Essential Moss Remover

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Stonecare4u Essential Green Away is a proven method for removing moss growth from any surface. When applied, it will not only start by removing the moss but would also operate as a preventative which can be used as part of any maintenance process. Its exceptional biodegradable solution allows for the quick and efficient separation of moss from any hard surface while posing no risk of danger to other types of vegetation, pets, or wildlife. W hen used as a moss remover for tarmac, it is just as efficient as a moss remover for roofs. Sprayer coverage is approximately 60-100m2. The extent of coverage will vary depending on the surface contamination and method of application.

Available in 5L and 25L.


1. Before use: remove any loose debris from the work area, and ensure you have adequate personal protection, i.e gloves, suitable protective eye-wear, face mask & clothing.

2. Essential Green Away should be diluted up to 1:5 with fresh water; always conduct a small patch test on an area to determine the appropriate dilution rate and dwell time. Use a pneumatic garden sprayer or water for most applications. Mix thoroughly and apply at a rate NOT EXCEEDING 5 m2 per litre.

3. Spray a flood coat across the  area in a sweeping motion. To ensure full coverage, a second pass may be required. Allow it to soak in and dry completely on the surface. WARNING: DO NOT WASH OFF. Green moss and algae will begin to fade within days and should not revert back for up to 12 months, where at this point another application may be required. Moss that is particularly stubborn may actually require additional treatment, it should be removed with a hose or sprayer if it is clinging to roof tiles or other similar surfaces.

Please Note: When there is a chance of rain, do not use Essential Moss Remover because the effect will be weakened. Prior to use, always test the product in an inconspicuous location. When applying near or around fish ponds or similar structures, extreme caution is required. If you overspray on delicate plant life, rinse it off with clean water. 

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More Information
EAN 5056399529436
Type Moss Remover
Manufacturer StoneCare4u

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