Garden Care & Cleaning

Maintain the beauty of your garden with our comprehensive selection of garden care and cleaning products. From tough weed killer solutions to decking cleaner and algae remover, you can effortlessly preserve the health and allure of your outdoor space.

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A female wearing a yellow t-shirt and putting on a black glove in a greenhouse using plant care tools to water her plants.

Plant Care

From fertiliser to plant food, explore our range of high-quality plant care products to ensure your plants thrive and flourish.

A wooden broom being used as garden cleaning products on paving to clean an area of a garden.

Garden Cleaning Products

Create an inviting garden environment with our garden cleaning products to ensure your outdoor space is pristine year-round.

A person wearing a hi-vis jacket picking up some rock salt & deicing grit salt & accessories with their hands.

Rock Salt & De-icing Grit Salt

Be prepared for the cold and icy weather with our rock salt and de-icing grit salt solutions to keep your paths and driveways safe and clear.

A lush and neatly manicured green lawn using lawn care products for a back garden.

Lawn Care

Nurture your lawn with our range of high-quality lawn care products to promote lush greenery and maintain your lawn’s vibrant appeal.

A person wearing an orange t-shirt and vest using a garden pest control tool on their plants.

Garden Pest Control

Safeguard your garden from unwanted intruders with effective pest control products such as slug pellets, cat repellent and bird spikes.

Featured Products

  1. 3 - 5 Working Day Delivery

    • Free Delivery
    • Essential natural stone cleaner
    Price from: £28.98 £34.78
  2. 3 - 5 Working Day Delivery

    • Free Delivery
    • Perfect results in 2 hours
    Price from: £28.98 £34.78
  3. Price from: £15.65 £18.78
  4. 3 - 5 Working Day Delivery

    • Free Delivery
    • Safe around pets once dry
    Price from: £28.98 £34.78
  5. 3 - 5 Working Day Delivery

    • Free Delivery
    • Essential Algae Remover
    Price from: £27.41 £32.89
  6. 3 - 5 Working Day Delivery

    • Free Delivery
    • Essential deck cleaner
    Price from: £28.98 £34.78
  7. Grit Bins Standard (900/007/109393A)


    • Rustproof polyethylene
    • 200 & 350 ltr capacity
    Price from: £187.94 £225.53
  8. 3 - 5 Working Day Delivery

    • Free Delivery
    • Professional driveway cleaner
    Price from: £28.98 £34.78
  9. Price from: £20.35 £24.42


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Inspiration & Advice

Building Materials Nationwide is your one-stop destination for all your garden care and cleaning needs. Our extensive selection of garden care and cleaning products is thoughtfully curated to cater to the diverse needs of every gardener, from beginners to seasoned landscapers.

Plant Care

You can also nourish your garden plants with our plant care products. We offer a variety of fertilisers, soil amendments, and plant feed treatments to enhance blooming flowers. From organic compost to specialised fertilisers, our products cater to the unique needs of all gardens.

Garden Cleaning Products

Gardens require regular upkeep, and our garden cleaning products are here to make that task easier. From deck and patio cleaner solutions to mould and mildew removers, our range includes effective solutions for cleaning hard surfaces. Our products are designed to remove dirt, algae, and stains, revitalising your outdoor areas and garden furniture. Maintain the beauty and hygiene of your garden space with our high-quality cleaning products. 

Rock Salt & De-icing Grit Salt

In addition to tending to your garden's greenery, we offer winter maintenance solutions with our selection of rock salt and de-icing grit salt. All of our products work effectively to provide traction on slippery surfaces and prevent dangerous slip-and-fall accidents during winter. As the cold weather sets in, these products become essential for keeping your pathways, driveways, and outdoor surfaces safe and ice-free.

Lawn Care

A lush and vibrant lawn is often the centrepiece of any garden. To ensure your grass is at its best, we offer an array of lawn care products. Our range includes fertiliser, weed killer, and grass seed to help you maintain a healthy and colourful lawn. Whether you're tackling weeds, promoting growth, or addressing specific lawn issues, our products are designed to provide the necessary nutrients and treatments for a thriving outdoor space.

Garden Pest Control

Also, protecting your garden from invasive pests is paramount. Our garden pest control range includes ant killer, cat repellent, rat traps and fly killer options, all designed to target common garden pests. If you're dealing with pesky insects, slugs, or other nuisances, our pest control products offer environmentally responsible and reliable protection for your garden.

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