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We take pride in offering a versatile range of top-quality plaster products. Our selection includes plaster coving for timeless elegance and modern joint compounds. From durable wall finishes to intricate mouldings, our plaster materials guarantee both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

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Plaster & Adhesives

Plaster and adhesives ensure support and bonding strength to meet the highest standards of construction.

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Plaster Coving

Discover the elegance and versatility of plaster coving which provides a refined finishing touch to any space.

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Bead, Tape & Jointing

Bead, tape and jointing products help streamline the building process, ensure smooth finishes and enhance overall durability.

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Plastering Tools

Shop our diverse selection of plastering tools, from trowels to mixers to achieve the perfect finish with every stroke.

Featured Products

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    • Bonds to the majority of masonry substrates
    • Easy to mix and apply
    £11.71 £14.05
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    • Estimated coverage of 100m2 for one coat
    • Improved whiteness
    £67.05 £80.46
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    • Deco Setting Compound
    • Gypsum based compound
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Plaster & Adhesives

Plaster is a building material used for coating walls and ceilings. It’s made from a mixture of lime, sand and water that hardens into a durable surface. Using plaster for interior walls and ceilings creates a smooth, consistent surface that can be painted or wallpapered over easily. In addition, it adds strength and rigidity to walls, allowing them to withstand impacts.

At Building Materials Nationwide, we offer a range of adhesives formulated for bonding and modifying plasters. Our selection includes versatile multi-purpose construction adhesives suitable for adhering plasterboards and panels. These strong adhesives provide a permanent, water-resistant bond. 

For ornamental plaster mouldings, we recommend more specialised adhesives and mastics designed for heavy elements. We also supply silicone-based adhesives for plaster that allow more flexibility and resilience. These flexible adhesives accommodate shifting and settling between plaster and other surfaces. Whether you’re bonding decorative medallions or patching hairline cracks, we have the specialised adhesive to get the job done right. 

Plaster Coving

Installing plaster coving provides a smooth, seamless transition between walls and ceilings for an elegant, finished look. It conceals imperfections and gaps where walls and ceilings meet to create a uniform appearance. Coving also enhances the beauty of a room by adding ornamental flair. Intricate ceiling coving designs with curved profiles and detailing lend a touch of luxury.

Coving offers decorative appeal without demanding a high level of maintenance. Plaster coving is durable and long-lasting when properly installed. It will not warp or crack over time like some other mouldings. Properly applied coving is also unlikely to pull away from the wall or ceiling. This durability reduces the need for repairs and repainting over the years. The smooth plaster surface also resists peeling or flaking paint.

In addition to aesthetic benefits, coving can also improve indoor air quality. The tight seal created between the wall and ceiling minimises dust build-up in hard-to-reach corners. Plaster coving is also fire-resistant and forms a fire stop between the wall and ceiling cavities. 

Bead, Tape & Jointing

Bead, tape and jointing are important components used to create clean, smooth finishings for walls and ceilings. Bead is a trim product made of metal or PVC that creates a definitive edge and reinforces and protects joints. Installing beads guards the corners of walls from damage, providing increased durability.

Drywall tape is self-adhesive used for sealing joints between drywall panels. Applying paper or mesh tape over joints makes them nearly invisible and prevents cracks. This allows for continuous, seamless drywall surfaces. Tape also reinforces the joints, reducing shrinking and cracking from natural building movements.

Joint compounds are applied along with tape to fully seal and finish drywall seams and corners. Also, joint compound helps you achieve a smooth and consistent finish. Multiple thin coats create a crack-resistant surface ready for priming and painting. Plus, joint compound is easily sanded smooth for a seamless appearance.

Plastering Tools

There are a wide variety of plastering tools designed to elevate your projects. Key types of plastering tools include high-quality trowels to ensure a seamless and precise application, delivering a flawless finish. 

Explore versatility with our floats, capable of tackling various surfaces with finesse. Whether you're working on a wall or ceiling, these floats provide consistent coverage and smooth out imperfections. This makes them a reliable choice for both plasterers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Plus, you can optimise your mixing process with our efficient mixer tools. They are built to handle different plaster types, ensuring a consistent blend for optimal application. The powerful motors and user-friendly controls make the mixing process quick and hassle-free. Mixers allow you to focus on achieving the perfect texture. 

Also, plastering buckets are designed for efficiency and provide a handy solution for easy access to plaster. This keeps your workflow seamless. When working with plaster, you should also prioritise safety by wearing masks for a healthy environment. Wearing a safety mask can protect you from harmful airborne particles.

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