External Doors

Discover our diverse selection of high-performance external doors. From solid back doors and front doors to beautiful external French doors, glazed external doors and practical external fire doors, boost the functionality and style of your home or commercial property.

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front door

Front Doors

Our superb front doors provide a robust entryway, combining timeless elegance and beauty with exceptional durability.

back door

Back Doors

Oak and hardwood back doors offer a beautiful and durable option that combines natural warmth with exceptional strength.

glazed external door

Glazed External Doors

Glazed external doors offer a modern and stylish solution that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces.

External French Doors

External French doors blend indoor and outdoor living with elegant glass panes that fill interiors with natural light.

external fire door

External Fire Doors

Discover our reliable FD30 external fire doors that effectively contain fires and prevent the spread of smoke and flames.

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Inspiration & Advice

Back Doors

Back doors allow easy access to outdoor living areas like gardens, patios and decks. A well-constructed back door also enhances security and safety. For a classic look with excellent durability, oak and hardwood species are popular material choices. 

Oak back doors offer incredible strength and resist dents and scratches. The tight wood grain and dense structure also provide excellent insulation properties. Hardwoods offer rich, warm tones along with natural resistance to moisture and decay.

Redwood is another excellent option for back doors because of its red hues and impressive dimensional stability. Redwood back doors resist warping and splitting even after years of weathering. The soft texture is easy to finish in a variety of stains. 

Front Doors

Front doorsare the focal point that makes a lasting first impression. It's crucial to choose a front door material that balances aesthetics with security and durability. Composite front doors have an insulating core between durable composite facings with the look of wood. 

Hardwood front doors offer unmatched warmth and character. Redwood in particular has been prized for centuries as an exterior door material because of its resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage. 

Oak is another top hardwood choice. It is highly regarded for its rugged durability and tight wood grain that insulates well against temperature transfer.

External French Doors

External French doors seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living spaces with their elegant glass pane design. The doors open outward to create a beautiful, unobstructed transition between patios, decks or gardens. 

They provide an abundance of natural light by maximising the glazing surface area. The full panes of tempered glass allow sunlight to stream into interior spaces. Some Exterior French doors incorporate double or triple-pane glass to boost insulation levels. 

Glazed External Doors

Glazed external doors flood spaces with natural light. With glass specifications, glazed exterior doors can be customised for performance needs. Double or triple-glazed insulated glass provides excellent energy efficiency by minimising heat transfer. 

Oak, hardwood and composite materials are excellent choices for glazed external doors, Both oak and hardwood options lend a warm, natural appearance and robust durability. Composite doors are low-maintenance and highly resistant to weathering.

External Fire Doors

External fire doors are designed to contain the spread of fires. These specialised doors are constructed with fire-resistant materials that can withstand intense heat exposure. During a fire, external fire doors help provide a protected path to evacuate a building.
Hardwood external fire doors offer a perfect blend of safety and aesthetics. Crafted from robust and durable hardwood materials, these doors meet stringent fire safety regulations and hold a warm and timeless appeal.

FD30 external fire doors are a reliable option. They offer a minimum of 30 minutes of fire resistance. These doors undergo testing to withstand the intense heat and flames. Whether for homes or businesses, FD30 fire doors provide an added layer of protection.

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