Insulation Accessories

Starting a new insulation project? We offer essential insulation accessories to help you get the job done right. From insulation fixings, tapes, adhesives and sealants to our high-quality insulation tools, shop for the accessories and tools you need and take the first step towards a better-insulated space.


Soundproof Mats

We offer sound-dampening solutions with durable, thin soundproof mats beneath flooring to reduce excessive footfall noise.

Gyproc Nailable Plug

Insulation Fixings

Insulation fixings such as pins, clipsand washers help to provide over 20% more effective R-value compared with loose insulation.

insulation tape

Insulation Tapes

Discover our wide selection of durable insulation tapes engineered to maintain complete seals across insulation joints.

Adhesives & Sealants

Boost your insulation with our top-performing adhesives and sealants to bond insulation types into airtight envelopes.

Featured Products

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    • BSI approved
    • Water based
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    • Superior strength
    • Combination of nail and fixing
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    • Extruded polyethylene strips
    • Eliminate acoustic flanking
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    • Fire-rated
    • Asbestos abatement tenting
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Insulation Fixings

Insulation fixings
such as impaling clips, plastic support pins and broadback washers securely fasten insulation layers, while other mechanical fixings grip batts and panels tightly to wall and roof framing, resisting natural material settlement over time. 

Properly-fixed insulation provides far greater effective R-value than loose materials alone. improving thermal resistance by over 20%. Tight envelope fixation similarly boosts effective R-values for exterior insulated finish systems. When insulation settles or pulls away at ceiling and wall cavities, microscopic gaps form which allow particle infiltration including allergens and irritants. Securely pinned insulation retains tight perimeter seals keeping insulation envelopes impenetrable to particles. This helps maintain healthy, comfortable interior spaces.

Insulation Tapes

Unlike ordinary household tapes, insulation tapes can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture and UV exposure. They prevent heat loss by providing an airtight, long-lasting bond between insulation materials. There are various types of insulation tapes designed for different applications and insulation materials like fibreglass, mineral wool and rigid foam boards. 

Properly sealing insulation with specialised tapes improves energy efficiency and thermal performance. Air leakage accounts for up to 40% of heating energy loss in buildings. Insulation tapes act as an air barrier to plug gaps where convection and airflow occur. Tapes also provide long-term durability compared to some sealants which can degrade over time.

Adhesives & Sealants

Insulation adhesives and sealants serve a vital role in creating airtight, high-performing insulation envelopes. Specially engineered for insulation bonding, these products provide robust adhesion across various materials including fibreglass, rigid foam boards and duct liners.

Compared to mechanical fasteners, insulation adhesives provide a seamless bond without gaps that compromise thermal performance. Formula innovations like aerospace-grade acrylics and hybrid polymer blends create durable, flexible seals able to handle extreme weather while resisting moisture absorption. This prevents condensation issues which can lead to mould growth within walls.

Soundproof Mats

For easy sound dampening between floors, soundproof mats offer a simple solution. These lightweight, roll-out mats add a vital extra layer to hard flooring materials like wood, laminate flooring, and tiles. These floor types can generate excessive noise as footsteps transfer impact noise to rooms below.

Manufactured using recycled rubber or polyurethane layered over moisture-resistant films, soundproof mats are durable, thin pads optimal for use beneath floating floors. They work by absorbing vibrations and isolating floor layers to reduce footfall noise transmission below. Mats are conveniently rolled out to seamlessly cover entire floor spaces with minimal installation work required.

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