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Many customers who desperately need a new fence are concerned that the installation process might be beyond them. Thankfully we offer a wide range of simple-to-install fencing products that are perfect for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor spaces. 

By choosing our fencing boards and posts, you can save money by installing them yourself, giving you the outdoor space you need.

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Simple Timber Fencing

Our easy-install timber fencing panels are designed with convenience in mind. 

Installing them is a straightforward process that requires minimal tools and expertise. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of durable, natural wood fencing without the hassle of complex installation. They are available in various sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your property.

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Simplify Your Garden With a Composite Fence

If you prefer a low-maintenance option that still offers great aesthetics and durability, our simple-to-install composite fencing panels are an excellent choice. Made from a blend of recycled materials, including reclaimed wood fibres and recycled plastic, these panels are not only eco-friendly but also resistant to rot, decay, and insects.

No need for complicated tools or extensive expertise, you can achieve a professional finish with ease, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

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Sturdy and Simple Fence Posts

We offer a range of fence posts, with timber, composite, and concrete options. When installing your own fence, it’s crucial to choose a sturdy option in order to aid installation. Opting for composite or timber options could prove easier for a solo installation, as concrete will be a heavier material.

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How to Install Fence Posts

When looking to install a fence within your garden, correctly spacing your fence posts is crucial to a straightforward process and lasting performance. Here's a quick guide to help you through the process:

  • One: Determine post spacing
    Measure and mark the desired distance between each post, ensuring proper alignment and stability.
  • Two: Dig the post holes
    Use a post hole digger or an auger to dig holes that are deep and wide enough to accommodate the posts securely.
  • Three: Set the posts
    Place the posts in the holes, making sure they are plumb and level. Add gravel or concrete at the base for stability if desired.
  • Four: Secure the posts
    Backfill the holes with soil or concrete, ensuring the posts are securely in place. Use a level to double-check the alignment.
  • Five: Allow for curing time
    If using concrete, follow the manufacturer's instructions for curing time before attaching the fencing panels.

How to Install Fencing Panels

Once your posts are correctly in place, installing your fencing panels can be a straightforward process for a DIYer. The specific methods for attaching boards will vary depending on your material choices. Follow these simple steps to achieve a successful installation:

  • One: Prepare the area
    Clear the installation area of any debris or vegetation and ensure it is level.
  • Two: Set the first panel
    Start at one end and position the first panel, ensuring it is plumb and level. Secure it in place using appropriate fixings.
  • Three: Connect the panels
    Align the next panel with the previous one, using the interlocking system or attaching them securely. Repeat this process until all panels are installed.
  • Four: Check for stability
    Ensure the panels are securely in place and adjust if necessary. Double-check the alignment and make any final adjustments.
  • Five: Finishing touches
    Trim any excess materials, and add any additional features or accessories as desired, such as post caps or decorative elements.
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Could You Benefit From Gravel Boards?

To complete your fencing project with a professional touch, our easily installed timber gravel boards are the perfect addition. These boards help protect the bottom of your fence panels from moisture and rot, enhancing their longevity.

They provide an additional layer of protection and add an aesthetic finishing touch to your fencing project.

We have both timber and concrete options available here.

How to Install Gravel Boards

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to install gravel boards for a seamless and durable fencing project:

  • One: Prepare the installation area
    Ensure the ground is level and free from debris. If necessary, dig a shallow trench along the fence line to accommodate the gravel boards.
  • Two: Position the gravel boards
    Place the gravel boards at the base of the fence panels, ensuring they are aligned and level. You can use wooden spacers or bricks to maintain an even gap between the gravel boards and the panels.
  • Three: Fix the gravel boards
    Use appropriate fixings, such as screws or nails, to attach the gravel boards to the fence posts. Make sure they are securely fastened to provide stability and longevity.
  • Four: Check for alignment
    Double-check the alignment of the gravel boards and adjust them if necessary. Ensure they are straight and parallel to the ground for a professional finish.

Making Life Easy With DIY Friendly Fencing

Our range of easily installed fencing products ensures your garden can be exactly how you want it, all without the hassle of complicated installations. 

Explore our range of fencing products and find the perfect fit for your home, helping you create a stunning garden atmosphere without the need for a professional. 

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