Suspended Ceilings

Discover our comprehensive range of top-quality suspended ceiling solutions. From ceiling tiles and decorative trims to efficient lighting and installation tools, we ensure your project meets the highest standards. 

Ceiling Tiles

Browse our range of suspended ceiling tiles, including acoustic ceiling panels and ceiling panel lights for efficient illumination.

Ceiling Grids & Trims

Shop our wide variety of ceiling grid components from cross tees to wall angles and ceiling trims to create secure grid systems.

Ceiling Lighting

Explore our high-quality ceiling lighting options, including ceiling pattresses for recessed lights and superb light diffusers.

Ceiling Brackets & Accessories

Our selection of accessories like ceiling cavity barriers, insulation pads and quick-lock hangers ensure a safe ceiling installation.

Ceiling Tools

We supply specialised tools such as the Rigitone spacing tool for accurate tile placement and the pull-down tool for easily securing ceiling tiles.

Featured Products

  1. QIC Trim Type R (400/012/06812)


    • Supplied in 3000mm lengths
    • White polyester powder coating
    Price from: £4.64 £5.57

    • Made from sustainable materials
    • Exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation
    Price from: £4.52 £5.42
  3. 2-3 Working Day Delivery

    • Ideal for storage facilities
    • Fissured face pattern
    Price from: £65.13 £78.16

    • Exposed 24mm grid system
    • A strong and stable grid
    Price from: £1.02 £1.22

    • Reduce glare and soften harsh fluorescent lighting
    • Easy to cut
    Price from: £5.39 £6.47
  6. Price from: £8.79 £10.55
  7. QIC Trim Type RD (400/012/07612)


    • Supplied in 3000mm lengths
    • White polyester powder coating
    Price from: £6.33 £7.60
  8. Price from: £1.00 £1.20
  9. 2-3 Working Day Delivery

    • Ideal for both open areas and corridors
    • Smooth finely textured surface
    Price from: £1.00 £1.20

    • Sound Absorption 0.1Alpha W
    • Light Reflectance 86.3%
    Price from: £34.45 £41.34


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Inspiration & Advice

Ceiling Tiles

Suspended ceiling tiles offer a versatile and modular solution for all spaces. Acoustic ceiling panels are designed to absorb sound and reduce echoes. These panels are particularly useful in areas with high ceilings where sound can easily reverberate.

Access hatches are removable tiles that allow for easy access to the ceiling cavity. This makes it convenient to perform maintenance and repairs of utilities such as HVAC systems and electrical wiring. This feature prevents the need for disruptive demolition work. 

Many suspended ceiling tile systems integrate panel lights directly into the tiles. These energy-efficient lighting solutions provide evenly distributed illumination throughout the space. Panel lights can be easily rearranged, offering flexible lighting layouts.

Ceiling Grids & Trims

Ceiling grids and trims form the backbone of any suspended ceiling installation, providing a sturdy framework for ceiling tiles. A key component is the ceiling cross tee. They are lightweight yet strong enough to support the weight of ceiling tiles. 

Main runner sections are structural elements that span the length or width of the ceiling area. These sections are made from galvanised steel or aluminium, offering corrosion resistance. Standardised sizing ensures compatibility with various ceiling tile dimensions. 

To complete the suspended ceiling grid, ceiling trims are installed along the perimeter of the ceiling. Trims cover the exposed edges of the grid and provide a clean transition between the suspended ceiling and surrounding walls. 

Ceiling Lighting

Suspended ceilings offer a versatile platform for integrating various ceiling lighting solutions. A popular option is the use of fluorescent tubes, known for their energy efficiency and even distribution of light. These tubes are easily installed within the grid.

For a more discreet approach, ceiling pattresses accommodate recessed lighting fixtures. Pattresses are installed within the ceiling tiles for the seamless integration of downlights or spotlights. Also, ceiling light diffusers evenly distribute light and soften intensity. 

An increasingly popular choice for suspended ceilings is the use of panel lights. They are flat, slim light sources that integrate directly into the ceiling tiles. These energy-efficient LED panels provide a clean and contemporary look. 

Ceiling Brackets, Fixings & Accessories

Ceiling brackets, fixings and accessories ensure a safe and durable installation. Among these, the ceiling cavity barrier is designed to seal off the ceiling cavity from adjacent areas. These barriers help prevent the spread of fire, smoke and sound. 

Looking to create a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment? Consider adding ceiling insulation pads to your suspended ceiling system. These pads are easily installed above the grid and provide superior thermal insulation and improve energy efficiency.

Plus, quick-lock hangers simplify the installation process. These hangers securely attach the suspended ceiling grid to the overhead structure. Quick-lock hangers offer a more straightforward installation method, reducing the risk of errors.

Ceiling Tools

Having the right ceiling tools makes a significant difference. The Rigitone spacing tool is designed to ensure accurate and consistent tile placement within the suspended ceiling grid. It maintains the proper spacing between tiles, preventing gaps or overlaps. 

Another invaluable tool is the pull down tool. This device is used to secure ceiling tiles firmly in place after they have been positioned within the grid system. The pull down tool applies gentle downward pressure on the tile, locking it securely into the ceiling grid.

Frequently Asked Questions