Looking for effective thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant insulation for your building project? We supply an extensive range of insulation materials from leading manufacturers such as Kingspan, Rockwool, Celotex and Knauf. Shop now to explore high-quality products including fibreglass batts, mineral wool, acoustic foam and PIR insulation boards.


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From traditional insulation rolls, slabs to insulated plasterboard, you’ll find the best solution for your energy efficiency needs.

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Discover insulation solutions tailored for various applications, including interior and exterior walls, lofts and flooring.


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Achieve high R-values with premium insulation materials from brands like Kingspan, Celotex, Knauf and more.

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Explore the essential insulation accessories from tapes and adhesives to mechanical fixings and sound control boards.  

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Insulation by Type

Insulation boards made of rigid foam are gaining popularity for superior insulation capability per inch compared to batts. Polyisocyanurate (PIR) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) boards achieve R-values from R-5 to R-10 per inch, allowing you to achieve code-required R-values in thinner, space-saving assemblies.

Fibreglass insulation rolls are cost-effective for traditional spacing with 16” and 24” widths fitting between standard wall studs and roof or floor joists. Unfaced batts work behind vapour barriers. However, kraft paper or foil-faced batts include vapour barriers and help retain heat during the colder months.

Acoustic insulation slabs play a crucial role in reducing airborne noise transmission between walls and floors. Options like dense mass-loaded vinyl and laminated panels outshine lighter insulators, using mass to block noise. These slabs are essential sound barriers, especially in spaces like home offices. Additionally, insulated plasterboard combines thermal performance and ease of installation, integrating insulation facings like rigid foam or fibreglass mats for a multifaceted solution.

Multi-foil insulation utilises multiple layers of reflective foils, resisting radiant heat transfer. With an impressive effective insulation level of up to R-21, these foils block around 97% of radiant energy, making them ideal for confined spaces like ceilings and floors. The foil facings also double as vapour barriers, enhancing moisture resistance.

Insulation by Application

Proper insulation is critical for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and reducing energy costs. Loft insulation made of mineral wool or fibreglass with suitable R-values thicknesses keeps attics and living spaces below from getting too hot in summer or too cold in winter. It also protects pipes and HVAC components from temperature damage. Roof insulation installed directly under roof decking provides similar benefits. Additionally, it protects shingles from cracking. Cavity wall insulation utilising polystyrene beads or foam panels effectively prevents heat transfer through walls while also reducing noise pollution, thanks to its fire-resistant and non-toxic properties.

Insulating the exterior of existing walls with specialised panels enhances thermal efficiency substantially without the need for remodelling. Not only does external wall insulation improve energy performance, but it also shields against weather damage and gives buildings a modern, aesthetically-pleasing appearance with the right claddings. Insulating floors also curbs heat transfer into basements and living spaces. Commercial boards secured under flooring raise R-values and decrease noise pollution significantly. Moisture-resistant PIR and XPS foams provide long-lasting protection.

Finally, acoustic insulation made of dense, noise-dampening materials like mass-loaded vinyl can dramatically reduce sound transmission through walls by 20 decibels or more. Installed properly within interior wall cavities, specialty sound insulation blocks noise transfer far more effectively than basic absorption. With suitable insulation methods in place, buildings can maintain optimal temperatures and noise levels for occupant comfort.

Insulation by Brand

Kingspan produces premium insulation products and systems ideal for achieving passive house and net-zero energy building standards cost-effectively. With maximum thermal resistance per inch, Kingspan insulation enhances moisture control and simplifies air-tight installations. The Thermozone mechanical joint system also streamlines unbroken insulation envelopes for flat roofs.

Complementing Kingspan, stone wool producer Rockwooloffers exceptional fire resilience, noise reduction and sustainability. Manufactured from up to 60% recycled content, Rockwool insulation is an eco-friendly choice that enhances fire safety thanks to a non-combustible stone composition and over 1000°C melting point. Stone wool fibres also resist mould, moisture and sound. 

Other leading insulation brands like Celotex, Knauf and Recticellikewise provide high-performing, speciality insulation boards and batts to insulate buildings effectively. Utilising rigid polyisocyanurate foams, formaldehyde-free mineral wool andfine closed-cell polyurethane foam, these products maximise thermal performance across walls, roofs, floors and more.

Insulation Accessories

Properly installing insulation is critical to realise designed R-values and energy savings. Mechanical plastic fixings like clips, pins and washers securely fasten insulation boards and batts to prevent compression and maintain thicknesses over time. Correctly fixed insulation provides over 20% more effective R-value compared to loose applications. Specialised sealing tapes also maintain airtight envelopes by sealing seams between insulation boards and closing gaps around edges and penetrations. These durable tapes easily bridge tricky gaps and resist temperature swings.

Complementing mechanical fasteners and tapes, adhesive sprays and foams provide seamless insulation bonds. By eliminating thermal bridging and convection, insulation glues boost R-values and protect materials from moisture damage. Spray foam insulations are particularly effective at sealing cracks and gaps while preventing energy losses from air infiltration better than blankets or boards. Proper insulation cutting tools, fastener guns and carrying gear not only speed installation but also prevent hand strain and damage to electrical systems. Overall, investing in the right insulation materials and proper installation methods is critical to realise optimal energy savings.

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