Door Accessories

Complete your door installation with the highest quality accessories. Our durable frames and elegant mouldings provide the perfect finishing touches. Choose from our extensive selection of secure door locks, stylish door handles and heavy-duty door hinges.

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door handle

Door Handles

Browse our diverse range of door handles allowing for easy operation and access to rooms while adding a touch of style to doors.

door hinges

Door Hinges

Explore sturdy door hinges to enable smooth door movement and support the weight of your door for longevity and functionality.

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Door Locks

Our exceptional door locks from manufacturers like LPD, Eurospec and NPS offer top security and privacy for your space.

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Frames & Mouldings

Frames and mouldings provide structural support and aesthetic appeal to doors and windows, enhancing durability and design.

glazing accessories

Door Locks

Our exceptional door locks from manufacturers like LPD, Eurospec and NPS offer top security and privacy for your space.

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Commercial Door Accessories

Discover reliable commercial door accessories to enhance functionality, safety and compliance with building codes.

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Frames & Mouldings

Door frames and mouldings play a crucial role in both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any interior or exterior door installation. These components provide a polished and cohesive look and ensure proper door operation and durability.

When it comes to materials, oak, hardwood and redwood are excellent choices. Oak and hardwood options offer natural warmth, while redwood has exceptional resistance to moisture and decay. These materials can be tailored to match the style of the doors. 

Door frames and mouldings are available in fire-rated options. FD30 frames and mouldings offer 30 minutes of fire resistance. Whereas FD60 variants provide up to 60 minutes of protection. Plus, lining and pair maker fixings boost a secure installation. 

Door Locks

Door locks are crucial for providing security by preventing unauthorised access. A bathroom door lock, crafted from polished brass or nickel, offers a sleek touch. These high-quality materials provide a beautiful finish and resist tarnishing and corrosion. 

Cylinder locks, latches and other door locks are excellent choices for interior and exterior doors. They offer robust security and complement a wide range of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary. Plus, brass and nickel locks are resistant to wear and tear.

Door Handles

Door handles come in various styles and finishes. For bathrooms, door handles crafted from polished brass or chrome offer a sophisticated touch. These premium finishes resist moisture damage, ensuring durability even in humid conditions. 

When it comes to interior and exterior doors, bolt-through and lock and latch handles provide a perfect blend of form and function. Polished brass and chrome options exude warmth and luxury, and their sturdy construction guarantees reliable operation.

Door Hinges

Door hinges enable smooth open and close movement of doors, facilitating easy operation without issues. Material and finish impact both durability and aesthetics. Polished brass hinges offer a classic look. Whereas nickel hinges are more modern. 

Higher-quality butt hinges use ball bearings for effortless movement and adjustable hinges allow precise door alignments. Correct size, weight rating and quantity ensure seamless operation. Quality hinges in polished brass or nickel elevate door aesthetics and reliability. 

Glazing Accessories

Glazing accessories like glass door packs offer style and functionality. They allow natural light to come through and are ideal for interior office doors, closets or room dividers. Glass door packs are low-maintenance and highly durable. 

Premade packs streamline the installation process. Glass packs can be matched with wood, steel or fibreglass door frames. Plus, they modernise spaces in an economical way. They open up rooms while still providing soundproofing, and are easy to maintain. 

Commercial Door Accessories

Commercial door accessories include door closers that prevent slamming and potential damage. Overhead door closers are the most reliable and heavy-duty option for commercial environments. 

Door stops protect walls from being struck by opening doors. Both wall-mounted and floor-mounted door stop styles are available. Heavy-duty stainless steel door stops absorb impacts better than plastic alternatives. 

Plus, door signage helps guide traffic and communicates important regulations like fire exit routes. Commercial-grade door signs are made to withstand heavy use and abuse.

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