Design a functional guttering system with our diverse product range. Our ogee guttering offers timeless beauty, while the sleek lines of our squareline guttering complement modern architecture.

ogee guttering

Ogee Guttering

From brackets to stop ends, elevate the appearance of your building with our ogee guttering products for excellent drainage.

squareline guttering

Squareline Guttering

Complement your building’s appearance and shield it from water damage with our efficient squareline guttering systems.

rounded guttering

Roundline Guttering

Roundline guttering offers a timeless look while its seamless rounded shape easily sheds debris to prevent clogging.

guttering accessories

Guttering Accessories

Superb guttering accessories like gutter angles, stop ends and brackets maximise water control and prevent erosion.



Downpipes are essential to channel rainwater away from the building's foundation, preventing water damage and structural issues.

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Inspiration & Advice

Ogee Guttering

Ogee guttering systems offer a perfect blend of elegance and superior functionality. The distinctive ogee profile features decorative curves and contours that lend a classic appearance to any building's exterior. 

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the ogee gutter shape is designed for optimum hydraulic efficiency. The curved interior easily captures and directs water flow to wash away debris. This prevents clogging and ensures reliable drainage even during heavy rainfall.

Ogee gutters are available in durable materials like uPVC to provide years of service life. When properly pitched and installed, an ogee gutter system offers a solution for effective rainwater management. This protects a building's exterior from water damage.

Squareline Guttering

Squareline guttering systems offer a sleek aesthetic perfectly suited for modern architecture. The clean lines and symmetrical square profile create a minimalist look. Squareline gutters provide a tailored appearance while delivering exceptional performance. 

They have higher hydraulic capacities compared to traditional shapes. The square design maximises the cross-sectional area to handle greater water volume from large roof surfaces. In addition, the squareline gutter excels at self-scouring to minimise debris buildup. 

The square trough easily sheds leaves and twigs before they can accumulate and cause clogs. Less maintenance is required to keep these gutters flowing freely. Squareline gutters can be manufactured from premium materials like uPVC. 

Roundline Guttering

Roundline guttering offers a traditional profile that complements both classic and modern buildings. The smooth, seamless rounded shape provides a subtle yet functional design. Round gutters create an understated accent that blends seamlessly with any design.

A key advantage of roundline gutters is their natural ability to shed leaves and debris. The cylindrical trough does not allow debris accumulation like gutters with corners. Water simply rolls off without getting trapped, reducing the frequency of maintenance. They are available in different diameters to suit various drainage needs. Larger diameter options increase hydraulic capacity to handle greater water volumes. 

Guttering Accessories

Guttering accessories like gutter angles, gutter stop ends, gutter running outlets and fascia brackets contribute to the functioning of a gutter system. Gutter angles allow seamless transitions in a gutter system. Also, gutter stop ends help prevent water from spilling out at the end of the gutter run.

Fascia brackets provide crucial structural support and stability to the gutter system. These brackets securely attach the gutters to the fascia board or roof structure. They prevent sagging or detachment due to the weight of accumulated water or debris. 

Running outlets and other accessories are vital in preventing leaks and water damage. These components facilitate the smooth transition of water from the gutter system to the drainage system. This limits the risk of water overflowing into the building's structure. 


Downpipes play a crucial role in a well-designed guttering system. They direct rainwater collected by the gutters away from the building's foundation. Without downpipes, the accumulated water would overflow, leading to water damage to the walls, windows and other structural components.

Downpipes are available in various shapes such as round, square and rectangular. Round downpipes are often used in residential settings and offer a classic, traditional look. Square and rectangular downpipes offer a more contemporary and sleek appearance. 

In addition, downpipes contribute to the appearance of a building. Available in various materials such as uPVC, downpipes can complement the building’s architectural style and colour scheme.

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