Whether you are looking for roofing sheets, guttering systems, roof windows, or other roofing accessories to complete your building project, find the high-quality roofing materials you need in one convenient place.

Corrugated roofing sheets on top of a roofing structure against trees and a sunset.

Roofing Sheets

Upgrade your roof with our durable roofing sheets from polycarbonate to corrugated.

A selection of grey concrete roofing tiles placed next to one another on a roofing structure against a blue sky.

Roofing Tiles

Our roofing tiles made from clay, concrete, slate and cement offer top weather-resistant protection.

Roofing Materials

Protect your building with top-quality materials including rubber roofing, insulation and fibreglass roofing.


Enhance the exterior of your building and protect it from water damage with our wide guttering options.

A female wearing a white shirt and trousers opening a white roof window to look outside.

Roof Windows

Brighten up your living spaces with our stylish and energy-efficient Fakro and VELUX® roof windows.

Roofing Accessories

Complete your roofing project with essential accessories, roofing fixings, lead flashing and sealants.

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Roofing Sheets

Corrugated roofing sheets are affordable and durable, lightweight yet strong (available in PVC and polycarbonate) and offer excellent weather protection. They can span large distances without additional support.

Praised for superior insulation, the multiwall roofing sheets have a multi-layered design that creates air spaces that act as natural insulation. These impact-resistant sheets allow natural light transmission while blocking UV rays - ideal for walkways, skylights, and greenhouses.

Glazing bars provide the structural support framework for installing durable glass or polycarbonate solid roofing panels. Engineered for strength and lasting performance they offer unobstructed views and allow maximum light transmission.

Roofing Tiles

Concrete roofing tiles are a popular option because of their durability, low maintenance requirements, and affordability. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, including high winds, hail and fire. Plus, they have excellent insulation properties. 

Clay roof tiles are a classic choice renowned for their desirable appearance. These tiles are fired in a kiln, making them resistant to moisture, fading and damage from UV rays. They are environmentally friendly and contribute to a building's energy efficiency. 

Also, man made slate tiles are durable and fire-resistant, making them a practical choice for all roofing projects. Cement roof tiles are another viable option known for their strength and are made from a mixture of cement, sand and other additives.

Roofing Materials

Rubber roofing is an increasingly popular choice of roofing materials for flat or low-sloped roofs. Made from recycled materials, it is an eco-friendly option that is highly durable and weather-resistant. The seamless nature of rubber roofing membranes allows them to effortlessly conform to roof contours.

Fibreglass roofing offers exceptional strength and fire resistance. Fibreglass roofing systems are resistant to moisture, heat and impact damage. With flat roofs, advanced waterproofing systems prevent costly leaks and water damage. 


Guttering plays a crucial role in managing rainwater runoff from roofs. Among different types of guttering, ogee guttering features a decorative, curved profile that adds traditional elegance to any home and it promotes efficient water flow. 

Round line guttering is a reliable and classic style. It can handle increased water flow on larger roof surfaces. To maximise the effectiveness of any gutter system, the right accessories are essential. Gutter angles, gutter stop ends and brackets help manage water flow while mitigating erosion around foundations.

Roof Windows

VELUX® roof windows are renowned for their high-quality designs and their well-known patented pivot hinge. They integrate with various roof types and pitches and offer a wide range of stylish yet functional blinds and shades. VELUX® flashing kits provide a weathertight seal by creating a moisture barrier around the window. 

For areas where a conventional window isn't feasible, VELUX® sun tunnels channel natural light into interior rooms without creating openings in the roof structure.

Fakro roof windows are engineered to provide maximum energy efficiency through their high-quality materials like timber and thermally broken PVC profiles. Fakro roof windows allow abundant natural light and ventilation into attics and loft spaces and offer a range of high-quality flashing which creates a secure barrier against water and air infiltration.

Roofing Accessories

Roofing fixings and accessories create a secure roof installation. From screws to rainwater outlets and cleaner options, they provide the holding strength to withstand wind uplift while allowing for thermal movement. 

Lead flashing is an essential weatherproofing component. Its resistance to corrosion makes lead flashing ideal for creating waterproof seals.

Also, the right sealants and adhesives enhance a roof system's protection against water infiltration and air leakage. From roofing cement to adhesives, these products bond roofing components. They remain flexible to absorb thermal expansion and contraction.

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