Suspended Ceilings by Brand

Elevate your space with premium suspended ceiling solutions from top brands like Zentia/Armstrong, British Gypsum and Knauf. Discover unmatched quality, performance and design to create functional, fire resistant spaces.


Shop innovative suspending ceiling products from Zentia/Armstrong including ceiling tiles, trims and channels.

British Gypsum

Discover British Gypsum's solutions from ceiling tiles to access hatches and sections for excellent sound insulation.


Rockfon's quality range including acoustic ceiling tiles, ceiling trims and cross tees ensures great sound absorption for interior spaces.


Explore Ecophon's suspended ceiling components featuring sound-absorbing tiles, cross tees and trims to boost acoustics and indoor air quality.


Browse AMF's versatile solutions consisting of acoustic ceiling tiles, cross tees and main runners for exceptional sound absorption and long-lasting durability.


Shop Knauf's comprehensive range of durable ceiling tiles, cross tees and ceiling angles ensuring high-performance sound insulation and design flexibility.


Our high-quality SAS range features ceiling channels, durable suspended tiles, cross tees and ceiling trims designed for exceptional acoustics.

Featured Products

  1. 2-3 Working Day Delivery

    • Ideal for storage facilities
    • Fissured face pattern
    Price from: £65.13 £78.16

    • Exposed 24mm grid system
    • A strong and stable grid
    Price from: £1.02 £1.22
  3. Price from: £1.00 £1.20
  4. Contact Us For Delivery Times

    • Ideal for commercial offices, data centres and labs
    • Plain Surface
    Price from: £153.81 £184.57

    • Ideal for retail, offices and meeting rooms
    • Uniform textured finish
    Price from: £1.00 £1.20

    • Ideal for retail and meeting rooms
    • Finely textured surface
    Price from: £1.00 £1.20

    • Ideal for most common applications
    • Micro-textured
    Price from: £82.50 £99.00


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Zentia/Armstrong suspending ceiling products offer exceptional performance with aesthetic appeal. Their ceiling tiles are engineered to provide outstanding acoustic performance, effectively absorbing and minimising unwanted noise. 

In addition, Zentia/Armstrong's ceiling tiles and components are designed with fire resistance in mind, offering added safety. The durable materials used in ceiling trim, channels and cross tees ensure long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear. 

From creating minimalistic spaces to warm and inviting interiors, Zentia/Armstrong’s solutions enhance designs. Also, Zentia/Armstrong's suspending ceiling products prioritise ease of installation, with components designed for seamless integration.

British Gypsum

Suspending ceiling products by British Gypsum are renowned for their exceptional durability and performance. Ceiling tiles are designed to withstand the rigours of daily use, offering resistance against impact, moisture and other environmental factors.

Also, fire resistance is a key priority in British Gypsum's ceiling systems. All products from ceiling tiles to angles and sections are engineered to meet fire safety standards. These products help prevent the spread of fire and contribute to overall building safety.

Acoustics is another area where British Gypsum excels. Suspended ceiling products are engineered to absorb sound waves, reducing reverberation and creating comfortable environments. 


Rockfon suspending ceiling solutions deliver unparalleled performance and longevity. Ceiling tiles boast remarkable durability and withstand high-traffic environments. They also resist impact and moisture, ensuring a long-lasting and maintenance-free installation.

A hallmark of Rockfon's ceiling tiles is their outstanding acoustic capabilities. Leveraging advanced sound-absorbing technologies and designs, they prevent reverberations and echoes. Acoustic excellence is beneficial where noise control is paramount. 

Ensuring fire safety is a top priority for Rockfon's suspended ceiling systems. All ceiling tiles and components meet necessary fire resistance standards and offer an added layer of protection. Also, they are designed for seamless integration and effortless installation. 


Ecophon ceiling tiles are the epitome of acoustic excellence. Manufactured for optimal sound absorption, they minimise reverberation and echo. Ceiling trim is a testament to fire safety. Adhering to stringent standards, they help to contain the spread of fire.

Plus, Ecophon cross tees are designed for durability and withstand the demands of high-traffic environments, ensuring a long-lasting ceiling system. Ecophon's main runners also prioritise stability. They provide a robust foundation and a polished, cohesive look.


Ceiling tiles by AMF leverage innovative sound-absorbing technologies to effectively mitigate noise disturbances. They also boast impressive light reflectance capabilities, optimising natural and artificial lighting while reducing energy consumption. 

Longevity is a defining characteristic of AMF steel cross tees, which are engineered to withstand the pressures of high-traffic areas. Cross tees ensure a resilient ceiling system and their modular design allows for seamless integration of various ceiling components. 

When it comes to fire resistance, AMF main runners are compliant with strict safety standards. These components help to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Also, they offer a seamless blend of excellent performance and adaptability. 


Knauf ceiling tiles are designed with exceptional impact resistance in mind. Crafted from durable materials, some designs also feature anti-microbial properties, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mould. 

The ceiling angles from Knauf are manufactured for superior load-bearing capabilities. These components support substantial weights, allowing for the integration of ceiling-mounted fixtures or equipment without compromising structural integrity.

Knauf cross tees and main runners prioritise ease of access and maintenance. Their innovative design allows for effortless removal and reinstallation of ceiling tiles. They also facilitate quick access to concealed services or utilities. 


Ceiling channels from SAS are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Boasting remarkable corrosion-resistant properties, they defy rust and degradation. This makes them ideal for humid spaces or moisture exposure.

SAS ceiling tiles are the epitome of structural integrity, crafted from premium materials that imbue them with exceptional strength. These tiles support substantial weight loads without compromising their form, ensuring long-lasting durability and stability.

Plus, cross tees from SAS prioritise adaptability and versatility. From accommodating architectural features to integrating lighting or HVAC systems, SAS cross tees offer design flexibility. 

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