Decking, Fencing & Gates

We offer a diverse range of garden building and storage products designed to elevate your outdoor space. From sturdy and stylish garden sheds to elegant summerhouses, our range caters to every landscaping design.

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Experience the art of outdoor living with our diverse range of decking solutions, designed to transform your garden.

wooden fence panels

Fence Panels

Discover an array of diverse fence panels crafted to provide privacy, security and enhance the visual appeal of your garden.

fence posts

Fence Posts

Explore our wide selection of durable and reliable fence posts to provide essential structural support for your garden fencing projects.

gravel board

Gravel Boards

Enhance the longevity of your garden fencing with our high-quality gravel boards, providing an effective barrier against moisture and ground contact.

Decking & Fencing Accessories

Complete your outdoor vision with an array of decking and fencing accessories, from fence post caps to decking paint and fence toppers.

Wood Garden Gates

Secure your outdoor space with our strong and solid wooden garden gates, offering a blend of superb design and robust craftsmanship.

Featured Products


    • Extra vertical battens for added strength
    • Pressure treated for durability and dip treated to resist rot
    Price from: £28.71 £34.45
  2. £0.78 £0.94
  3. Price from: £16.69 £20.03

    • Provides additional stability to the fence
    • Protects the fence panels
    Price from: £18.80 £22.56


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Building Materials Nationwide is your one-stop destination for all your decking, fencing, and gate needs. We understand that these elements are essential for the functionality, security and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of stylish and durable solutions to help you transform your outdoor areas into inviting and secure environments.


Elevate your outdoor living experience with our premium decking materials. Our selection includes a range of high-quality decking boards and materials perfect for creating stunning decks and outdoor spaces. If you prefer the natural warmth of wooden decking or the low-maintenance convenience of composite decking, our selection offers stability and beauty to complement your outdoor lifestyle. With various colours and finishes available, you can design a deck that suits your style and provides a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere.

Fence Panels

Ensure the security and style of your property with our secure and sleek fencing solutions. At Building Materials Nationwide, we offer a wide array of fence panels and styles, from traditional wooden fencing that exudes charm to modern and sleek composite fence panels. Our fencing options provide the perfect balance of form and function and are designed to enhance your property's curb appeal.

Fence Posts

We stock a wide selection of high-quality fence posts designed to create secure and long-lasting boundaries for your property. Whether you're building a decorative garden fence or a robust perimeter fence for security, our range includes various materials, such as timber, composite, and concrete, to suit your specific needs. Our fence posts are known for their durability and reliability, ensuring that your fence stands strong against environmental elements.

Gravel Boards

Also, gravel boards ensure the longevity and stability of your fencing. Gravel boards offer an additional layer of security by preventing animals from digging underneath your fence. Whether you're installing a new fence or upgrading an existing one, our gravel boards are the dependable choice.

Decking & Fencing Accessories

We also offer a variety of accessories and hardware to ensure the proper installation and maintenance of your decking, fencing, and gates. From sturdy post supports to handrails and gate hinges, our products are designed to provide the finishing touches that make your outdoor space truly complete.

Garden Gates

The garden gate is often the first impression visitors have of your property, and it plays a crucial role in the security and accessibility of your outdoor space. Our selection of garden gates ranges from ornate and decorative designs to simple and functional ones.

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