Ceiling Tiles by Application

Our exceptional range of suspended ceiling tiles meets the demands of offices, education facilities, hospitals and commercial spaces. From moisture resistant Zentia tiles to the acoustic excellence of Rockfon styles, buy top-quality ceiling tiles with confidence.

Office Ceilings

Shop office suspended ceiling tiles such as square and tegular edge options from brands like Knauf, Zentia and AMF to boost fire safety and acoustics.

Ceilings for Education Spaces

We offer a variety of suspended ceiling tiles suitable for educational environments to ensure superb acoustics and appealing learning spaces.

Hospital Ceilings

Browse our hospital ceiling tile range including Medicare and Bioguard options from brands like Zentia and Knauf providing excellent cleanliness.

Commercial Ceilings

Exceptional commercial ceiling tiles such as board and tapered edge designs from brands like British Gypsum for top acoustic and fire performance.

Ceilings for Retail Spaces

Discover specifically engineered ceiling tiles for retail spaces featuring tegular and square edge styles offering fire resistance and sound absorption.

Featured Products

  1. 2-3 Working Day Delivery

    • Ideal for storage facilities
    • Fissured face pattern
    Price from: £65.13 £78.16
  2. Price from: £5.16 £6.19
  3. Price from: £1.00 £1.20
  4. 2-3 Working Day Delivery

    • For mezzanine floors and large open workspaces.
    • Finely sanded surface
    Price from: £1.00 £1.20
  5. 2-3 Working Day Delivery

    • Ideal for both open areas and corridors
    • Smooth finely textured surface
    Price from: £1.00 £1.20

    • Sound Absorption 0.1Alpha W
    • Light Reflectance 86.3%
    Price from: £34.45 £41.34
  7. Price from: £55.32 £66.38
  8. Price from: £1.00 £1.20

    • Ideal for retail, offices and meeting rooms
    • Finely textured surface
    Price from: £79.56 £95.47


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Office Ceiling Tiles

Office ceiling tiles are versatile, functional and visually appealing. Ceiling tiles from manufacturers like Knauf, AMF, Zentia and Ecophon minimise noise disruptions and create productive environments.

With their sound-absorbing properties, these tiles help reduce echoes and reverberation, promoting a comfortable and focused workspace. Plus, office ceiling tiles are designed with fire resistance in mind, ensuring safety and compliance with building regulations. 

Ceiling Tiles for Education Facilities

Ceiling tiles for education facilities offer a combination of functionality, aesthetics and safety. A key benefit is their exceptional fire resistance. With strict building regulations in place, tiles offered by brands like Zentia/Armstrong are made to meet strict fire resistance standards. 

In addition, these ceiling tiles also offer excellent acoustic performance. Educational settings often require a controlled sound environment to minimise distractions. The sound-absorbing properties help to reduce noise levels, echoes and reverberation.

Also, options such as tegular edge and board edge designs provide a clean, modern aesthetic. These edge styles enhance the overall ambience of classrooms, libraries and other educational spaces. 

Hospital Ceiling Tiles

Hospital ceiling tiles provide a clean, hygienic environment. These tiles are easy to maintain, moisture resistant and some of them even have antimicrobial properties, making them ideal for areas that require frequent cleaning and sanitation. 

A popular option is the square edge tile which offers a sleek look. For areas like operating rooms, board edge tiles from the Bioguard or Hydroboard series are suitable styles. These tiles feature a moisture resistant core and sound absorption qualities.

Ceiling Tiles for Commercial Spaces

Commercial ceiling tiles offer excellent benefits for commercial spaces. For fire safety and moisture resistance, ceiling tiles from manufacturers like British Gypsum and Zentia/Armstrong are the top choices.

Gyptone tiles from British Gypsum comprise perforations to improve acoustic levels and are highly fire-resistant. They are an excellent choice for commercial spaces where fire safety comes first and are designed to meet fire regulations.

For areas with high moisture levels, the Aquabloc series from Zentia/Armstrong offers a robust solution. These tiles feature a moisture-resistant core and a semi-concealed edge detail, ensuring durability in environments like kitchens and bathrooms.

Ceiling Tiles for Retail Spaces

Ceiling tiles for retail applications are a perfect blend of aesthetics, fire safety and acoustic performance. Brands like Ecophon Rockfon and AMF are renowned for their high-quality solutions, catering to the specific needs of retail environments.

Fire resistance is a critical consideration in retail spaces. Ecophon and Rockfon offer a variety of tegular, board and square edge tiles that boast excellent fire resistant properties. They meet strict building codes and regulations. 

Acoustic performance is another crucial factor in retail settings. Ecophon, Rockfon and AMF’s ceiling tiles are engineered to deliver exceptional sound absorption. Tegular edge and square edge options are particularly effective in reducing echoes and reverberation. 

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