Plasterboard and drywall allow for a quick installation of interior walls and ceilings. Our board materials are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards for all job types. Whether you are looking for fire resistant plasterboard, sound insulation boards or moisture resistant plasterboard, we've got the best options to suit your needs.

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Plasterboard, a hugely popular component in modern construction, revolutionises the way we build and design interiors. Lightweight, yet robust, it's the go-to material for creating smooth walls and ceilings, offering a perfect canvas for decorators and painters.

Its ease of installation makes it a favorite among DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, transforming spaces with speed and precision.

Browse through the options below to find the perfect boards for your next project.

Multiple layers of off-white standard plasterboard on top of one another.

Standard Plasterboard

Explore our extensive range of high-quality standard plasterboard sheets ideal for interior wall and ceiling finishing.

Multiple layers of pink fire resistant plasterboard on top of one another in a neat and uniform manner.

Fire Resistant Plasterboard

Fire resistant plasterboard is a crucial safety measure, offering enhanced protection in spaces where fire prevention is a priority.

Two layers of green moisture resistant plasterboard on top of one another with the bottom sheet protruding more than the top one.

Moisture Resistant

Moisture resistant plasterboard combats dampness and humidity, ensuring durability in moisture-prone areas.

Multiple layers of off-blue or lilac soundproof plasterboard sheets stacked in a uniform manner on top of one another.

Soundproof Plasterboard

Reduce external noise with our soundproof plasterboard, engineered to create noise-resistant environments.

A construction worker wearing red gloves, grey trousers and a navy blue sweater holding a piece of insulated plasterboard in place against a wall.

Insulated Plasterboard

Elevate comfort and energy efficiency with our insulated plasterboard, providing a barrier against temperature fluctuations.

A female construction worker wearing safety goggles, a striped t-shirt and overalls holding a plasterboard tool and placing a sheet of impact resistant plasterboard in place against a wall.

Impact Resistant Plasterboard

Impact resistant plasterboard ensures structural resilience and offers a sturdy solution that withstands the strain of daily use.

A male construction worker wearing safety goggles and a blue t-shirt holding a green power drill against a sheet of plasterboard against a wall.

Plasterboard Screws & Fixings

We offer a diverse selection of top-notch plasterboard tools and fixings such as board screws and anchors.

A male construction worker wearing navy blue overalls, white t-shirt and white hard hat using a drill to place a sheet of exterior cement plasterboard in place against a wall.

Exterior Cement Plasterboard

Enhance your exteriors with cement plasterboard, a robust and weather-resistant solution. Wide range available.

Plasterboard Quantity Calculator

Do you want to know how many boards you need for your project? Simply add in the height and width of your wall and our handy calculator with do the maths!

We have the full range of plasterboard available, whether you require a stand board, insulated or soundproof, we have it all.

If you require a large quantity, then call us or open a trade account and we'll be happy to help.


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Standard Plasterboard

With a focus on performance and practicality, standard plasterboard is engineered for easy installation and ensures a streamlined construction process. 

Standard plasterboard provides a versatile canvas for diverse designs. Its adaptability makes it suitable for creating both sleek, modern finishes and textured surfaces to meet any style preferences. Its uniform thickness and consistent quality allow for precise and efficient application on a variety of surfaces. It is also a cost-effective choice which does not compromise on quality.

Fire Resistant Plasterboard

Engineered with a gypsum core and specialised additives, fire resistant plasterboard provides a crucial line of defence against the rapid spread of flames in the event of a fire, buying crucial time. Because fire ratings generally range from FD30 to FD60, it allows for more time for evacuation in comparison to standard plasterboard. This is valuable for all environments to ensure safety and potentially minimise damage. 

Fire plasterboard contributes to regulatory compliance, meeting and often exceeding industry standards for fire safety. It ensures you can confidently install a fire board in various construction projects, knowing that it aligns with stringent safety requirements.

Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

Crafted with a specialised core and facing, moisture resistant plasterboard provides a robust defence against moisture-related issues to ensure longevity and structural integrity. Whether in a bathroom, kitchen, or basement, these areas are prone to high humidity levels and would benefit from plasterboard with moisture resistance. 

Our moisture resistant plasterboard sheets act as a reliable barrier, preventing the absorption of moisture and water and the growth of mould and mildew. This proactive approach not only preserves interior appearance but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment.

Soundproof Plasterboard

Soundproof plasterboard effectively minimises sound transmission between spaces and provides a controlled acoustic environment. In residential spaces, acoustic plasterboard ensures privacy by reducing noise transfer between rooms, such as wall soundproofing, to enhance overall comfort. For commercial environments, soundproofing will help achieve better working conditions.  

Its robust construction withstands the test of time, providing a long-lasting barrier against unwanted sound transmission. Soundproof plasterboard aligns with industry standards for acoustics, providing reassurance that your space will adhere to specified criteria for noise control.

Insulated Plasterboard

Insulated plasterboard has become an increasingly popular material which provides excellent thermal insulation and energy efficiency. The gypsum core of the boards is naturally insulating and is specifically designed with high insulation values. As a result, insulated plasterboard can help reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. 

It also offers acoustic insulation, blocking outside noise and providing quieter interior spaces. The layered sheet construction dampens sound transmission through walls and between rooms. Joints between boards are taped and finished with plaster to create a seamless wall or ceiling.

Impact Resistant Plasterboard

Impact resistant plasterboard is designed to withstand bumps, hits and other physical impacts. The gypsum core is reinforced with fibres (glass or cellulose) to create a tougher, denser board. Compared with standard plasterboard, the boards better resist dents, cracks and punctures. The plasterboard can maintain its smooth finished appearance for years with minimal upkeep required, saving time and money on patching and repainting jobs.

Available in varying grades of impact resistance, the boards also come in moisture resistant options for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. The combination of strength and versatility makes impact resistant plasterboard an ideal choice in many construction projects.

Exterior Cement Plasterboard

Exterior cement plasterboard is highly durable. The cement-based surface is resistant to cracking, peeling and deterioration from weather exposure. It can withstand rain, sun, wind, and temperature extremes while maintaining its sealed, finished appearance for longer. 

It also offers excellent moisture protection. The cement layer prevents bulk water intrusion far better than exterior paints or normal plaster. Its water-resistant structure keeps walls dry, preventing damage from leaks, flooding, and humidity. With proper installation, exterior cement plasterboard provides a continuous weather barrier.

Plasterboard Screws & Fixings

Installing plasterboard correctly requires having the right screws and fixings for the job. From joint knives, plasterboard saws and drywall lifts to suitable fasteners and screws, our wide range of tools and accessories will cover any drywall job big or small.

Our plasterboard anchors and screws are available in various lengths to match different board thicknesses. Proper fastener spacing prevents loosening or popping, creating walls that resist movement over time.

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