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Discover excellence in construction with Building Materials Nationwide's comprehensive range of timber materials. Our high-quality selection ensures the foundation of your projects is built on strength and reliability. From versatile plywood to skirting boards and laminate flooring, we provide a spectrum of choices to meet your unique aesthetic and functional requirements.



Discover our wide selection of excellent timber materials including CLS, treated timber and PSE suitable for all construction jobs.

sheet material

Sheet Materials

Explore a variety of sheet materials such as OSB, plywood, chipboard, fibreboard and MDF for interior and exterior projects.

decorative timber

Decorative Timber

Decorative timber such as skirting boards and architrave helps protect against damage and adds natural warmth to any space.

flooring board


Flooring materials like acoustic battens and flooring boards help dampen noise and create the perfect floor underlay.

hardware and tools

Hardware & Tools

Shop our selection of hardware and tools such as impact drivers and silicone sealant for all your timber projects.

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    • Reduces airborne sound transmission
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Treated timber is a popular choice for construction and landscaping projects due to its durability and resistance to rot and decay. It is treated with chemicals that protect it from insects and mould, making it long-lasting and cost-effective for outdoor use. 

Planed Square Edge (PSE) and Canadian Lumber Standard (CLS) are both types of treated timber that are commonly used for wall framing and partitioning. PSE is a smooth and uniform timber that is easy to work with, while CLS is a more robust and sturdy option that is ideal for heavy-duty applications. 

Timber sleepers are a versatile and attractive option for creating raised beds, borders and retaining walls in your outdoor space. Decking is a popular choice for creating an outdoor living space that is both practical and stylish. From traditional wooden decking to modern composite decking, it is used to create a comfortable space for entertaining and relaxing. Plus, fencing and gates are essential for providing privacy and security for your property. 

Sheet Materials

Sheet materials like plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), medium-density fibreboard (MDF), chipboard and fibreboard each offer unique advantages. Plywood delivers exceptional strength, durability and resistance to cracks and wraps. Its cross-grain construction prevents expansion and contraction issues. 

OSB matches the structural integrity of plywood at lower costs, making it ideal for flooring, wall sheathing and roofing. MDF consists of wood fibres in a waxy resin binder, yielding an ultra-smooth, consistent surface for painted finishes. Its stability, machining accuracy and moisture resistance benefit furniture, millwork, trim and door construction.  

Fibreboard, also known as hardboard, contains interlocking wood fibres compressed into rigid sheets without adhesives. Easy to cut, hardboard serves well as a substrate for veneer or laminate finishes. In comparison, a chipboard is made of wood chips and resin glued together under high temperature and pressure. Affordability makes chipboard a top choice for shelving, cabinets and furniture frames.

Decorative Timber

Decorative timber such as skirting boards and architraves add elegance and function. Skirting boards transition walls to floors seamlessly while covering expansion gaps and wires. Architraves beautifully frame doors, windows and openings that add a finishing touch to all spaces. With correct maintenance, professionally installed decorative timber elements like these prove durable for decades.


Quality flooring is essential for durability and aesthetics for both residential homes and commercial spaces. Acoustic floor boards attenuate impact and airborne sound providing the perfect underlay for various types of flooring. Meanwhile, sturdy battens properly space and secure flooring for optimal stability. They allow contraction and expansion of boards to prevent squeaking or skewing of planks. Flooring accessories like edge trims and adhesives protect flooring, while solutions such as soundproof underlayment enhance comfort. 

Hardware & Tools

Hardware and tools are key elements for carpentry and construction. High-quality power tools like mitre saws and drill drivers speed up your timelines and improve precision cutting. Hand tools such as hammers, wood planes and chisels give added control for finishing work. Together, power and hand tools for timber boost efficiency through all phases of building projects.

Complementing these tools are durable wood screws, nails and fixings that securely connect beams, wall panelling, frames and other timber-based structures above subfloors. Anti-corrosion coatings keep these metal fasteners from rusting after embedding into damp wood over time while providing maximum holding strength. Fillers, sealants and adhesives strengthen bonds between wood types. This prevents leaks or squeaking from gaps, misalignments or settling shifts. 

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