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Discover top-notch plaster and plasterboard materials which offer durability and reliability for all project types. From sturdy insulated plasterboard to smooth finish bonding plaster and robust access panels, elevate your projects with our trusted range. With the right tools and materials, you can create attractive wall and ceiling surfaces for all spaces.

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    • Made from wood chips, treated rubber and cement
    • Moisture resistant
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    • Ideal for retaining internal space within buildings
    • Insulation, drylining and vapour control in one board
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    • Ideal for both commercial and residential settings
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Plasterboard is a versatile material that has become a construction staple due to its wide array of benefits. Composed of gypsum plaster pressed between 2 thick sheets of paper, plasterboard offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for creating smooth interior walls and ceilings.

Its relatively lightweight nature simplifies handling, making it a preferred choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional builders. The installation process is efficient, reducing construction time and labour costs. Also, plasterboard provides a smooth and even surface that is compatible with various finishes, such as painting or wallpapering, allowing for customisable designs.

Beyond its ease of use, various plasterboard types contribute to fire resistance and sound insulation. The gypsum core of plasterboard contains water molecules, which are released as steam when exposed to fire, helping to slow down the spread of flames. This makes plasterboard a valuable component in creating fire-resistant structures. Plus, the dense composition of plasterboard sheets helps to dampen sound transmission. It offers valuable acoustic insulation for a quieter and more comfortable living or working environment.

Plaster & Plastering Supplies

Plaster has been a reliable choice for walls and ceilings throughout history. Whether it's made from gypsum, lime, or cement, plaster's adaptability makes it a practical and timeless option that suits various architectural styles.

Aside from aesthetics, its ability to regulate humidity is a game-changer. Plaster keeps mould and mildew at bay and contributes to a healthier indoor environment. Safety is another key feature - plaster contains a certain level of fire resistance, adding an extra layer of protection. It also provides thermal insulation to help with energy efficiency.

In addition, plaster includes sound-dampening qualities to reduce noise transfer between rooms. Its airtight finish and the mass of plaster material work together to limit the transmission of sound. This makes plaster an excellent choice for spaces like home theatres, music rooms, bedrooms and office spaces. 

Stud & Track Systems

Stud and track systems form the backbone of the interior wall and partition framing. The primary benefit of stud and track framing is the ability to quickly erect interior walls and divide space. Steel stud framing can be rapidly screwed together and, compared to wood framing, metal studs are lighter in weight and less prone to warping or bowing.

Metal studs and tracks are easily customised on-site with metal cutting tools. This allows you to size walls perfectly and create openings for doors, windows, and utilities. The metal components readily accept screws for attaching plasterboard or other interior finishes.

Timber studs are another viable option for construction. Because timber is a renewable resource, timber is an eco-friendly choice over other materials like steel. Timber studs are relatively easy to handle and assemble, as well as being a cost-effective material. They are also lightweight compared to steel framing and offer good insulating properties. 

Access Panels

Strategically placed access panels allow quick inspection and service of concealed utilities like electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, junction boxes and cables. Without access panels, accessing these systems would require demolishing the finished wall or ceiling surfaces.

The ability to easily access utilities, wiring, and mechanicals saves significant time and expense over the lifespan of a building. Access panels are available in standard or custom sizes to fit various openings. Plus, ceiling access panels are designed to prevent sagging and match the finished ceiling. High-quality access doors have a flush appearance and colour-matched paint for a seamless, aesthetic look. Locks keep access hatches secured yet allow authorised entry for inspection and repair works.

For fire rated wall and ceiling assemblies, fire rated access panels are the best option. These specialised panels maintain the fire resistance rating when closed, contain the smoke spread and prevent the passage of flames. For areas where fire protection standards don't require fire rated panels, we supply several non-fire rated options. These panel types provide an affordable way to access building systems and enclosed spaces without maintaining a fire barrier.

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