PSE timber is a machined squared edged section of softwood. PSE is normally used where a neat clean finish is required.

What does PSE stand for?

PSE means Planed Square Edge, meaning that the edges are not rounded in any way, with each edge having been planed. It is an alternative to rough sawn timber with the caveat that PSE has had each edge planed perfectly straight, to a smooth finish. This is also why PSE wood is sometimes referred to as PAR (Planed All Round) wood.

The PSE timber available from us is manufactured from redwood, which is most commonly derived from pine wood. This type of wood is typically found in parts of the world that are generally cooler in climate. As opposed to whitewood PSE timber, which is lighter, and more often found in wetter climates.

Each PSE timber sheet has come from wood that has been kiln-dried in a mill. The PSE block has been machine cut, cutting it down to smoother and more straight dimensions. One of the advantages of PSE wood is how attractive it looks in internal projects, offering much in the way of possibilities. It is also good for furnishing.

We stock PSE in a wide range of lengths, with varying thicknesses. Please refer to the drop down list for the full extent of the sizes we provide.