Shop our extensive selection of high-quality ceiling solutions from leading brands like Zentia/Armstrong, British Gypsum and Knauf. Whether you're looking for acoustic ceiling tiles or sturdy ceiling grids, Building Materials Nationwide has got you covered.

MF Ceilings

Discover ​​our range of MF ceiling components, including channels and brackets for constructing high-performance ceilings.

Suspended Ceilings

Explore our top-notch selection of suspended ceiling components from durable ceiling tiles to trim and access hatch options.

Ceiling Tiles by Application

Our diverse ceiling tiles are tailored for various applications such as offices, retail spaces and education environments.

Suspended Ceilings by Brand

Shop our collection of high-quality suspended ceiling components from brands like British Gypsum and Knauf.

Featured Products

  1. £2.21 £2.65

    • Sound Absorption 0.1Alpha W
    • Light Reflectance 86.3%
    Price from: £34.45 £41.34
  3. 2-3 Working Day Delivery

    • Ideal for storage facilities
    • Fissured face pattern
    Price from: £65.13 £78.16
  4. QIC Trim Type SA (400/012/08212)


    • Supplied in 3000mm lengths
    • White polyester powder coating
    Price from: £13.97 £16.76
  5. Price from: £5.16 £6.19

    • Ideal for retail, offices and meeting rooms
    • Finely textured surface
    Price from: £79.56 £95.47


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MF Ceilings

An MF ceiling system uses metal framing (MF) in combination with plasterboard to create a smooth and seamless finish where a high-end, professional appearance is desired. The MF ceiling components offer a number of benefits compared to the traditional ceilings. 

One key benefit is their ability to enhance acoustic performance. Acoustic hangers are designed to minimise sound transfer through the ceiling system, improving sound insulation between floors or adjacent spaces. 

MF ceiling components are also known for their durability and versatility. Ceiling channels, brackets and angles are made from materials, such as galvanised steel, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion. 

Suspended Ceilings

Fixings and components for suspended ceilings contribute to the successful installation and maintenance of high-quality ceiling systems. These components play a crucial role in ensuring structural integrity and top performance. 

Ceiling brackets and fixings are essential for securely attaching the suspended ceiling system to the building structure. They provide a stable foundation for the entire ceiling grid. Using appropriate brackets and fixings minimises the risk of sagging or unevenness. 

Ceiling grids and trims serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. The grid system acts as the backbone of the suspended ceiling, creating a framework for the installation of ceiling tiles. Also, ceiling trims create seamless transitions between the ceiling and walls. 

Ceiling Tiles by Application

The right ceiling tiles can transform your suspended ceiling system. From soundproofing noisy offices to creating a bright and airy classroom, different tile options cater to specific needs. Whether you prioritise acoustics, cleanability, or aesthetics, there's a perfect ceiling tile to elevate your space.

In offices and education facilities, acoustic ceiling tiles are lifesavers. They absorb sound, reducing noise distractions and fostering focus for improved productivity. Additionally, these tiles can contribute to energy efficiency by enhancing insulation.

In hospitals, ceiling tiles must meet stringent hygiene standards. Fire resistance and sound absorption tiles with antimicrobial properties are essential to prevent harmful microorganisms from spreading. Commercial and retail spaces prioritise appearance and durability so easy-to-maintain tiles are crucial for high-traffic areas. 

Suspended Ceilings by Brand

Suspended ceiling brands such as Zentia/Armstrong, British Gypsum, Ecophon, Rockfon, AMF, Knauf and SAS offer industry-leading products. These include fixings, ceiling tiles and specialised tools to ensure optimal performance. 

These manufacturers provide innovative solutions, with products designed for acoustic performance, fire safety and thermal insulation. In particular, Zentia/Armstrong and British Gypsum excel in acoustic ceiling tiles and grid systems. 

Ecophon and Rockfon specialise in sound absorption. AMF offers visually striking metal ceiling systems, while Knauf caters to stringent healthcare and educational facility standards. Additionally, SAS delivers diverse solutions for various suspended ceiling projects.

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