We deliver reliable, durable materials for all of your timber needs. Our range varies from pressure-treated timber to garden wooden sleepers and versatile PSE timber. You can also source robust CLS softwood studs for structurally sound framing. With a broad selection of styles, grades and wood species on offer, you’re sure to find the perfect timber products to suit your projects.


CLS & Studwork

CLS timber is high-quality, kiln-dried, precision-milled softwood lumber that makes excellent wall floor and roof framing material.



PSE timber has been machine-smoothed on all sides for tight-fitting joints, easier assembly and attractive finished wood working.



Timber sleepers offer durable edging for garden beds and serve as retaining walls and barriers to hold back soil and tackle weeds.

Treated timber

Treated Timber

Our superb treated timber materials are resistant to mould, rot and insects, allowing them to last longer in outdoor settings.


Decking, Fencing & Gates

Shop quality timber decking, fencing and gates that provide increased security and privacy for all homes.

Featured Products

  1. Price from: £0.88 £1.06

    • Available in a variety of sizes
    • Used to secure roof tiles, slates, and sheets
    Price from: £1.86 £2.23

    • Ideal for general construction, fencing, garden and leisure timber applications
    • Pressure-treated

    • Ideal for general construction, fencing, garden and leisure timber applications
    • Pressure-treated

    • Ideal for general construction, fencing, garden and leisure timber applications
    • Pressure-treated
    Price from: £4.18 £5.02


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Treated Timber

Treated timber has been infused under pressure with chemical preservatives that help protect it from insect attack and decay. Common preservatives used include copper azole, alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) and copper naphthenate. The treatment process allows timber to better withstand exposure to moisture, mould growth and pests. Overall, treated timber maintains its integrity and strength when weathered over time.

Using either C16 or C24 treated timber is the primary choice for a variety of projects including decking, fencing, retaining walls, raised beds and gazebos. The sturdy nature of properly treated wood prevents sagging, warping and rotting. As a result, this reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Since treated timber resists insects and mould, it can last between 15-20 years with minimal upkeep. This saves time and money over using alternative materials that require ongoing maintenance and care. 

CLS & Studwork

Canadian Lumber Standard (CLS) timber is premium quality softwood lumber that is kiln-dried and precision milled to exact dimensions. CLS-certified framing studs and boards provide very straight and stable wood pieces that are ideal for all construction projects. Since CLS lumber has an approximate 19% moisture content, the risk of warping and twisting is significantly reduced once installed. This results in wall and floor environments that feel solid without problematic squeaks or shifts. 

CLS timber is exceptionally well-suited for stud work in new residential construction as well as remodelling projects. The reliability of CLS framing creates walls that are straight and plumb. This produces flat surfaces for drywall sheathing installation and a base structure properly prepared for finishing materials. Using quality CLS studs for framing saves time during construction and provides dimensional stability for the life of the building.


Planed square edge (PSE) timber is smoothed and squared on all four sides by an industrial planer. This machine processing removes uneven and rough surfaces, exposing clean 90-degree edges along the length of boards, beams, planks and posts.

The uniform edges and smooth faces of PSE wood allow for tighter fitting joints during construction projects. When fastening one piece of PSE timber to another, the seam closes neatly without irregular gaps or overlaps. This helps with quick assembly, provides better structural integrity, and delivers more aesthetically pleasing finished projects like cabinetry and furniture.

During the finishing stages, PSE timber offers an additional edge as its uniformly flat surfaces do not require further planing or sanding. The smoothness enables the direct application of stain, paint and clear coating without the need to hand plane or smooth rough-sawn wood. Prepped PSE material saves time during the construction and finishing phases.

Decking, Fencing & Gates

Timber is a classic material used for outdoor structures like decking, fencing and gates. Decking made from wood has a warm, inviting look and feel. Timber varieties like cedar and redwood have natural oils that help the wood resist decay. This makes timber decking very durable and weather-resistant from exposure to sun, rain and icy conditions.

Wood fencing and gates also provide charm and durability for outdoor spaces. Like decking lumber, the timber used for fences contains compounds that act as natural pesticides. This helps protect the wood from insect damage and mould. Timber fence posts can last over a decade in the ground. Occasional cleaning and sealing of the fence boards helps maintain their strength and aesthetic.

Timber Sleepers

Also known as railway sleepers, garden sleepers are thick, sturdy planks that make attractive and practical edging materials for raised garden beds. Lining planting areas with sleepers neatly preserves plot boundaries, without taking up valuable growing space. 

The height of garden timber sleepers fosters proper drainage as well, preventing waterlogging of roots while serving as a retaining wall for soil. This edge restraint keeps the enclosed soil, mulch and compost nutrients from eroding away.

Additionally, railway sleepers act as barriers along garden perimeters to suppress weed growth between planting zones. The compacted wood and bark lining makes it difficult for errant weed shoots and roots to penetrate. As a result, it reduces the need for frequent weeding.

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