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We offer a wide range of versatile partitioning products that provide inexpensive solutions to turning one room into many. Choose from office doors to glazing profiles and the glass to complete your desired partition system. You can utilise a large space and create separate areas for different activities, that way you can save money rather than moving or re-building. We can supply you with everything you need to transform your office to ensure it suits your preferences in terms of privacy as well as reflecting a modern and efficient design.

Here at, we guarantee high-quality products at competitive prices, so make us your one stop shop for your building supplies. Our services include nationwide delivery and trade accounts are also available. For more details contact us today to find out more information.


  • Muraspec Wallcoverings

    Muraspec is the leading manufacturer that provide a wide range of contemporary and stylish wall coverings for your interiors, from home designs to large commercial projects. We supply bespoke Muraspec wall coverings in a variety of colours and styles to enhance the aesthetics of your project and give character to your build. Muraspec wallcoverings are easy to apply and offer a clever solution to disguising unattractive walls.

    Whatever your décor, whatever your business, we have the ideal Muraspec wall coverings to suit your preferences and match your style at low prices, so you can choose your favourite without concerning yourself with a high cost.

    Contact us today for more information on our wide range of Muraspec wall coverings. We can provide you with installation advice, place your order and have everything you need to be delivered directly to you.

  • Office Doors

    We offer a full range of low cost, no-nonsense office doors in a broad spectrum of thicknesses and vision panel options, with either a hollow core or solid core to suit your aesthetic and privacy preferences. All are available as single or double doors and we also provide the frames in both timber and aluminium to match your requirements.

    Contact us today, our door's always open to discuss how we can provide you with smart, professional, high-quality office doors at knock-down prices. Remember, we offer a discount on large quantity orders and deliver directly to anywhere in the UK, so it makes sense to choose every time. We'll bring our doors to your door at high speed and low cost

  • Glass Partitioning

    Glass architecture and design practices have advanced over the last decade with specifications for more minimal and streamlined partition systems. The range of frameless partitioning components available offer the ideal solution for creating low profile slimline internal partitions. The frameless glass partitioning components include frameless wedges for head and base systems, low profile high clarity dry joints and a revolutionary door seal.

    The following guidance should be taken into consideration when installing G2G (glass to glass) partitioning.

    To ensure the best bond between the G2G profile and the glass a recommended application temperature between 18 to 35 degrees centigrade is advisable.

    It is recommended that where possible the joints and glass are equalised to room temperature 24 hours prior to fitting.

    A quality polished edge works best for maximum bond strength. When fitting the joints on site it is important that these polished edges are clean, dust and grease free, an alcohol wipe is recommended.

    it is essential that every panel is shimmed and plumbed (particularly the first panel) vertically/horizontally and centralised in the base and head channels.

    It is recommended that prior to fitting the joint each following glass panel is placed side by side to check for bow and swapped for a flush panel if there are any showing this effect.

    It is recommended that ratchet strap/suckers are used when fitting panels to achieve the best contact pressure.

    The G2G tape has an excellent initial tack and contact bond in most conditions and strengthens to its maximum bond strength 12 hours after fitting.

    The compressive qualities of the G2G tape take up tolerances variation in the glass, this can be maximised through ensuring the glass has been cut accurately on well-maintained machinery.

    Please note these are for guidance only, we take no responsibility for the overall installation of a partitioning system.

  • Ironmongery & Accessories

    Whether it's the mechanics for your door or the finishing touches such as handles and levers, has everything you need at low prices. From locks and latches, which come in a variety of packs and styles, to door tracks to keep sliding doors straight and true when opening and closing, we stock a huge range of bespoke ironmongery to suit your needs.

    We've got flush bolts, door stops, hinges and door signs, all of high-quality, maximum functionality and smart aesthetics. Whether it's a DIY project or a commercial project on a construction site, our top quality ironmongery products provide a fine finish combined with ease of use and health and safety consciousness all at great value for money.

    Browse through our product pages and you'll be sure to find the ideal product to suit your requirements. Everything you see here is fit for a broad range of purposes, from emergency exit hardware, to lock cases and latches for ultimate safety and maximum security.

    Contact us today and we'll help you find the ideal products to suit your needs, offer you a discount and have them delivered directly to you through our quick and reliable, nationwide delivery service.

  • Partition Depth

    Partition systems are a cost-effective method of turning one room into many and have a relocatable benefit that building a wall does not have.