terms of colour and style. From basic cross bars to non-corrosion bars, available in both black and white faces to suit your colour and lighting preferences as well as your budget. Contact us today to discuss how we can supply you with the suspended ceiling grid work products you need through our nationwide delivery service.

  • Suspended Ceiling Accessories

    When it comes to ceiling accessories our extensive range cannot be beaten in terms of value. We can supply you with everything you need to complete your suspended ceiling at high speed and low cost. From fixings to lighting tubes, we supply and deliver directly to your work site with no fuss, and no long wait. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get things up and running through our quick and reliable service.